Mr. Anish Dangal
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Mr. Anish Dangal

Quality Contorl Officer
Purwanchal Agritech Pvt. Ltd., Khanar, Nepal

Highest Degree
B. Tech. in Food Technology from Nilgiri College, Itahari, Nepal

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Area of Interest:

Food Science and Technology
Food Agriculture
Food Analysis
Food and Nutrition
Fermented Dairy Foods

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Dangal, A., P. Timsina and S. Dahal, 2023. A comprehensive review on study of physical, nutritional, and phytochemical characteristics as well as therapeutic activities of Choerospondias axillaris (lapsi). Food Biosci., Vol. 53. 10.1016/j.fbio.2023.102713.
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  2. Yadav, K.C., A. Dangal, S. Thapa, S. Rayamajhi and K. Chalise et al., 2022. Nutritional, phytochemicals, and sensory analysis of Lapsi (Choerospondias axillaris) fruit leather. Int. J. Food Prop., 25: 960-975.
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  3. Parajuli, A., N. Katuwal and A. Dangal, 2022. Optimization and shelf-life evaluation of mayonnaise like paste prepared using avocado pulp. Acta Agric. Serbica, 27: 149-156.
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  4. Jung, C.A., D. Anish, S. Rajesh, T. Prekshya and B. Ebika, 2022. Nutritional and sensory quality of prepared tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) leather. Anal. Sci. Technol., 35: 169-180.
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  5. Dahal, S., B.K. Rajbanshi, G. Bhattarai, A. Dangal, P. Timsina and A. Bohara, 2022. Milk powder incorporation in the cereal-based Nepalese indigenous food bhakka and its quality assessment. Acta Universitatis Sapientiae Aliment., 15: 40-50.
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  6. Dahal, S., A. Dangal, M. Pradhananga, D. Timsina and P. Timsina, 2022. The preparation and quality evaluation of biscuit using composite flour by mixing wheat flour, chickpea flour, and peanut flour. Int. J. Food Agric. Nat. Resour., 3: 14-19.
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  7. Dangal, A., P. Timsina and S. Dahal, 2021. Review on: uses of cereals in traditional foods of Nepal and their preparation process. Eureka: Life Sci., 6: 49-60.
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  8. Dangal, A., P. Katwal, S.B. Khatri and S. Dahal, 2021. Preparation and quality evaluation of Avocado (Persea americana) pulp incorporated yoghurt. World J. Food Sci. Technol., 5: 77-82.
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  9. Yadav, K.C., S. Rayamajhi, A. Dangal and L.D. Shiwakoti, 2020. Phytochemical, nutritional, antioxidant activity and sensorial characteristics of Amala (Phyllanthus emblica L.) Chutney. Asian Food Sci. J., 18: 43-52.
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