Dr. Abbas  Rahimi
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Dr. Abbas Rahimi

Associate Professor
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Sports Medicine from University of Nottingham, UK

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Area of Interest:

Sports Medicine

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Rahimi, A., N. Soltani, S.S. Naeemi, K.K. Khademi and H. Saeedi, 2016. Pedobarography of the coper and non-coper ACL-deficient knee subjects during single and double leg stance. J. Clin. Physiother. Res., 1: 17-22.
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  2. Kojidi, M.M., F. Okhovatian, A. Rahimi, A.A. Baghban and H. Azimi, 2016. The influence of positional release therapy on the myofascial trigger points of the upper trapezius muscle in computer users. J. Bodywork Movement Therapies, (In Press). 10.1016/j.jbmt.2016.04.006.
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  3. Sadeghisani, M., F.D. Manshadi, K.K. Kalantari, A. Rahimi, N. Namnik and M.T. Karimi, 2015. Correlation between hip rotation range-of-motion impairment and low back pain. A literature review. Ortopedia Traumatologia Rehabilitacja, 17: 455-462.
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  4. Kouhkan, S., A. Rahimi, M. Ghasemi, S.S. Naimi and A.A. Baghban, 2015. Postural changes during first pregnancy. Br. J. Med. Med. Res., 7: 744-753.
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  5. Soltani, N., A. Rahimi, S.S. Naimi, K. Khademi and H. Saeedi, 2014. Studying the balance of the coper and non-coper ACL-deficient knee subjects. Asian J. Sports Med., 5: 91-98.
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  6. Rahimi, A., 2014. Postural perturbations. Toxic or helpful for brain? Am.-Eurasian J. Toxicol. Sci., 6: 9-14.
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  7. Rahimi, A. and P. Zamani, 2014. The current knowledge in tibial translatory movements in ACL-deficient knees: A review of the literature. Scholars J. Applied Med. Sci., 2: 3222-3230.
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  8. Khademi-Kalantari, K., S.M. Aghdam, A.A. Baghban, M. Rezayi, A. Rahimi and S. Naimee, 2014. Effects of non-surgical joint distraction in the treatment of severe knee osteoarthritis. J. Bodywork Movement Therapies, 18: 533-539.
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  9. Fashkhami, A.N., A. Rahimi, K.K. Kalantari, A.A. Baghban, S.S. Naimi and S. Keyhani, 2014. The functional abilities and maximal vertical jumping height in coper and non-coper anterior cruciate ligament-deficient knee. Iran. Rehabil. J., 12: 28-33.
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  10. Fashkhami, A.N., A. Rahimi and K.K. Kalantari, 2014. The voluntary response index in electromyographic study during landing test of the patients with ACL deficiency: A new study protocol. Iran. Red Crescent Med. J., Vol. 16. 10.5812/ircmj.14119.
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  11. Rahimi, A., A. Saidi, K. MirHosseini and H. SoutAkbar, 2013. The current issues in tibial translator movements in ACL-deficient knees (a review of the literature). Iran. Physiother. Assoc. J., 48: 86-96.
  12. Rahimi, A., 2013. What happens for spinal reflexes in frightening conditions? Middle-East J. Scient. Res., 16: 595-601.
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  13. SoutAkbar, H., A. Rahimi and K. MirHosseini, 2012. Injury to the scapholunate ligament in sport 'a case report'. World J. Sport Sci., 7: 154-159.
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  14. SoutAkabr, H., K. MirHossieni, A. Rahimi and A. Saidi, 2012. The impacts of eccentric exercise on volleyball players with jumpers knee (a review of the literature). Iran. Physiother. Assoc. J., 47: 48-53.
  15. SoutAkabr, H., K. MirHossieni, A. Rahimi and A. Saidi, 2012. Spinal stability in recurrent low back pain (a review of the literature). Iran. Physiother. Assoc. J., 47: 54-61.
  16. Rahimi, A. and Z.E. Abadi, 2012. The effects of anxiety on balance parameters in young female university students. Iran. J. Psychiatry, 7: 176-179.
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  17. Rahimi, A. and Z.E. Abadi, 2012. State anxiety affects on balance scores in young female university students. J. Med. Sci., 12: 45-50.
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  18. MirHosseini, K., A. Rahimi and H. SoutAkbar, 2012. Exercise as a treatment to improve the quality of life in patients with cancer (a review of the literature). Iran. Rehabil. J., 10: 72-75.
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  19. Rezasoltani, A., A. Ali-Reza, K. Khademi-Kalantari and A. Rahimi, 2010. Preliminary study of neck muscle size and strength measurements in females with chronic non-specific neck pain and healthy control subjects. Manual Therapy, 15: 400-403.
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  20. Rahimi, A., H. Minoonejad, A.N. Fashkhami and S. Sohani, 2009. Which ACL-reconstruction surgery is better? A comparative study of the complications of the Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone (BPTB) and hamstring tendon (4-strand) techniques (a review of the literature). World J. Sport Sci., 2: 100-105.
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  21. Nakhaee, Z., A. Rahimi, M. Abaee, A. Rezasoltani and K.K. Kalantari, 2008. The relationship between the height of the Medial Longitudinal Arch (MLA) and the ankle and knee injuries in professional runners. Foot, 18: 84-90.
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  22. Davarian, S., K.K. Kalantari, A. Rezasoltani and A. Rahimi, 2008. Effect and persistency of botulinum toxin iontophoresis in the treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis. Australasian J. Dermatol., 49: 75-79.
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  23. Ashtyani, A.A., M. Mohammadi, A. Rahimi and R. Saravani, 2006. A comparative study on the effects of four tapering techniques on hematological responses in semi-professional athletes. J. Med. Sci., 6: 641-645.
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  24. Rahimi, A. and W.A. Wallace, 2000. The effects of functional knee bracing and taping on the tibio-femoral joint in athletes with an ACL-deficient knee: A review of the literature. Phys. Therapy Rev., 5: 5-21.