Prof. Mehdi  Amirnia
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Prof. Mehdi Amirnia

Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Highest Degree
M.D. in Dermatology from University of Medical Sciences, Iran

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Medical Sciences
Biological Systems

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Selected Publications

  1. Amirnia, M., E. Khodaeiani, D.F. Fouladi and S. Masoudnia, 2016. Intralesional immunotherapy with tuberculin Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) in recalcitrant wart: A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial including an extra group of candidates for cryotherapy. J. Dermatol. Treat., 27: 173-178.
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  2. Mehdi, A., K. Effat, M. Sima, N. Sina, E.K. Esmaeil and E. Abolfazl, 2015. Study of cryotraphy results in warts in patients referring to dermatology department of Sina hospital, Iran. Our Dermatol. Online, 6: 292-295.
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  3. Khodaeinai, E., S. Babaeinejad, M. Amirnia, J. Shokry, E.R. Karimi, D.F. Fouladi and K. Sedaghat, 2014. Efficacy of 10% azelaic acid gel with hydro-alcoholic or alcohol-free bases in mild to moderate acne vulgaris; the first clinical trial. J. Med. Sci., 14: 87-91.
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  4. Amirnia, M., A. Babaie-ghazani, A. Fakhrjou, E. Khodaeiani, H. Alikhah, M. Naghavi-behzad and A. Zarrintan, 2014. Immunohistochemical study of cyclooxygenase-2 in skin tumors. J. Dermatol. Treat., 25: 380-387.
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  5. Khodaeiani, E., R.F. Fouladi, M. Amirnia, M. Saeidi and E.R. Karimi, 2013. Topical 4% nicotinamide vs. 1% clindamycin in moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris. Int. J. Dermatol., 52: 999-1004.
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  6. Khodaeiani, E., A. Fakhrjou, M. Amirnia, S. Babaei-Nezhad, F. Taghvamanesh, E. Razzagh-Karimi and H. Alikhah, 2013. Immunohistochemical evaluation of p53 and Ki67 expression in skin epithelial tumors. Indian J. Dermatol., 58: 181-187.
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  7. Goldust, M., M.R. Ranjkesh, M. Amirinia, F. Golforoushan, E. Rezaee and M.A.R. Saatlou, 2013. Sertaconazole 2% cream versus hydrocortisone 1% cream in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. J. Dermatol. Treat., (In Press). 10.3109/09546634.2012.755251.
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  8. Babaye-Nazhad, S., M. Amirnia, E. Khodaeyani, P.N. Afza, H. Alikhah and M. Naghavi-Behzad, 2013. Effect of oral Vitamin E on atopic dermatitis. J. Clin. Res. Govern., 2: 66-69.
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  9. Amirnia, M., S. Sinafar, H. Sinafar, M. Nuri and A.T. Sadeghi, 2013. Assessment of zinc and copper contents in the hair and serum and also superoxide dismutase, glutathion peroxidase and malondi aldehyde in serum in androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. Life Sci. J., 10: 204-209.
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  10. Mohebbipour, A., P. Saleh, M. Goldust, M. Amirnia, Y.J. Zadeh, R.M. Mohamadi and E. Rezaee, 2012. Treatment of scabies: Comparison of ivermectin vs. lindane lotion 1%. Acta Dermatovenerol. Croat, 20: 251-255.
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  11. Khodaeiani, E., R.F Fouladi, N. Yousefi, M. Amirnia, S. Babaeinejad and J. Shokri, 2012. Efficacy of 2% metronidazole gel in moderate acne vulgaris. Indian J. Dermatol., 57: 279-281.
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  12. Amirnia, M., F.A. Hosseini, S.H. Hejazi and H. Alikhah, 2012. Level of satisfaction among continuing medical education participants of e-learning programs at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in 2010. Res. Dev. Med. Educ., 1: 21-23.
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  13. Amirnia, M., E. Khodaeiani, R.F. Fouladi and A. Hashemi, 2012. Topical steroids versus PUVA therapy in moderate plaque psoriasis: A clinical trial along with cost analysis. J. Dermatol. Treat., 23: 109-111.
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  14. Amirnia, M., S. Ganji, A. Arfaei and M. Khanmohammmadi, 2011. Survey of skin disease in schizophrenia patients visiting psychiatry clinics in Razi and Sina hospital in 2007 to 2008, Tabriz in Iran. Ann. Biol. Res., 2: 120-124.
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  15. Khodaeiani, E., M. Amirnia, S.B. Nazhad, H. Esmaeili, E.R. Karimi and H. Alikhah, 2010. Clinicopathologic study of basal cell carcinoma. Res. J. Biol. Sci., 5: 293-296.
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  16. Babaei-Nazhad, S., M. Amirnia, H. Alikhah, E. Khodaeiani and N. Atapour, 2009. Safety margin in excision of basal cell carcinoma. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 15: 1408-1414.
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