Mr. Eahsan  Shahriary
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Mr. Eahsan Shahriary

University of Tehran, Iran

Highest Degree
M.S. in Rangeland Science from University of Tehran, Iran

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Mr. Eahsan Shahriary has a BS and MS in Rangeland and Watershed Science form University of Tehran.

Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Soil and Plant Interactions
Natural Resources
Community Ecology
Statistical Ecology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Shahriary, E., M.W. Palmer, D.J. Tongway, H. Azarnivand, M. Jafari and M.M. Saravi, 2012. Plant species composition and soil characteristics around Iranian Piospheres. J. Arid Environ., 82: 106-114.
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  2. Arzani, H., M.R. Sadeghimanesh, H. Azarnivand, G.H. Asadian and E. Shahriary, 2008. Study of phenological stages effect values of twelve species in Hamadan rangelands. Iran. J. Range Desert Res., 16: 186-195.
  3. Arzani, H., M. Abedi, E. Shahriary and M. Ghorbani, 2007. Investigation of soil surface indicators and rangeland functional attributes by grazing intensity and land cultivation (case study: Orazan Taleghan, Iran). Range Desert Res., 14: 68-79.
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  4. Azarnivand, H., E.E. Zandi and E. Shahriary, 2006. Effect of salinity stress on germination of Haloxylon aphylum, Seidlitza rosmarinus and Hammada salicornica. J. Desert, 1: 187-196.
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  5. Arzani, H., M. Jangjo, H. Shams, S. Mohtashamnia and M. Fashamai et al., 2006. A model for classification of range suitability for sheep grazing in central Alborz, Ardestan and Zagros regions. J. Sci. Technol. Agric. Nat. Resour., 10: 273-290.
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  6. Abedi, M., H. Arzani, E. Shahriary, D. Tongway and M. Aminzadeh, 2006. Monitoring of vegetation patch function and structure in arid and semi-arid rangeland. J. Environ. Stud., 40: 117-126.
  7. Shahriary, E. and M.R. Javadi, 2003. Drought and its effect on rangelands. J. Drought Aridity, 7: 49-57.