Dr. Hadi  Eslami
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Dr. Hadi Eslami

Assistant Professor
Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, Rafsanjan, Iran

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Environmental Health Engineering from Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Iran

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Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Environmental Health Engineering
Micerobila Technology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Salmani, M.H., F. Sahlabadi, H. Eslami, M.T. Ghaneian, I.R. Balaneji and T.J. Zad, 2019. Removal of Cr(VI) oxoanion from contaminated water using granular jujube stems as a porous adsorbent. Groundwater Sust. Dev., 8: 319-323.
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  2. Jalili, M., M. Mokhtari, H. Eslami, F. Abbasi, R. Ghanbari and A.A. Ebrahimi, 2019. Toxicity evaluation and management of co-composting pistachio wastes combined with cattle manure and municipal sewage sludge. Ecotoxicol. Environ. Safety, 171: 798-804.
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  3. Eslami, H., M.H. Ehrampoush, A. Esmaeili, M.H. Salmani, A.A. Ebrahimi and M.T. Ghaneian, 2019. Enhanced coagulation process by Fe-Mn bimetal nano-oxides in combination with inorganic polymer coagulants for improving As(V) removal from contaminated water. J. Cleaner Prod., 208: 384-392.
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  4. Eslami, H., M.H. Ehrampoush, A. Esmaeili and M.H. Salmani, 2019. Synthesis of mesoporous Fe-Mn bimetal oxide nanocomposite by aeration co-precipitation method: Physicochemical, structural, and optical properties. Mater. Chem. Phys., 224: 65-72.
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  5. Eslami, H., A. Shariatifar, E. Rafiee, M. Shiranian and F. Salehi, 2019. Decolorization and biodegradation of reactive Red 198 Azo dye by a new Enterococcus faecalisKlebsiella variicola bacterial consortium isolated from textile wastewater sludge. World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 35: 1-10.
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  6. Derakhshan, Z., M.H. Ehrampoush, A.H. Mahvi, M. Dehghani, M. Faramarzian and H. Eslami, 2019. A comparative study of hybrid membrane photobioreactor and membrane photobioreactor for simultaneous biological removal of atrazine and CNP from wastewater: A performance analysis and modeling. Chem. Eng. J., 355: 428-438.
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  7. Babaei, F., M.H. Ehrampoush, H. Eslami, M.T. Ghaneian and H. Fallahzadeh, 2019. Removal of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate and turbidity from greywater by a hybrid multi-layer slow sand filter microfiltration ultrafiltration system. J. Cleaner Prod., 211: 922-931.
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  8. Tarfiei, A., H. Eslami and A. Ebrahimi, 2018. Pharmaceutical pollution in the environment and health hazards. J. Environ. Health Sust. Dev., 3: 492-495.
  9. Nikoonahad, A., B. Djahed, S. Norzaee, H. Eslami and Z. Derakhshan, 2018. An overview report on the application of heteropoly acids on supporting materials in the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants from aqueous solutions. Peer J., 2018: 1-20.
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  10. Nikmanesh, M.S., H. Eslami, S.M. Momtaz, R. Biabani, A. Mohammadi and B. Shiravand, 2018. Performance evaluation of the extended aeration activated sludge system in the removal of physicochemical and microbial parameters of municipal wastewater: A case study of nowshahr wastewater treatment plant. J. Environ. Health Sust. Dev., 3: 509-513.
  11. Miri, M., A. Bhatnagar, Y. Mahdavi, L. Basiri, A. Nakhaei and R. Khosravi, 2018. Probabilistic risk assessment of exposure to fluoride in most consumed brands of tea in the Middle East. Food Chem. Toxicol., 115: 267-272.
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  12. Mahmudabadi, T.Z., A.A. Ebrahimi, H. Eslami, M. Mokhtari and M.H. Salmani, 2018. Optimization and economic evaluation of modified coagulation–flocculation process for enhanced treatment of ceramic-tile industry wastewater. AMB Express, 8: 1-12.
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  13. Khosravi, R., H. Eslami, A. Zarei, M. Heidari, A.N. Baghani and N. Safavi, 2018. Comparative evaluation of nitrate adsorption from aqueous solutions using green and red local montmorillonite adsorbents. Desalin. Water Treat., 116: 119-128.
  14. Eslami, H., M.H. Ehrampoush, H. Falahzadeh, P.T. Hematabadi, R. Khosravi and A. Dalvand, 2018. Biodegradation and nutrients removal from greywater by an integrated fixed-film activated sludge (IFAS) in different organic loadings rates. AMB Express, 8: 1-8.
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  15. Eslami, H., M.H. Ehrampoush, A. Esmaeili, A.A. Ebrahimi and M.H. Salmani, 2018. Efficient photocatalytic oxidation of arsenite from contaminated water by Fe2O3-Mn2O3 nanocomposite under UVA radiation and process optimization with experimental design. Chemosphere, 207: 303-312.
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  16. Eslami, H., H. Hashemi, R.A. Fallahzadeh, R. Khosravi, R.F. Fard and A.A. Ebrahimi, 2018. Effect of organic loading rates on biogas production and anaerobic biodegradation of composting leachate in the anaerobic series bioreactors. Ecol. Eng., 110: 165-171.
  17. Eslami, H., A. Shariatifar, E. Rafiee, M. Shiranian and F. Salehi, 2018. Assessment of groundwater quality in yazd-ardakan plain for agricultural purposes using geographic information system (GIS). J. Health, 8: 575-586.
  18. Ebrahimi, A., H. Hashemi, H. Eslami, R.A. Fallahzadeh, R. Khosravi and R. Askari, 2018. Kinetics of biogas production and chemical oxygen demand removal from compost leachate in an anaerobic migrating blanket reactor. J. Environ. Manage., 206: 707-714.
  19. Askari, S.G., M. Khatbasreh, M.H. Ehrampoush, M.H. Sheikhha and H. Eslami, 2018. The relationship between environmental exposures and hormonal abnormalities in pregnant women: An epidemiological study in Yazd, Iran. Women Birth, 31: 204-209.
  20. Miri, M., E. Akbari, A. Amrane, S.J. Jafari and H. Eslami et al., 2017. Health risk assessment of heavy metal intake due to fish consumption in the Sistan region, Iran. Environ. Monit. Assess., Vol. 189, No. 11. 10.1007/s10661-017-6286-7.
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  21. Fallahzadeh, R.A., H.R. Azimzadeh, R. Khosravi, S.A. Almodaresi and M. Khodadadi, 2017. Using geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) in zoning nitrate concentration in the groundwater of Birjand, Iran. J. Adv. Environ. Health Res., 4: 129-134.
  22. Eslami, H., M.R. Samaei, E. Shahsavani and A.A. Ebrahimi, 2017. Biodegradation and fate of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate in integrated fixed-film activated sludge using synthetic media. Desalin. Water Treat., 92: 128-133.
  23. Eslami, H., M.H. Ehrampoush, M.T. Ghaneian, M. Mokhtari and A. Ebrahimi, 2017. Effect of organic loading rates on biodegradation of linear alkyl benzene sulfonate, oil and grease in greywater by integrated fixed-film activated sludge (IFAS). J. Environ. Manage., 193: 312-317.
  24. Eslami, H., M.H. Ehrampoush, A. Esmaeili, M.H. Salmani, A.A. Ebrahimi and M.T. Ghaneian, 2017. Economic evaluation of municipal solid waste recycling in Yazd: Cost-benefit analysis. J. Shahrekord Uuni. Med. Sci., 19: 32-71.
  25. Eslami, H., K.S. Sedighi, F. Salehi, R. Khosravi, R. Fallahzadeh and R. Peirovi, 2017. Biodegradation of methylene blue from aqueous solution by bacteria isolated from contaminated soil. J. Adv. Environ. Health Res., 5: 4-6.
  26. Eslami, H. and A. Greywater, 2017. New alternative approach for domestic wastewater separation and reuse in iran. J. Environ. Health Sust. Dev., 2: 255-257.
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  27. Ranjbar, E.M., M. Mahdian, H. Eslami and A. Amini, 2016. Patient education barriers from nurses opinions. J. Holistic Nursing Midwifery. 26: 36-45.
  28. Hematabadi, T.P., M.A.H. Zarei and H. Eslami, 2016. Determination of a statistical model to predict COD and TKN from the BOD5 and NH4+ results (A case study: Wastewater treatment plant, meybod industrial Estate, Meybod, Yazd). J. Environ. Health Sust. Dev., 1: 94-101.
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  29. Gelmani, V., D.A. Mirhosseni, M. Ghaneian and H. Eslami, 2016. Removal efficiency of nitrogen, phosphorus and heavy metal by intermittent cycle extended aeration system from municipal wastewater (Yazd-ICEAS). J. Environ. Health Sust. Dev., 1: 128-136.
  30. Fallahzadeh, R.A., S.A. Almodaresi, M.M. Dashti, A. Fattahi and M. Sadeghnia, 2016. Zoning of nitrite and nitrate concentration in groundwater using Geografic information system (GIS), case study: Drinking water wells in Yazd City. J. Geosci. Environ. Prot., 4: 91-96.
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  31. Eslami, H., A. Marzban, S.S. Mazloomy and Z. Zare, 2016. Investigating the knowledge and attitude of health volunteers about HIV/AIDS in Eghlid, Iran health centers in 2015. J. Health Res. Commun., 2: 21-27.
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  32. Entezari, A., R. Khosravi, F.S. Arghavan and A.A. Taghizadeh, 2016. Investigation of hexavalent chromium removal from aqueous solution using granular and powdered activated carbon produced from peganum harmala seed. J. Rafsanjan Univ. Med. Sci., 15: 645-656.
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  33. Almodaresi, S.A., S.J. Jafari, E. Hosseinzadeh, M. Miri and M. Taghavi, 2016. Investigation of fluoride concentration in rural drinking water resources of bardaskan county using Geographic Information System (GIS) in 2014. J. Health Chimes Torbat Heydariyeh Univ. Med. Sci., 3: 32-41.
  34. Afzalaghaee, M., Z. Moeini, M. Afsharnia, R. Peirovi and H. Eslami, 2016. The validity of the results of final exam through the correlation on between the students grades of health school. Future Med. Edu. J., 6: 37-41.
  35. Eslami, H., S.V. Ghelmani, V.A. Salehi, D. Hosseinshahi and S. Ghaleaskari, 2015. Comparing the efficiency of stabilization ponds and subsurface constructed wetland in domestic sewage treatment in city of yazd. J. Water Wastewater, 26: 100-106.
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  36. Eslami, H., P.T. Hematabadi, S.V. Ghelmani and A.S. Vaziri, 2015. The performance of advanced sequencing batch reactor in wastewater treatment plant to remove organic materials and linear alkyl benzene sulfonates. Jundishapur J. Health Sci., 7: 33-39.
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  37. Eslami, H., M.H. Ehrampoush, A. Esmaeili, A.A. Ebrahimi and M.H. Salmani, 2015. Students knowledge and attitude of hygiene and food safety at Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Yazd, Iran. J. Commun. Health Res., 4: 159-167.
  38. Eslami, H., M.H. Ehrampoush, A. Esmaeili and M.H. Salmani, 2014. Comparrison of knowledge and attitude of high school students on HIV/AIDS in Yazd Province in 2004 and 2013. Toloo-e- behdasht 13: 10-24.
  39. Eslami, H., A. Shariatifar, E. Rafiee, M. Shiranian and F. Salehi, 2014. Assessment of job burnout among staff in medical diagnostic laboratories in Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Yazd in 2013. J. Rafsanjan Univ. Med. Sci., 13: 497-508.
  40. Shahi, D.H., H. Eslami, M.H. Ehrampoosh and A. Ebrahimi, 2013. Comparing the efficiency of Cyperus alternifolius and Phragmites australis in municipal wastewater treatment by subsurface constructed wetland. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 16: 379-384.
  41. Bairu, A., N. Tadesse and S. Amare, 2013. Use of geographic information system and water quality index to assess suitability of groundwater quality for drinking purposes in Hewane areas, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia. Ethiopian J. Environ. Stud. Manage., 6: 110-123.
  42. Shahi, D.H., H. Eslami, M.H. Ehrampoosh and A. Ebrahimi, 2012. Efficiency of straw plants in removal of indicator pathogens from sub surface flow constructed wetlands of municipal wastewater in Yazd, Iran. J. Health Dev., 1: 147-155.
  43. Dehghani, R., M. Shayeghi and H. Esalmi, 2012. Detrmination of organophosphorus pesticides (diazinon and chlorpyrifos) in water resources in Barzok, Kashan. Zahedan J. Res. Med. Sci., 14: 66-72.
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  44. Dehghani, R., B. Davari, S.G. Moosavi, E. Kachoei, M. Rahimi and F. Dehshiri, 2012. Prevalence of head lice infestation among 3-6 years old nursery children in Kashan (2009). J. Occupat. Health Epidemiol., 1: 81-86.
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