Dr. Hossam Mahrous Abd El-Aziz  Ibrahim Ebeid

Dr. Hossam Mahrous Abd El-Aziz Ibrahim Ebeid

National Research Center, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Production from Cairo University, Egypt

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Dr. Hossam Mahrous Abd El-Aziz Ibrahim Ebeid is currently working as Researcher at National Research Center. He obtained his Ph.D. in Animal Production from Cairo University, Egypt. His area of research interest related to Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Dairy Enterprise Analysis, Upgrading and Utilizing the Low Quality Roughages as a Non-Conventional Livestock Feeds, Application of Biotechnology in Dairy Animal Nutrition, and Rumen Microbiology. He also attended number of training courses. He is professional member of Egyptian Association of Feedstuffs and Animal Nutrition, and Association of Agricultural Occupations. He has 2 publications in journals.

Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Nutrition
Dairy Cattle
Animal Feeding
Animal Production

Selected Publications

  1. Marrez, D.A., A. Cieślak, R. Gawad, H.M. Ebeid and M. Chrenkova et al., 2017. Effect of freshwater microalgae Nannochloropsis limnetica on the rumen fermentation in vitro. J. Anim. Feed Sci, 26: 359-364.
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  2. Khattab, M.S.A., H.M. El-Zaiat, A.M. Abd El Tawab, O.H. Matloup and A.S. Morsy et al., 2017. Impact of lemongrass and galangal as feed additives on performance of lactating barki goats. Int. J. Dairy Sci., 12: 184-189.
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  3. Hansen, H.H., N.E, El-Bordeny and H.M. Ebeid, 2017. Response of primiparous and multiparous buffaloes to yeast culture supplementation during early and mid-lactation. Anim. Nutr., 3: 411-418.
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  4. Azzaz, H.H., E.S.A. Farahat and H.M. Ebeid, 2017. Effect of partial replacement of corn grains by date seeds on rahmani ram’s nutrients digestibility and Nubian goat’s milk production. Int. J. Dairy Sci., 12: 266-274.
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  5. Khattab, M.S.A., H.M. Ebeid, A.M. Abd El Tawab, S.A.H. Abo El-Nor and A.A. Aboamer, 2016. Effect of supplementing diet with herbal plants on ruminal fiber digestibility and gas production. Res. J. Pharmaceut. Biol. Chem. Sci., 7: 1093-1097.
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  6. Kholif, S.M., T.A. Morsy, O.H. Matloup, H.M. Ebeid and A.M. Kholi, 2015. Effects of crushed linseed or linseed oil supplementation on performance of dairy goats and fatty acid profile in milk. Life Sci. J., 12: 94-99.
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  7. Ebeid, H.M., R.M.A. Gawad and A.E.M. Mahmoud, 2015. Influence of ration containing tomato pomace silage on performance of lactating buffaloes and milk quality. Asian J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 10: 14-24.
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  8. Azzaz, H.H., H.M. Ebeid, T.A. Morsy and S.M. Kholif, 2015. Impact of feeding yeast culture or yeast culture and propionibacteria 169 on the productive performance of lactating buffaloes. Int. J. Dairy Sci., 10: 107-116.
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  9. Morsy, T.A., H.M. Ebeid, A.E.M. Kholif, H.A. Murad, A.E.M. Abd El-Gawad and T.M. El-Bedawy, 2014. Influence of propionibacteria supplementation to rations on intake, milk yield, compositionand plasma metabolites of lactating buffaloes during early lactation. Sci. Int., 2: 13-19.
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  10. Mahmoud, A.E.M. and H.M. Ebeid, 2014. Effect of green forage type on productive performance and milk composition of lactating Egyptian buffalo. Asian J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 9: 27-36.
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  11. Khattab, M.S.A. and H.M. Ebeid, 2014. Isolation of Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus cecorum from bovine rumen using modern techniques. J. Anim. Prod. Adv., 4: 514-519.
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  12. Ebeid, H.M., A.M. Kholif, M.S. Farghly and M.S.A. Khattab, 2013. Effect of propionibacteria supplementation to sheep diets on rumen fermentation, nutrients digestibility and blood metabolites. Sci. Int., 1: 299-303.
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  13. Kholif, A.M. and H.M. Ebeid, 2009. Effect of calcium soap supplementation without or with rumen-protected methionine and lysine in lactating buffaloe's ration on milk production and composition. Pak. J. Zool. Suppl. Ser. II, 9: 697-700.

  14. Ebeid, H.M., A.M. Abdel Gawad, A.M. Kholif and M.H. Abdel Gawad, 2007. Response of lactating buffaloes for ruminally protected fat and protected amino acids supplementation. Egypt. J. Nutr. Feeds, 10: 67-80.