Dr. Fatma Mohamed  Abdallah Ahmed

Dr. Fatma Mohamed Abdallah Ahmed

Assistant Professor
Zagazig University, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Science from Zagazig University, Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Veterinary Medicine
Avian Diseases
Animal Feeding




Zagazig University, Egypt

Animal Science

Selected Publications

  1. Samir, M., M. Hamed, F. Abdallah, V. Kinh Nguyen, E.A. Hernandez‐Vargas, F. Seehusen and F. Pessler, 2018. An Egyptian HPAI H5N1 isolate from clade 2.2. 1.2 is highly pathogenic in an experimentally infected domestic duck breed (Sudani duck). Transboundary Emerg. Dis., 65: 859-873.
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  2. Nagy, A., F. Abdallah, K. Sweed, A. Salama and M. Omar, 2018. Seroprevelance of avian metapneumovirus in egyptian chicken and duck flocks with a reference on economic impact. J. Virol. Sci., 4: 8-14.
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  3. Abou El-Fetouh, M.S. and F.M. Abdallah, 2018. Genetic characterization of Infectious Bursal Disease Viruses isolated from the vaccinated broiler chicken flocks in Egypt during 2015-2016. Pol. J. Vet. Sci., 21: 581-588.
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  4. Abdallah, F.M., H.M. El Damaty and G.F. Kotb, 2018. Sporadic cases of lumpy skin disease among cattle in Sharkia province, Egypt: Genetic characterization of lumpy skin disease virus isolates and pathological findings. Vet. World, 11: 1150-1158.
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  5. Abdallah, F., O. Hassnain, E. Attar, H. Ali, M. Megahed and V. Nair, 2018. Marek's disease virus in Egypt: Historical overview and current research based on the major MDV-Encoded Oncogene Meq. Hosts Viruses, 5: 35-43.
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  6. Abdallah, F., G. Mohamed, M. Ibrahim and M. El Tarabily, 2018. Effectiveness of sofosbuvir, ribavirin and PEG-IFNα-2a in the treatment of Naïve Egyptian patients with chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 4. Am. J. Med. Sci., 355: 456-466.
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  7. Farahat, M.H., F.M. Abdallah, H.A. Ali and A. Hernandez-Santana, 2017. Effect of dietary supplementation of grape seed extract on the growth performance, lipid profile, antioxidant status and immune response of broiler chickens. Anim., 11: 771-777.
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  8. Nagy, A., J. Lee, I. Mena, J. Henningson and Y. Li, et al., 2016. Recombinant newcastle disease virus expressing H9 HA protects chickens against heterologous avian influenza H9N2 virus challenge. Vaccine, 34: 2537-2545.
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  9. Farahat, M.H., F.M. Abdallah, H.A. Ali and A.Hernandez-Santana, 2016. Effect of dietary supplementation of grape seed extract on the growth performance, lipid profile, antioxidant status and immune response of broiler chickens. Animal, 2: 1-7.

  10. Farahat, M., F. Abdallah, T. Abdel Hamid and A. Hernandez Santana, 2016. Effect of supplementing broiler chicken diets with green tea extract on the growth performance, lipid profile, antioxidant status and immune response. Br. Poult. Sci., 57: 714-722.
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  11. Fatma, A. and O. Hassanin, 2015. Positive regulation of humoral and innate immune responses induced by inactivated avian influenza virus vaccine in broiler chickens. Vet. Res. Commun., 39: 211-216.
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  12. Ali, A., G. Elmowalid, M. Abdel Glil, T. Sharafeldin and F. Abdallah, et al., 2015. Etiology and pathology of epidemic outbreaks of avian influenza H5N1 infection in Egyptian chicken farms. Pol. J. Vet. Sci., 18: 779-786.
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  13. Merwad, A., F. Abdallah and T. Saber, 2014. Close relationship of group A rotaviruses between bovine and human based onVP7 gene sequence in Egypt. Pak. Vet. J., 34: 391-393.
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  14. Hegazy, A.M., F.M. Abdallah, L.K. Abd El Samie and A.A. Nazim, 2014. Incidence of chicken anemia virus in sharkia governorate chicken flocks. Assiut. Vet. Med. J., 60: 75-82.
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  15. Hassanin, O., F. Abdallah and A. Awad, 2014. Effects of florfenicol on the immune responses and the interferon-inducible genes in broiler chickens under the impact of E. coli infection. Vet. Res. Commun., 38: 51-58.
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  16. Hassanin, O., F. Abdallah and I.E. El Araby, 2013. Molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of Marek`s Disease virus from clinical cases of Marek`s Disease in Egypt. Avian Dis., 57: 555-561.
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  17. Ali, A.S., M.I. El Bakry, M.A. Fatma and K.F. Gemelat, 2013. Evaluation of inactivated AIV vaccines in conjunction with antiviral drugs in chickens challenged with Egyptian H5N1 HPAIV. Life Sci. J., 10: 1962-1968.
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  18. Ahmed, M.H., M.A. Fatma, K. Lamah, A.E. Samie and A.R.A. Nazim, 2013. The relation between some immunosuppressive agents and widespread of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in vaccinated chickens. Zag. Vet. J., 41: 71-80.

  19. Abdallah, F.M., H. Sobhy and G. Enan, 2013. Evaluation of antiviral activity of selected anise oil as an essential oil against bovine herpes virus type-1 in vitro. Global Vet., 10: 496-499.
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  20. Abdallah, F.M. and O. Hassanin, 2013. Detection and molecular characterization of avipoxviruses isolated from different avian species in Egypt. Virus Genes, 46: 63-70.
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  21. Zenat A.I., G.A. Elmowalid and M.A. Fatma, 2012. Mannan oligosaccharide and B-glucan improve immunity in Newcastle disease virus vaccinated japanses quil. Egypt. J. Nutr. Feeds, 15: 149-159.

  22. Enan, G., F.M. Abdallah and H. Sobhy, 2012. Effect of acyclovir on bovine herpesvirus type 1 infection in in vitro cultured cells. Int. J. Virol., 8: 307-312.

  23. Ali, A.S., M.I. El-Bakry, M.A. Fatma and M.N. Abdou, 2012. Genetic characterization of avian influenza virus isolates of Sharqiyah Province-Egypt, 2011. J. Am. Sci., 8: 611-618.
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  24. Salama, A.A.A., M.E.B.A. Ismaeil, A.A.E.S.H. Ali and M.A.A. Fatma, 2009. Comparative diagnosis and identification of bovine herpes virus -1. Zag. Vet. J., 36: 114-124.

  25. Salama, A.A.A., M.E.B.A. Ismaeil, I.A.K. Ismaeil, A.A.E.Kader El Shiekh and M.A.A. Fatma, 2006. Isolation and identification of respiratory syncytial virus in cattle at Sharkia province. Zag. Vet. J., 34: 170-176.