Dr. Wafaa Kamel Bahgaat

Dr. Wafaa Kamel Bahgaat

Associate professor
National Research Centre, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology from Ain Shams University, Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Food Science Technology
Fermented Dairy Foods
Functional Food
Dairy Technology
Amino Acids

Selected Publications

  1. Wehaidy H.R., W.A.A. Wahab, A.M.M. Kholif, M. Elaaser, W.K. Bahgaat and M.A. Abdel-Naby, 2020. Statistical optimization of b. subtilis mk775302 milk clotting enzyme production using agro-industrial residues, enzyme characterization and application in cheese manufacture. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology 25: 101589-101589.
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  2. Foda, M.I., Y. El-Shattor, S.M. Aly, G.A. Abo-Elwafa, S.S. Kassem, I.H. Badaw and W.K. Bahgaat, 2020. Chemical and nutritional evaluation of novel white soft cheese prepared by nano-fortified interesterified olein: Stearin vegetable butter. Int. J. Dairy Sci., 15: 161-168.
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  3. Ibrahim O.A.El-Hamid., A.G. Mohamed and W.K. Bahgaat, 2019. Natural peppermint-flavored cheese. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Technologia Alimentaria 18: 75-85.
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  4. Bahgaat W.K. and H.M. Mahrous, 2019. Efficiency of water resources in small and medium-sized dairy factories in egypt. International Journal of Dairy Science 14: 1-11.
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  5. Mahrous, H.M., W.K. Bahgaat and M.A. El-G. Khorshid, 2017. Impact of technological determinants on the production and marketing of dairy products in small and medium productive projects in Egypt. Int. J. Dairy Sci., 12: 359-367.
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  6. Bahgaat, W.K. and S. Abd El Ghani, 2017. Comparison of amino acids and fatty acids profiles of egyptian kishk: Dried wheat based fermented milk mixture as functional food. Am. J. Food Technol., 12: 43-50.
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  7. El-Shattory, Y., G.A. Abo-Elwafa, M.A. Saadia, I.F. Mervat, K.B. Wafaa, E.H. Amany and I.H. Badawy, 2016. Studies on the application of nano-fortified interesterified Olein: Stearin vegetable butter in biscuits preparation and its nutritional evaluation. Am. J. Food Technol., 11: 171-181.
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  8. Abd El-Ghani, S., W.K. Bahgaat and M.T. Fouad, 2014. The microbiological quality and physicochemical attributes of egyptian traditional Sa'eedi Kishk. J. Food Ind. Nutr. Sci., 4: 13-21.
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  9. Foda, M.I., W.K. Bahgaat, J.M. Kassem and S.E. Aly, 2013. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra in relation to the composition of white soft cheese. World Appl. Sci. J., 26: 289-295.
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  10. Hassan, A.A., N.M. Rasmy, M.I. Foda and W.K. Bahgaat, 2012. Production of functional biscuits for lowering blood lipids. World J. Dairy Food Sci., 7: 1-20.
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