Dr. Talaat Mostafa  El-Sheikh
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Dr. Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh

Vice Dean, Head
Sohag University, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Poultry Production from Assuit University, Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Poultry Production
Animal Physiology
Animal Nutrition

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. El. Sheikh, T.M., H.Y. El-Hammady, A.S. Omar and K. L. Gebril, 2017. A descriptive study of the characteristics and systems of geese production in sohag governorate. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 37: 951-968.
  2. El. Sheikh, T.M., 2017. Application of nanotechnologies in poultry production. Nutr. Food Sci. Int. J.,Vol.3, 10.19080/NFSIJ.2017.03.555610.
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  3. El-Sheikh, T.M., M.M. Ahmed and M.A. Fouad, 2017. Effect ofbetaine levels on broiler performance under cyclic heat stress. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 37: 623-636.
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  4. Abdel‐Kareem, A.A.A. and T.M. El‐Sheikh, 2017. Impact of supplementing diets with propolis on productive performance, egg quality traits and some haematological variables of laying hens. J. anim. physiol. anim. nutr., 101: 441-448.
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  5. El Sheikh, T.M., N.M. Essa, A.A.A. Abdel Kareem and M.A. Elsagheer, 2016. Evaluation of productive and reproductive performance of japanese quails in floor pens and conventional cages with different stocking densities. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 36: 669-683.
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  6. El Sheikh, T.M., N.M. Essa, A.A.A. Abdel Kareem and M. Hosny, 2016. Effect of continuous and intermittent high ambient temperature on growing males of Gimmizah and Golden-Montazah chicken performance. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 36: 725-741.
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  7. Desoky, A.S.S. and El-Sheikh, T.M. 2014. Study of control against mange mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) in naturally infested rabbits in sohag governorate, Egypt. Res. J. Agric. Environ. Manage., 3: 315-319.
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  8. El-Sheikh, T.M., 2013. Effects of light restriction and stocking density on broiler performance and carcass quality. Poult. Sci., 92: 75-76.
  9. El-Sheikh, T.M., A.M. El-Gammal and M.N.T. Makled, 2012. He effect of photoperiod, light intensity and wattage power on egg components and egg quality. Univ. Ştiinţe Agric. Med. Vet. Iaşi. 58: 258-264.
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  10. Ghaly, M.M., T.M El-Sheik and T.S.T. Selem, 2011. Effect of native and exotic growing rabbits breeds on productive capability, under Egyptian environmental conditions. Egypt. J. Rabbit Sci., 21: 215-226.
  11. El-Sheikh, T.M., G.M. Mona and Selem T.S.T., 2011. Comparative studies on some productive capabilities among imported, endogenous and native rabbit breeds under Egyptian environmental conditions. Seria Zootehnie, 56: 364-369.
  12. El-Sheikh, T. M., M. O. Abd-Elsamee and A.M. Ali , 2008. Effect of reusing broiler litter and Bio-Mos as alternative of growth performance on broiler performance during summer season. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 28: 265-282.
  13. Hulet, R., G. Gladys, D. Hill, R. Meijerhof and T. El-Shiekh, 2007. Influence of egg shell embryonic incubation temperature and broiler breeder flock age on post-hatch growth performance and carcass characteristics. Poult. Sci., 86: 408-412.
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  14. El-Sheikh, T.M., 2007. Influence of hatching egg weight and parent age on embryonic mortality, hatchability and chick quality in Japanese Quails. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 27: 893-912.
  15. Ali, A.M., M.O. Abd-Elsamee and T.M. El-Sheikh, 2007. An approach to reducing environmental pollution and produced cheapest meat from quails by using okara meal and supplemental enzymes. J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ., 32: 7187-7197.
  16. Abd-Elsamee M.O., T.M. El-Sheikh and A.M. Ali, 2007. An attempt to alleviating heat stress and improving laying hen performance and egg quality during summer season by using some amino acids or vitamins. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 27: 875-891.
  17. El-Sheikh, T.M. and N. S. Ahmad, 2006. An attempt to alleviate heat stress of broiler chicks (during summer season) through stocking density, dietary organic selenium (Sel-Plex) and Vitamin E-selemium. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 26: 1587-1611.
  18. El-Sheikh, T.M., 2005. Effect of broiler breeder age and litter materials on broiler performance during summer under El-Kawther conditions in Sohag. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 25: 1141-1160.
  19. EL-Sheikh, T.M. and S. Younis, 2005. Effect of layer age, room temperature storage period and strain of hen on egg quality and egg microbiology during summer. Xi th european symposium on the quality of eggs and egg products doorwerth. Neth. World Poult. Sci. Assoc., .
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  20. El-Sheikh T.M. and M.A.A. Kalamah, 2002. Effect of acute heat stress on some productive and physiological traits in Bronze Turkey. Assiut J. Agric. Sci., 32: 195-212.
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  21. Brennan, C.P., G.L. Hendricks III, T.M. El-Sheikh and M.M. Mashaly, 2002. Melatonin and enhancement of immune responses in immature male chickens. Poult. Sci., 81: 371-375.
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  22. El-Sheikh, T.M. and A.M. El-Gammal, 2000. Effect of the holding temperature, holding period as well as vitamin C supplementation on hatching traits of Dandarawi eggs. Egypt. Poult. Sci. J., 20: 839-855.
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  23. Sharara, H.H. and T.M. El-Sheikh, 1998. Effect of Nigella Sativa supplementation and light color on growth and blood picture of broiler chickens. Suez Canal Vet. Med. J., 1: 405-423.
  24. Makled, M.N., M.A. El-Deeb and T.M. El-Sheikh, 1993. Lysine-Arginine ratio and acid-base balance in relation to growth and protein efficiency in Dandarawi chicks. Egypt. Poult. Sci., 12: 517-533.
  25. El-Hammady, H.Y., H.H. Sharara and T.M. El-Shiekh, 1992. Effect of feeding regimens and lighting programs on egg production performance of two Egyptian native strains of laying hens. Egypt. Poult. Sci. J., 12: 791-817.