Dr. Ahmed Abas Mohammed Elazab
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Dr. Ahmed Abas Mohammed Elazab

Assistant Professor
Shenzhen University, China

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System from Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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Area of Interest:

Computer Sciences
Image Processing
Pattern Recognition
Data Structures

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Lei, H., T. Han, F. Zhou, Z. Yu, J. Qin, A. Elazab and B. Lei, 2018. A deeply supervised residual network for HEp-2 cell classification via cross-modal transfer learning. Pattern Recognit., 79: 290-302.
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  2. Zhang, T., A. Elazab, X. Wang, F. Jia, J. Wu, G. Li and Q. Hu, 2017. A novel technique for robust and fast segmentation of corneal layer interfaces based on spectral-domain optical coherence tomography imaging. IEEE Access, 5: 10352-10363.
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  3. Xu, J., A. Elazab, J. Liang, F. Jia and H. Zheng et al., 2017. Cortical and subcortical structural plasticity associated with the glioma volumes in patients with cerebral gliomas revealed by surface-based morphometry. Front. Neurol., Vol. 8 10.3389/fneur.2017.00266.
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  4. Wang, C., A. Elazab, J. Wu and Q. Hu, 2017. Lung nodule classification using deep feature fusion in chest radiography. Comput. Med. Imaging Graph., 57: 10-18.
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  5. Omisore, O.M., S. Han, L. Ren, N. Zhang, K. Ivanov, A. Elazab and L. Wang, 2017. Non-iterative geometric approach for inverse kinematics of redundant lead-module in a radiosurgical snake-like robot. Biomed. Eng. Online, Vol. 16. 10.1186/s12938-017-0383-2.
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  6. Elazab, A., H. Bai, Y.M. AbdulAzeem, T. Abdelhamid, S. Zhou, K. K.L. Wong and Q. Hu, 2017. Post-surgery glioma growth modeling from magnetic resonance images for patients with treatment. Sci. Rep., Vol. 7 10.1038/s41598-017-01189-2.
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  7. Abdelhamid, T., A.H. Elsheikh, A. Elazab, S.W. Sharshir, E.S. Selima and D. Jiang, 2017. Simultaneous reconstruction of the time-dependent robin coefficient and heat flux in heat conduction problems. Inverse Prob. Sci. Eng. 10.1080/17415977.2017.1391243.
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  8. Elazab, A., Y.M. AbdulAzeem, S. Wu and Q. Hu, 2016. Robust kernelized local information fuzzy c-means clustering for brain magnetic resonance image segmentation. J. X-Ray Sci. Technol., 24: 489-507.
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  9. Chen, M., S. Zhu, F. Jia, X. Li, A. Elazab and Q. Hu, 2016. Segmentation of cerebral edema around intracranial hemorrhage on CT scans through classification model learned from patients with both CT and T2-weighted Magnetic resonance images. J. Integration Technol., 5: 11-29.
  10. Elazab, A., C. Wang, F. Jia, J. Wu, G. Li and Q Hu, 2015. Segmentation of brain tissues from magnetic resonance images using adaptively regularized kernel-based fuzzy c-means clustering. Comput. Math. Methods Med., Vol. 2015. 10.1155/2015/485495.
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  11. Chen, M., A. Elazab, F. Jia, J. Wu, G. Li, X. Li and Q. Hu, 2015. Automatic estimation of midline shift in patients with cerebral glioma based on enhanced voigt model and local symmetry. Australas. Phys. Eng. Sci. Med., 38: 627-641.
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