Dr. Nahed Fawzy Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Moniem
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Dr. Nahed Fawzy Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Moniem

National Research Centre, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Agriculture from Cairo University, Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Ornamental Plants
Agricultural Biology
Insect Control

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Haroun, R.A.H., N. Abdel-Aziz and S. Saad, 2023. The protective effect of N-acetyl cysteine against selenium toxicity and gamma irradiation in rats. Drug Chem. Toxicol., 46: 482-490.
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  2. Abdelmaksoud, N.M., A.M. El-Bakry, E.A. Sammour and N.F. Abdel-Aziz, 2023. Comparative toxicity of essential oils, their emulsifiable concentrates and nanoemulsion formulations against the bean aphid, Aphis fabae. Arch. Phytopathol. Plant Prot., 56: 187-208.
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  3. Abdel-Aziz, N., R.A.H. Haroun and H.E. Mohamed, 2022. Low-dose gamma radiation modulates liver and testis tissues response to acute whole body irradiation. Dose-Response, Vol. 20. 10.1177/15593258221092365.
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  4. Matloub, A., A. Maamoun, N. Abdel-Aziz, E. Samour and H. El-Rafie, 2021. Eco-friendly secondary metabolites from Conyza dioscoridis against Spodoptera littoralis. Egypt. J. Chem., 64: 341-357.
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  5. Abdel-Aziz, N., S.M. El-Sonbaty and M.G.A. Hegazy, 2021. Ameliorative potential of manganese nanoparticles with low-level ionizing radiation against experimentally induced hepatocarcinogenesis. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., 28: 65474-65486.
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  6. Sammour, E.A., M.A. Kandil, N.F. Abdel-Aziz, E.A. Agamy, A.M. El-Bakry and N.M. Abdelmaksoud, 2018. Field evaluation of new formulation types of essential oils against Tuta absoluta and their side effects on tomato plants. Acta Scient. Agric., 2: 15-22.
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  7. El-Bakry, A.M., N.F. Abdel-Aziz and E.A. Sammour, 2018. Impact of Lavandula officinalis, inert dusts and their formulations on Sitophilus oryzae. Agric. Eng. Int.: CIGR J., 19: 166-173.
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  8. Abdel-Aziz, N.F., A.M. El-Bakry, N.S. Metwally, E.A. Sammour and A.R.H. Farrag, 2018. Insecticidal efficiency of some green-based formulations on Spodoptera littoralis and their side effects on Albino rats. Asian J. Crop Sci., 10: 198-206.
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  9. Salem, H.A., N.F. Abdel-Aziz, E.A. Sammour and A.M. El-Bakry, 2016. Semi-field evaluation of some natural clean insecticides from essential oils on armored and soft scale insects (Homoptera: Diaspididae and Coccidae) infesting mango plants. Int. J. Chemtech Res., 9: 87-97.
  10. El-Bakry, A.M., N.F. Abdel-Aziz, E.A. Sammour and S.A.M. Abdelgaleil, 2016. Insecticidal activity of natural plant essential oils against some stored product insects and their side effects on wheat seed germination. Egypt. J. Biol. Pest Control, 26: 83-88.
  11. Abdel-Hakim, E.A., W.L. Abdou, N.F. Abdel-Aziz and E.A. Sammour, 2016. The efficiency, mode of action and side effects of two essential oil formulations on Spodoptera littoralis and its predator. Int. J. Pharm. Tech. Res., 9: 843-850.
  12. Abdelgaleil, S.A., N.F. Abdel-Aziz, E.A. Sammour, A.M. El-Bakry and S.M.I. Kassem, 2015. Use of tank-mix adjuvants to improve effectiveness and persistence of chlorpyrifos and cyhalothrin formulations. J. Agric. Sci. Technol., 17: 1539-1549.
  13. Abdel-Aziz, N.F., W.L. Abdou, E.A. Abdel-Hakim, F.M. El-Hawarya, A.M. El-Bakry and E.A. Sammour, 2015. The effect of some green insecticides from essential oils on Aphis craccivora and their side effects. J. Entomol. Res., 39: 275-286.
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  14. Ghaly, N.S., S.A. Mina, N.F. Abdel-Aziz and E.A. Sammour, 2014. Insecticidal activity of the main flavonoids from the leaves of Kalanchoe beharensis and Kalanchoe longiflora. J. Natural Prod., 7: 196-202.
  15. Abdelaziz, N.F., H.A. Salem and E.A. Sammour, 2014. Insecticidal effect of certain ecofriendly compounds on some scale insects and mealybugs and their side effects on antioxidant enzymes of mango nurslings. Arch. Phytopathol. Plant Protect., 47: 1-14.
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  16. Sabry, K.H. and N.F. Abdel-Aziz, 2013. Resistance and enzyme assessment of the pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (saunders) to spinosad. J. Anim. Plant Sci., 23: 136-142.
  17. Adel, M.M., Na.F. Abdel-Aziz and E.A. Sammour, 2013. Disturbance of biological, physiological and biochemical characteristics in Spodoptera littoralisl arvae (Boisduval) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) feed on transgenic and non-transgenic potato leaves. Middle East J. Applied Sci., 4: 494-504.
  18. Shalaby, S.E.M., N.F. Abel Aziz and M.H. Agabi, 2012. Monitoring of pesticide residues and heavy metals in irrigation water sources and their toxic effect on albino rats. J. Entomol. Res., 36: 109-118.
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  19. Sammour, E.A., F.M.A. El-Hawary and N.F. Abdel-Aziz, 2011. Comparative study on the efficacy of neemix and basil oil formulations on the cowpea aphid Aphis craccivora Koch. Arch. Phytopathol. Plant Protect., 44: 655-670.
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  20. Adel, M.M., F.M. El-Hawary, N.F. Abdel-Aziz and E.A. Sammour, 2010. Some physiological, biochemical and histopathological effects of Artemisia monosperma against the cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis. Arch. Phytopathol. Plant Prot., 43: 1098-1110.
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  21. Sammour, E.A., M.A. Kandil and N.F. Abdel-Aziz, 2008. The reproductive potential and fate of chlorfluzuron and leufenuran against cotton leaf worm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.). Am. Eurasian J. Agric. Environ. Sci., 4: 62-67.
  22. Hetta, H.M., M.A. Kandil, N.F. Abdel-Aziz, E.A. Sammour and E.A. Ewies, 2006. Phenolic compounds from Asphodelus tenuifolius, Cav. as pest control agents. Az. J. Pharm. Sci., 33: 20-29.
  23. Kandil, M.A., N.F. Abdel-Aziz and E.A. Sammour, 2003. Comparative toxicity of chlorfluazuron and leufenuron against cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.). Egypt. J. Agric. Res. NRC., 2: 645-661.