Dr. Ahmed   K. Hassan

Dr. Ahmed K. Hassan

Suez Canal University, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Physics from Suez Canal University Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Nuclear Physics
Gamma Spectroscopy

Selected Publications

  1. Korna, A.H., S.S. Fares and M.A. El-Rahman, 2014. Natural radioactivity levels and radiation hazards for gypsum materials used in Egypt. Nat. Sci., 6: 5-13.
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  2. Hassan, A.K., 2010. Effect electron beam on spectral response of solar cells by deployment of spectral converters containing semiconductor nanocrystals. Arab J. Nuclear Sci. Applic., 42: 236-242.
  3. Mostafa, A.G., H.H. El-Bahnasawy, A.K. Hassan, 2009. Study of gamma radiation effect on the physical properties of (Carbon fiber) and propylene films. Arab J. Nuclear Sci. Applic., 36: 166-178.
  4. Hassan, A.K. and S. Fares, 2007. Measuring electrical and optical performance of Si-solar cells under the influence of different parameters and radiation types. Egypt. J. Rad. Sci. Applic., 21: 605-615.
  5. Hassan, A.K., 2006. Effect gamma irradiation on optical and thermal decomposition characters of pmma copolymers. Egypt. J. Rad. Sci. Applic., 11: 314-324.
  6. Hassan, A.K. and A.H. Ashour, 2006. Effects γ- radiation on structural and short-range of glassy system. Phys. B, 406: 435-439.
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  8. Saleh, A.M., A.K. Hassan and R.D. Gould, 2003. DC conduction processes and electrical parameters of the organic semiconducting zinc phthalocyanine, ZnPc, thin films. J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 64: 1297-1303.
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  9. Hassan, A.K., L.A. Pardi, J. Krzystek, A. Sienkiewicz and P. Goy, 2001. Effect gamma irradiation on multi-junction thin-film Si solar cells for space power. Global J. Eng., 1: 78-89.
  10. Ray, A.K., A. Nabok, A.K. Hassan and M.J. Cook, 1999. Photoconduction in Langmuir-Blodgett films of octasubstituted metal-free phthalocyanine molecules. IEE Proc. Circuits Devices Syst., 146: 44-48.
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  11. Ragab, E., A.K. Hassan, J. van Tol, A.L. Moner and M. Rohrer, 1998. Present status of radiometric quality silicon photodiodes. J. Phys. Chem. B, 38: 2651-2662.
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  16. Hassan, A.K., 1993. Study on spectroscopic determination and electrical properties of rare earth minerals. Arab J. Nucl. Sci. Applic., 9: 2-21.
  17. Elah, A., H.A. Ashry, A.K. Hassan and Y.M. Mostafa, 1993. Study of nuclear decay scheme of 145 Pm. Arab J. Nuclear Sci. Applic., 22: 5-18.
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  19. Hassan, A.K. and R.D. Gould, 1992. Structural studies of thermally evaporated thin films of copper phthalocyanine. Phys. Status Solidi, 132: 91-101.
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  20. Hassan, A.K. and R.D. Gould, 1989. The electrical properties of copper phthalocyanine thin films using indium electrodes. J. Phys. D: Applied Phys., Vol. 22, No. 8. 10.1088/0022-3727/22/8/022.
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