Dr. Osama   Ibrahim Abd-elsalam El-Batawy
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Dr. Osama Ibrahim Abd-elsalam El-Batawy

Associate Professor
Ain Shams University, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Agricultural Science from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Crop Science
Plant Pathogen
Plant Pathology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. El-Batawy, O.I., S.M. Mahdy and M.Y. Abo El-Naga, 2018. Utilization of cheese whey and UF milk permeate in manufacture of Egyptian Baladi Bread. Alex. J. Food Sci. Technol., 15: 1-14.
  2. El Batawy, O.I. and O.S.F. Khalil, 2018. Manufacture and properties of low-fat bio yoghurt containing probiotic strains and maltodextrin as prebiotic. J. Probiot. Health, 6: 1-9.
  3. Wahdan, A., R.A. Awad, O. Aitta and O.I. El-Batawy, 2017. Production and evaluation of stirred yoghurt fortified with different types of strawberry fruit preparations. J. Biol. Chem. Environ. Sci., 12: 381-397.
  4. El-Batawy, O.I., 2017. Influence of different polysaccharides as prebiotics on the growth of some probiotic strains in basal growth media. Egypt. J. Dairy Sci., 45: 155-163.
  5. El-Batawy, O.I. and T.N. Soliman, 2017. Properties and shelf life of spicy ricotta cheese. Egypt. J. Food Sci., 45: 135-145.
  6. Alaki, S.M., H.M El-Khodary, N.M. Alamoudi, O.I. El-Batawy and R.M. Alhusain, 2017. Evaluation of the inhibitory effect of functional fermented milk containing different probiotic cultures on salivary mutans Streptococci count in experimental rats: A randomized control animal study. Int. J. Pharm. Res. Allied Sci., 6: 202-212.
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  7. Abolila, S.H.S., A.I. Metwally, R.A. Awad and O.I. El-Batawy, 2017. Evaluation of edible film based on milk protein for ras cheese coating. J. Biol. Chem. Environ. Sci., 12: 19-46.
  8. Shuman, S.G., N.G. Waly, M. El-Shiekh and O.I. El-Batawy, 2016. Effect of functional dairy products containing stevia and xylitol sugar substitutes on enamel surface remineralization in experimental rats (animal study). Egypt. Dental J., 62: 2895-2901.
  9. Awad, R.A., O.I. El-Batawy and A.A. Abdelaziz, 2016. Production of functional frozen yoghurt with dried date powder. J. Biol. Chem. Environ. Sci., 11: 19-35.
  10. Abd El-Razik, F.H., A.M. Farahat, O.I. El-Batawy and N.A. Hegazi, 2016. Manufacture and properties of fruit flavoured ricotta cheese using different fruit pulps. Egypt. J. Food Sci., 43: 111-124.
  11. El-Batawy, O.I., I.S. Ashoush and N.S. Mehanna, 2014. Impact of mango and pomegranate peels supplementation on quality characteristics of yoghurt with or without whey powder. World J. Dairy Food Sci., 9: 57-65.
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  12. Awad, R.A., A.M. Farahat and O.I. El-Batawy, 2014. Impact of Jerusalem artichoke puree as a cheese base replacement in the manufacture of processed cheese. Egypt. J. Food Sci., 42: 50-70.
  13. Ramadan, K.M.A., I.S. Ashoush and O.I. El-Batawy, 2013. Comparative evaluation of three essential oils as functional antioxidants and natural flavoring agents in ice cream. World Applied Sci. J., 23: 159-166.
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  14. Osman, S.A.A., A.A. Mortada, R. Youssef and O.I. El-Batawy, 2013. Inhibitory effect of different probiotic bacterial strains on salivary Streptococcus mutans and identification of the most suitable dairy product for delivery of the most potent one: An in-vitro study. Nat. Sci., 11: 188-195.
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  15. Farahat, A.M. and O.I. El-Batawy, 2013. Proteolytic activity and some properties of stirred fruit yoghurt made using some fruits containing proteolytic enzymes. World J. Dairy Food Sci., 8: 38-44.
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  16. Ashoush, I.S., O.I. El-Batawy and G.A. El-Shourbagy, 2013. Antioxidant activity and hepatoprotective effect of pomegranate peel and whey powders in rats. Ann. Agric. Sci., 58: 27-32.
  17. El-Batawy, O.I., 2012. Production and properties of low-fat set yoghurt made with Jerusalem artichoke powder. Egypt. J. Food Sci., 40: 77-90.
  18. Farahat, A.M., O.I. El-Batawy and E.G.G. Alla, 2011. Preparation of functional ice cream fortified with date pulp. Egypt. J. Dairy Sci., 39: 285-291.
  19. El-Batawy, O.I., N.E. Sultan, R.A. Awad and I.E. Aumara, 2010. Probiotic and technological properties of lactobacilli strains isolated from brest milk. Res. Bult. Ain Shams Univ. Cairo, Egypt. .
  20. El-Batawy, O.I., A.A. Asker, N.E. Sultan and R.A. Awad, 2005. Quality and shelf life enhancement of Domiati cheese from heat treated milk using starter culture. Arb. Univ. J. Agric. Sci. Ain Shams Univ. Cairo, 13: 841-859.