Dr. Mervat Ibrahim Foda
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Dr. Mervat Ibrahim Foda

National Research Center, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Food Engineering from Lund University, Sweden

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Dr. Mervat Ibrahim Foda is currently working as Professor at National Research Center, Egypt. She has completed her Postdoctoral Fellow in Dairy Chemistry from Seibold University, Japan, and PhD in Agricultural Science from Lund University, Sweden. She is President of the Society for Women in Science in Developing Countries-Egypt, OWSD. Dr. Mervat received honors includes Certificate for the best research paper (2015), Unilever Mosharak Co, The sixth Artful Integrators Award, Distinguish Innovation Certificate from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Cairo, Egypt, Medal for the best research poster and Bronze medal in the first International Invention Fair of The Middle East, Kuwait. She is also serving as reviewer for Science Alert, editor for Journal of Fermented Food and associate editor for American Journal of Food Technology, International Journal of Dairy Science, International Journal of Agricultural Research, and Asian Journal of Scientific Research. She is also serving as member of national and international societies such as Swedish South Asian Network on Fermented Foods, Chinese-Egyptian Friendship Society, The Organization of Women in Science-Tunis, The Bioethics Network on Women’s Issues in the Arab region, The Scientific Society of Food Industries and Nutrition, The Society of Food Science and Technology, The Egyptian Society of Dairy Science, and The Egyptian Society of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. She also supervised 5 students thesis. She has 35 publications in journals contributed as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Food Science and Technology
Dairy Products
Food Chain
Food Biotechnology
Functional Food

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Meguid, N., M. Anwar, J. Hussein, H. Hasan and A. Hashish et al., 2018. Evaluation of plasma neurotransmitters in children living with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Biosci. Res., 15: 152-159.
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  2. Mahmoud, M.H., F.L. Seleet and M.I. Foda, 2017. Effect of different concentration techniques on some properties of fresh and stored pomegranate juice. Asian J. Scient. Res., 10: 290-298.
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  3. Abdeldaiem, M.H., H.G.M. Ali and M.I. Foda, 2017. Improving the quality of minced beef by using mulberry leaves extract. J. Food Meas. Charact., 11: 1681-1689.
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  4. El-Shattory, Y., G.A. Abo-Elwafa, M.A. Saadia, I.F. Mervat, K.B. Wafaa, E.H. Amany and I.H. Badawy, 2016. Studies on the application of nano-fortified interesterified Olein: Stearin vegetable butter in biscuits preparation and its nutritional evaluation. Am. J. Food Technol., 11: 171-181.
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  5. Salama, H.H., M.I. Foda, M.M. El-Sayed, Z.M.R Hassan, R.A. Awad and D. Otzen, 2015. Characteristic and cytotoxic activity of different α-Lactalbumin/fatty acids nanocomplex. Am. Int. J. Contemporary Sci. Res., 2: 200-214.
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  6. El-Sayed, M.M., Z.M.R. Hassan, I.F. Mervat, R.A. Awad and H.S. Heba, 2015. Chitosan-whey protein complex (cs-wp) as delivery systems to improve bioavailability of iron. Int. J. Applied Pure Sci. Agric., 1: 34-46.
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  7. Abo-Elwafa, G.A., M.I. Foda and S.E. Aly, 2015. Comparative studies on fat of white soft cheese collected from Cairo markets. Middle East J. Applied Sci., 5: 328-334.
  8. Hassan, Z.M.R., R.A. Awad, M.M. El-Sayed, M.I. Foda, D. Otzen and H.H. Salama, 2014. Interaction between whey protein nanoparticles and fatty acids. Integrative Food Nutr. Metab., 1: 91-97.
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  9. Hathout, A.S., Z.I. Sadek, M.I. Foda and S.E. Aly, 2013. Assessment of aflatoxin M1 levels and microbiological quality in Egyptian white soft cheese. World Applied Sci. J., 26: 857-866.
  10. Foda, M.I., W.K. Bahgaat, J.M. Kassem and S.E. Aly, 2013. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra in relation to the composition of white soft cheese. World Appl. Sci. J., 26: 289-295.
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  11. Rasmy, N.M., A.A. Hassan, M.I. Foda and M.M. El-Moghazy, 2012. Assessment of the antioxidant activity of sage (Salvia officinalis L.) extracts on the shelf life of mayonnaise. World J. Dairy Food Sci., 7: 28-40.
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  12. Hassan, A.A., N.M. Rasmy, M.I. Foda and W.K. Bahgaat, 2012. Production of functional biscuits for lowering blood lipids. World J. Dairy Food Sci., 7: 1-20.
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  13. Foda, M.I., S.M. Kholif, S.H.S. Mohamed and T.A. Morsy, 2012. Evaluation of ground flaxseed supplementation to lactating buffaloes ration versus control milk samples for milk and stirred yoghurt production. J. Life Sci., 4: 11-18.
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  15. Foda, M.I., M.A. El-Sayed, A.A. Hassan, N.M. Rasmy and M.M. El-Moghazy, 2010. Effect of spearmint essential oil on chemical composition and sensory properties of white cheese. J. Am. Sci., 6: 272-279.
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  16. Foda, M.I., H. Joun and Y. Li, 2010. Study the suitability of cheese whey for bio-butanol production by clostridia. J. Am. Sci., 6: 39-46.
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  17. Foda, M.I., S.M. Kholif and A.M. Kholif, 2009. Evaluation of goat milk containing galactooligosaccharides after supplementing the ration with amino acids. Int. J. Dairy Sci., 4: 27-33.
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  18. Foda, M.I., M.A. El-Sayed, M.M. El-Moghazy, A.A. Hassan and N.M. Rasmy, 2009. Antioxidant activity of dried spearmint and its use in white cheese. J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ., 34: 1037-1047.
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  25. Kholif, S.M., M.I. Foda and A.M. Kholif, 2006. Effect of ration supplementation with lysine and methionine in two different forms on goat's milk protein. Indian J. Dairy Sci., 59: 281-286.
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