Dr. Mohammed Mohammed El Genidy

Dr. Mohammed Mohammed El Genidy

Assistant Professor
Port Said University, Egypt

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Statistics and Computer Science from Mansoura University, Egypt

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Mohammed El Genidy received the Ph.D. degree in statistics and computer science from Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt, in 2001. He is currently an Assistant Professor of statistics with the Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Port Said University, Port Said, Egypt. His research interests include statistics, probability, order statistics, queues theory, regression, estimation, distributions, mathematical programming, statistical tests, hypotheses test and forecast. He works on developing the statistical methods of estimation and prediction, also creating the programs and algorithms to solve some problems in mathematics and statistics which face the researchers.

Complete name: Mohammed Mohammed El Genidy

Current position: Assistant Prof. of Statistics

Complete postal address:

Port Said University, Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Port Said, Egypt, Postal code number: 42521.

Mobile: 0020 01124774443

Telephone "Work": 002 066 3657602

FAX Number "Work": 002 066 3657601

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4657-3045

LiveDNA ID: 20.4959
Web of Science ResearcherID: AAC-6841-2019

My websites:
1) http://staff.psu.edu.eg/melgeneedy/
2) https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mohammed_El_Genidy
3) https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=jKhZ3-gAAAAJ&hl=en
4) http://www.livedna.net/?dna=20.4959
5) https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4657-3045
6) https://www.growkudos.com/profile/mohammed_el_genidy
7) https://publons.com/researcher/3177541/mohammed-mohammed-el-genidy

1) [email protected] (Primary)
2) [email protected]
3) [email protected]
4) [email protected]

Area of Interest:

Queueing Theory
Linear Regression
Applied Statistics

Selected Publications

  1. Eyada, M.M., W. Saber, M.M. El-Genidy and F. Amer, 2020. Performance evaluation of IoT data management using MongoDB versus MySQL databases in different cloud environments. IEEE Access, 8: 110656-110668.
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  2. El Genidy, M.M., D.A.E.S.A. El-Rahman, 2019. A new high accurate estimation method for evaluating the daily solar energy by nested percentiles algorithm. Asian J. Sci. Res., 12: 480-487.
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  3. Hanafy, I.M., M.M. El Genidy and E.A. Hebeshy, 2018. Maintainability and capability of the multi-server system in repairing defective machine configurations with different probability distributions. Asian J. Sci. Res., 11: 240-255.
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  4. El Genidy, M.M., 2018. Multiple nonlinear regression of the Markovian arrival process for estimating the daily global solar radiation. Commun. Stat. Theory, 5: 93-98.
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  5. El Genidy, M.M., 2017. Multiple non linear regression model for the maximum number of migratory bird types during migration years. Commun. Stat.-Theory Methods, 46: 7969-7975.
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  6. El Genidy, M.M. and E.A. Hebeshy, 2017. Estimation the failure rate and reliability of the triple modular redundancy system using Weibull distribution. Asian J. Scient. Res., 10: 128-138.
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  7. El-Genidy, M., 2016. Statistical modeling of the daily global solar radiationin Queensland, Australia. Songklanakarin J. Sci. Technol., 41: 1381-1389.
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  8. El Genidy, M.M. and A.K. Ali, 2016. Modeling the amount of pollutants ozone using moments method and generalized extreme value distribution. Asian J. Scient. Res., 9: 143-151.
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  9. El Damsesy, M., M. El Genidy and A. El Gazar, 2015. Reliability and failure rate of the electronic system by using mixture lindley distribution. J. Applied Sci., 15: 524-530.
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  10. El Genidy, M.M., 2014. Multiple linear regression of maximum queue length probability function for infected fish in the fish farms. J. Applied Sci., 14: 1894-1897.
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  11. El Genidy, M.M., 2014. Joint probability distribution function of the repairing time for the defective machines in the multiple queues system. Asian J. Math. Stat., 7: 35-39.
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  12. El Damsesy, M.A., M.M. El Genidy and A.M. El Gazar, 2014. Estimation of a system performance in Pareto distribution with two independent random variables. J. Applied Sci., 14: 2854-2856.
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  13. El Genidy, M.M., 2012. Multiple linear regression formula for the probability of the average daily solar energy using the queue system. Asian J. Mathe. Statistics, 5: 93-98.
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  14. El Genidy, M.M., 2012. Estimation some parameters of K-station series model. Asian J. Applied Sci., 5: 307-313.
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  15. El Genidy, M.M., 2011. Maximal queue size with standard normal distribution for arrival times. Asian J. Math. Stat., 4: 161-167.
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  16. El Genidy, M., 2011. A queue system with arrival process follows hyper geometric distribution. Singapore J. Sci. Res., 1: 264-268.
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  17. Mokaddis, G.S., C.H. Matta and M.M. El Genidy, 1999. Some approximation formulas for tandem queues. Port Said Eng. Res. J., 3: 105-120.
  18. Mokaddis, G.S., C.H. Matta and M.M.E. Genaidy, 1998. On Poisson Queue with Three Heterogeneous Servers. Inf. Manage. Sci., 9: 53-60.
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  19. Mokaddis, G.S., C.H. Matta and M.M. El Genidy, 1998. The problem of the queuing system Ek/M/1 with finite waiting room and additional servers for a longer queue. Port Said Eng. Res. J., 2: 172-187.
  20. Mokaddis, G.S., C.H. Matta and M.M. El Genidy, 1997. Point estimation with some applications of queuing system. Ann. Conf., 32: 87-95.