Dr. Rachid  Bouharroud

Dr. Rachid Bouharroud

Researcher and Head
INRA-Agadir, Morocco

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Agricultural Science from Institut Agronomique et Vetenrainaire HASSAN II, Complexe Horticole d’Agadir

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Agricultural Sciences
Crop Science
Plant Biotechnology

Selected Publications

  1. Qessaoui, R., R. Bouharroud, A. Amarraque, A. Ajerrar and B. Chebli et al., 2018. Ecological applications of Pseudomonas as a biopesticide to control two-spotted mite Tetranychus urticae: Chitinase and HCN production. J. Plant Protect. Res., (In Press). 10.1515/jppr-2017-0055.
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  2. Hallouti, A., A. Zahidi, R. Bouharroud, A. El Mousadik, A.A.B. Aoumar and H. Boubaker, 2017. Diversity of entomopathogenic fungi in Argane forest soil and their potential to manage Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata). J. Pharm. Pharmacol., 5: 746-754.
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  3. Smaili, M.C., A. Bakri, F. Gaboune, R. Bouharroud and A. Blenzar, 2016. Comparison of the effect of spinosad, kaolin and protein bait spray on Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) in citrus orchards in the Gharb (Morocco). Int. J. Res. Agric. Sci., 3: 197-205.
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  4. Bouharroud, R., A. Amarraque and R. Qessaoui, 2016. First report of the Opuntia cochineal scale Dactylopius opuntiae (Hemiptera: Dactylopiidae) in Morocco. EPPO Bull., 46: 308-310.
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  5. Boujghagh, M., R. Bouharroud and M. Mouhib, 2015. Germination of cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) seeds irradiated with various doses of radiations mutagenic treatment. Acta Hortic., 1067: 75-78.
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  6. Boujghagh, M. and R. Bouharroud, 2015. Influence of the timing of flowers and young cladodes removal on reflowering and harvest periods, yields and fruits quality of prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica). Acta Hortic., 1067: 79-82.
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  7. Wifaya, A., R. Bouharroud, F. Elame, K. Azim and L. Bouirden et al., 2014. Modeling of integrated production tomato under multispan greenhouse in Souss Massa region. Int. J. Enhanced Res. Sci. Technol. Eng., 3: 125-132.
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  8. Mimouni, A., R. Mrabet, F. Msanda and R. Bouharroud, 2014. Effect of mixed cropping rotations of vetch, barley and fodder pea-barley with corn on the chemical, physical and biological soil characteristics in the Southwest of Morocco. Int. J. Enhanced Res. Sci. Technol. Eng., 3: 133-140.

  9. Nilahyane, A., R. Bouharroud, A. Hormatallah and N.A. Taadaouit, 2012. Larvicidal effect of plant extracts on Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae). IOBC-WRPS Bull., 80: 305-310.

  10. Hanafi, A., R. Bouharroud, S. Amouat and S. Miftah, 2007. Efficiency of insect nets in excluding whiteflies and their impact on some natural biological control agents. Acta Hortic., 747: 383-387.
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  11. Bouharroud, R., A. Hanafi and M.A. Serghini, 2007. Pyrethroids and Endosulfan resistance of Bemisia tabaci in the tomato greenhouses of the Souss valley of Morocco. Acta Hortic., 747: 409-413.
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  12. Bouharroud, R., A. Hanafi, J.K. Brown and M.A. Serghini, 2006. Resistance and cross-resistance of Bemisia tabaci to three commonly used insecticides in the tomato greenhouses of the Souss Valley of Morocco. Eur. J. Scient. Res., 14: 587-594.

  13. Hanafi, A., R. Bouharroud, S. Miftah and S. Amouat, 2003. Performances of two types of insect screens as a physical barrier against Bemisia tabaci and their impact on TYLCV incidence in greenhouse tomato in the Souss Valley of Morocco. IOBC-WPRS Bull., 26: 39-42.

  14. Hanafi, A., R. Bouharroud, S. Miftah and S. Amouat, 2003. Evaluation of different types of insect screens for the exclusion of whiteflies and natural enemies. IOBC-WPRS Bull., 26: 43-48.

  15. Bouharroud, R., A. Hanafi, B. Murphy and M.A. Serghini, 2003. New developments in Bemisia tabaci resistance to insecticides in greenhouse tomato in Morocco. IOBC-WPRS Bull., 26: 21-26.

  16. Hanafi, A., R. Bouharroud and B. Murphy, 2002. Evaluating a new non-toxic pesticide for integrated control of Bemisia tabaci in protected agriculture in Morocco. IOBC-WPRS Bull., 25: 89-92.

  17. Hanafi, A., B. Murphy, I. Alaoui and R. Bouharroud, 2002. Physical methods for the control of Bemisia tabaci and its impact on TYLCV infection in greenhouse tomato in Morocco. IOBC-WPRS Bull., 25: 85-88.