Dr. Manda  Pierre

Dr. Manda Pierre

Universite Felix Houphouet-Boigny, Cote D`Ivoire

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Toxicology from Universite Felix Houphouet-Boigny, Cote D`Ivoire

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Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Medicinal Plants

Selected Publications

  1. Manda, P., K.M. Adanou, D. Ardjouma, A.J.B. Adepo and D.S. Dano, 2016. Occurrence of ochratoxin A in spices commercialized in Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire). Mycotoxin Res., 32: 137-143.
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  2. Manda, P., A.J.B. Adepo, J.V. Ngbe and D.S. Dano, 2016. Assessment of Ochratoxin A intake due to consumption of coffee and cocoa derivatives marketed in Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire). J. Toxicol. Environ. Health Sci., 8: 41-45.
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  3. Kouassi, Y.M., P. Manda, A.F. Tchicaya, I.N.A. Aka, C.P. Guiegui, S.B. Wognin and J.S. Bonny, 2016. Acute exposure to creosote vapors in a company of the electricity sector in Abidjan. Archives Maladies Professionnelles l'Environnement, 77: 186-191.
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  4. The, Y., P. Manda, E. Elleingand, F.H. Yapi and F.A. Yapo et al., 2015. The role of ochratoxin A in the development of bladder tumors in Ivorian patients. Toxicologie Analytique Clinique, 27: 66-71.
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  5. Soko, Y.N., P. Manda, E. Kroa, S.D. Dano, L.I. Dally and M. Ake, 2014. Acute oral toxicity and phytochemical study of “Diabenorme” and “Thuquinone” used to treat diabetes. Int. J. Biol. Chem. Sci., 8: 2643-2649.
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  6. Dano, S.D., P. Manda, A. Dembele, A.M.J. Kouassi Abla, J.H. Bibaud, J.Z. Gouet and C.B. Ze Maria Sika, 2013. Influence of fermentation and drying materials on the contamination of cocoa beans by ochratoxin A. Toxins, 5: 2310-2323.
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  7. Pierre, M., D.S. Dano, E.S.J. Ehile, M. Koffi, N. Amani and Y.A. Assi, 2012. Evaluation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) content in foods sold in Abobo market, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. J. Toxicol. Environ. Health Sci., 4: 99-105.
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  8. Abrogoua, D.P., D.S. Dano, P. Manda, A.J. Adepo, B.J. Kablan, N.B. Goze and K. Ehoule, 2012. Effect on blood pressure of a dietary supplement containing traditional medicinal plants of Cote d'Ivoire. J. Ethnopharmacol., 141: 840-847.
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  9. Manda, P., D.P. Abrogoua, C. Bahi, D.S. Dano, G. Gnahoui and B.J. Kablan, 2011. Evaluation of the antihypertensive activity of total aqueous extract of Justicia secunda Valh (Acanthaceae). Afr. J. Pharm. Pharmacol., 5: 1838-1845.
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  10. Manda, P., D.S. Dano, M Kouassi and A.F. Mansour, 2010. Control of the cholinesterases of the pesticides applicators in Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire). Eur. J. Scient. Res., 39: 176-182.

  11. Manda, P., D.S. Dano, J.H. Kouadio, A. Diakite and B. Sangare-Tigori et al., 2009. Impact of industrial treatments on ochratoxin A content in artificially contaminated cocoa beans. Food Addit. Contam.: Part A, 26: 1081-1088.
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  12. Konkon, N.G., A.L. Adjoungoua, P. Manda, K.E. N`Guessan, B. Kone and D. Simaga, 2008. Toxicological and phytochemical screening study of Mitragyna Inermis (willd.) O ktze (Rubiaceae), anti diabetic plant. J. Med. Plants Res., 2: 279-284.
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