Dr. Bolade Kikelomo Adeoye
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Dr. Bolade Kikelomo Adeoye

Senior Lecturer
Babcock University, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Food Microbiology and Biotechnology from Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Food Processing

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Adeoye, B.K., I.F. Ani, N.C. Ajuzie and A.R. Akinlade, 2015. Comparative evaluation of the microbiological quality of hibiscus sabdariffa drink (Zobo) produced using different methods. Int. J. Sci. Technoledge, 3: 1-6.
  2. Adeoye,B.K., S.O. Agbato, E.O. Ngozi and M.B. Ayelaagbe, 2014. Factors influencing consumption of Zobo drink among Nigerian private university undergraduates. Acta SATECH, 5: 26-32.
  3. Adeoye, B.K., L. Akoma, I.F. Ani and A.O. Adeoye, 2014. Analysis of some underline factors necesitating the use of alcohol among Youths inIkenne local government, Ogun State Nigeria. Int. J. Soc. Sci. Hum. Invention, 4: 235-245.
  4. Adeoye, B.K., I.F. Ani, A.O. Adeoye and E.O. Ngozi, 2014. Alcohol use among undergraduate students in a selected private university in Nigeria: Prevalence and associated factors. Int. J. Health Sci., 2: 1-10.
  5. Adeoye, B.K. and S.O. Agbato, 2013. Effect of Aframomumdanielli, sulphite and benzoate on the qualities and shelf stability of white layer cake. FIRE J. Sci. Technol., 2: 200-206.
  6. Adeoye, B.K., Y. Olaore, B. Aliu and A.O. Adeoye, 2012. Family size, income and marriagetypes as predictors of healthy living: A case study of families in Ogun state. Greener J. Soc. Sci., 2: 191-196.
  7. Adeoye, B.K. and J.O. Odedeji, 2012. Comparative evaluation of the preservative property of benzoate, sulphite and Nisin on the qualities of white layer cake. Int. J. Agric., 4: 6-11.
  8. Adeoye, B.K. and A.O. Adeoye, 2009. Eating habitas determinants anger, depression and anxiety on eating habit among YouthsinIkenne local governmentat Ogun State, Nigerian. Int. J. Res. Agric., 6: 73-78.
  9. Adeoye, A.O. and B.K. Adeoye, 2009. The influence of age, gender and home type on eating habit of Youthin Ikenne local government of Ogun State, NigeThe influence of age, gender and home type on eating habit of Youthin Ikenne local government of Ogun State, Nigeria.ria. J. Arts Hum., 6: 71-76.
  10. Adeoye, A.O. and B.K. Adeoye, 2009. Overweight, depression and anger as correlates of eatinghabit pattern among university students. J. Contemporary Hum., 3: 63-72.
  11. Adeoye, A.O. and B.K. Adeoye, 2008. Gender, age and religiousas determinants of eating habit of youth in ikenne local government of ogun state Nigeria. Edo J. Counseling Stud., 2: 110-118.