Dr. Victor Mela Obinna Okoro
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Dr. Victor Mela Obinna Okoro

Associate Professor
Animal Breeding, Genetics and Genomics, Department of Animal Science and Technology, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Production
Animal Physiology
Animal Genetics
Animal Health

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Ogbuewu, I.P., P.D. Jiwuba, T.C. Iwuji, V.M. Okoro, C.A. Mbajiorgu and I.C. Okoli, 2017. Neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf and kernel and their effects on production and physiology of poultry: A review. Comp. Clin. Pathol., 26: 299-307.
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  2. Okoro, V.M.O., C.C. Nwokeocha, C.O. Ijezie, C.A. Mbajiorgu and E.F. Mbajiorgu, 2016. Effect of varying dietary supplemental inclusion levels of onion and garlic on semen quality characteristics of Hubbard white breeder broiler cocks aged 35-41 weeks old. Indian J. Anim. Res., 50: 922-929.
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  3. Okoro, V.M.O., C.A. Mbajiorgu and E.F. Mbajiorgu, 2016. Semen quality characteristics of Koekoek breeder cocks influenced by supplemental inclusion levels of onion and garlic mixture at 35-41 weeks of age. Revista Brasileira Zootecnia, 45: 433-440.
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  4. Okoro, V.M., U.E. Ogundu, M. Okani, I. Oziri and O. Eneowo et al., 2015. Principal component analysis of conformation and blood marker traits at pre- and post-weaning stages of growth in F2 crossbred Nigerian indigenous X landrace pigs. Anim. Biotechnol., 26: 243-250.
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  5. Duro, S.O., V.M.O. Okoro, U.E. Ogundu, A.B.I. Udedibie, C.L. Okoro, H.O. Ukwu and S.N. Ibe, 2015. Effect of genotype, sex and parity on growth traits of diallel crossed Nigerian indigenous and exotic pigs. Nig. J. Anim. Prod., 42: 30-41.
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  6. Ukwu, H.O., V.M.O. Okoro and R.J. Nosike, 2014. Statistical modelling of body weight and linear body measurements in Nigerian indigenous chicken. IOSR J. Agric. Vet. Sci., 7: 27-30.
  7. Okoro, V.M.O., B.I. Kemka, E.H. Okoh, R.C. Osuchukwu and O. Obiozor et al., 2014. Genetic variability among pig populations in Imo State, Nigeria using random amplified polymorphic DNA-PCR. Niger. J. Genet., 28: 44-47.
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  8. Okoro, V.M.O., A.B.I. Udedibie, C.L. Okoro and S.N. Ibe, 2014. Estimates of reciprocal, maternal and sex-linked effects on growth traits in crosses of West African indigenous and exotic breeds of pigs. Genom. Quant. Genet., 8: 1-6.
  9. Okoli, I.C., C.M. Nwogu, I.F. Etuk, A.A. Omede and I.P. Ogbuewu et al., 2014. Plantain ash enhances dietary mineral elements absorption in pullets. Iran. J. Applied Anim. Sci., 4: 351-360.
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  10. Okere, P.C., E.B. Etuk, H.O. Obikaonu, V.M.O. Okoro and A.B.I. Udedibie, 2014. Evaluation of sun-dried cassava Fufu meal as a source of dietary energy for finisher broilers. Int. J. Agric. Rural Dev., 17: 1635-1640.
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  11. Raji, A.O., V.M.O. Okoro and J. Aliyu, 2013. Determination of the best non-linear growth model for indigenous sheep in Nigeria. Adv. Agric. Sci. Eng. Res., 3: 1131-1136.
  12. Okoli, I.C., F. Abakpolor, T.C. Iwuji, A.A. Omede, V.O. Okoro and C. Ezema, 2013. Evaluation of moisture content and particle size distribution of some commercial poultry feeds produced in Nigeria. Int. J. Biosci. Agric. Technol., 5: 1-8.
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  13. Ejiogu, G., I. Okoli, G. Anyanwu, M. Opara, C. Okoro and V.M. Okoro, 2013. Growth and Carcass characteristics of the indigenous and exotic cockerel released on free range as influenced by age, strain and location of farmers in South Eastern Nigeria. Albanian J. Agric. Sci., 12: 309-313.
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  14. Omede, A., V.M.O. Okoro, M.C. Uchegbu, I.C. Okoli and G.A. Anyanwu, 2012. Macro-biophysical properties of candidate novel feedstuffs for poultry feeding. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 15: 1176-1181.
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  15. Okoro, V.M.O., U.E. Ogundu, O. Kadurumba, M.U. Iloeje, C.L. Okoro, R.J. Nosike and S.N. Ibe, 2012. Genetic variations in locally adapted turkeys. 1. Additive and non-additive genetic effects on growth traits. Genom. Quant. Genet., 4: 1-7.
  16. Okoro, V.M.O., U.E. Ogundu, M.U. Iloeje, C.L. Okoro, O.A. Raji, H.O. Ukwu and S.N. Ibe, 2012. Genetic variations in locally adapted turkeys. 3. Influence of direct and maternal genetic effects on growth and growth-related traits. Genomics Quantitative Genet., 5: 20-25.
  17. Okoro, V.M.O., U.E. Ogundu, I.C. Okoli, G.A. Anyanwu, J. Chikaire, A.O. Raji and C.G. Maduka, 2012. Estimation of heritability and repeatability for pre-weaning and post weaning litter weights of unselected domestic rabbits in South Eastern Nigeria. Int. J. Agric. For., 2: 7-10.
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  18. Okoro, V.M.O., U.E. Ogundu, C.T. Ezeokeke, G.A. Anyanwu, C.L. Okoro and H.O. Ukwu, 2012. Genetic variations in local ecotype turkeys. 2. Effect of genotype, sex and hatch batch on growth-related measurements in live birds. Int. J. Biosci., 2: 109-116.
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  19. Okoro, V.M.O., G.E. Ejiogu, I.C. Okoli, G.A. Anyanwu, C.T. Ezeokeke and C.L. Okoro, 2012. Biometric measurements of body and internal organ traits of indigenous chickens on free range in South-Eastern Nigeria. Niger. J. Anim. Prod., 39: 14-23.
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  20. Okoro, V.M.O., U.E. Ogundu, I.C. Okoli and G.A. Anyanwu, 2011. A note on heritabilities for preweaning and postweaning litter weights of unselected domestic rabbits in Southeastern Nigeria. Genom. Quant. Genet., 3: 26-29.
  21. Okoro, V.M.O., J. Chikaire, N.O. Anyoha and N. Ejiogu-Okereke, 2011. Achieving sustainable livestock farming in Nigeria: The role of information and communication technology. Cont. J. Inform. Technol., 5: 22-31.
  22. Ogbuewu, I.P., V.M.O. Okoro, I.C. Okoli and M.U. Iloeje, 2011. Evaluation of dried leaf meal of an ethnomedicinal plant-neem-on linear growths and reproductive tract morphometry of rabbit does. Electron. J. Environ. Agric. Food Chem., 10: 2153-2159.
  23. Obinna, O.V.M., O.U. Emmanuel, O.I. Princewill, O. Helen and E. Christopher, 2011. Effect of sex and systems of production on the hematological and serum biochemical characters of helmeted guinea fowls (Numida meleagris pallas) in South Eastern Nigeria. Int. J. Biosci., 1: 51-56.
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  24. Obikaonu, H.O., I.C. Okoli, M.N. Opara, V.M.O. Okoro, I.P. Ogbuewu, E.B. Etuk and A.B.I. Udedibie, 2011. Haematological and serum biochemical indices of starter broilers fed leaf meal of neem (Azadirachta indica). Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 1: 150-154.
  25. Okoro, V.M.O., C.T. Ezeokeke, U.E. Ogundu and C. Chukwudum, 2010. Phenotypic correlation of bodyweight and linear body measurement in Chinchilla rabbits (Orycotolagus cuniculus). J. Agric. Biotechnol. Sustain. Dev., 2: 27-29.
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  26. Uduak, E.O., V.M.O. Okoro, G.A. Anyanwu, G.U. Okeke N. Durugo, G.A.C. Mbaebie and C.I. Ezebuike, 2009. Serum biochemical characteristics of turkeys (Meleagridis gallopova) in Southeastern Nigeria. I. Effects of age, breed and sex on the serum biochemical values of turkeys. Int. J. Agric. Rural Dev., 12: 105-107.
  27. Okoro, V.M.O., U.E. Ogundu and E.E. Egwuekwe, 2008. Repeatability estimates of pre-weaning litter traits and teat numbers in non-descript rabbits. Int. J. Agric. Rural Dev., 11: 105-107.
  28. Raji, A.O., O. Olutogun, N.K. Alade and V.M.O. Okoro, 2007. Phenotypic characterization of the Bunaji cattle breed in Oyo State, Nigeria. Sahel J. Vet. Sci., 6: 51-55.
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  29. Okoro, V.M.O., J.I. Imoukhome, B.C. Adewusi and G.U. Oyeka, 2005. A comparison of pre and early-laying characteristics of four commercial pullet strains in warm wet climate. Anim. Prod. Res. Adv., 1: 110-114.
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