Dr. Austin Edache Abah
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Dr. Austin Edache Abah

School of Science Laboratory Technology, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Parasitology from University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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DR. AUSTIN EDACHE ABAH is an active teacher, avid researcher and a compulsive advocate of community development. His research interest is centred within Medical Parasitology especially Neglected Tropical Diseases, Malaria, and their mapping using Geographical Information System. His goal is to intentionally impact his immediate environment, community, the larger society and humanity positively and to contribute significantly to the growth of any organization he finds himself.

He is currently an Associate Professor /researcher in the Department of Animal and Environmental Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Port Harcourt, and a visiting scholar to the Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa State all in South- South zone of Nigeria. He worked as both Medical Laboratory Scientist and Science Laboratory Technologist where he rose to rank of Chief laboratory Scientist. He was Assistant Director of Institute of Science Laboratory Technology 2010-2011: Chairman, National Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT) 2006-2010; Chairman, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists Nigeria, Uniport Chapter 2017- Date; Representative of congregations, University of Port Harcourt Governing Council Committee on Appointment and Promotions (SPATS) 2005-2013, University of Port Harcourt among other numerous positions of responsibilities in the University. He is the Zonal Coordinator, Nigerian Biological Safety Association, South-South Zone June 2020 till Date.

Dr. Abah has attended over 20 professional trainings both locally and internationally among which are: Advance Biorisk Management Workshop, Port Harcourt, Rivers State South- South Nigeria; Foundation Biorisk Management Workshop for the South-South Geopolitical; Leadership and Strategic Change Management for Actualizing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) for effective service delivery; Training the trainers workshop on infection, prevention and control and medical waste management. Making medical injections safer, John Snow incorporated in collaboration with Africare/TAP; Regional capacity Building in use of Nuclear Techniques for the assessment of contamination in the marine Environment (KIT Germany) organised by IAEA.

He has consulted in so many projects and several studies few among which are: World Bank Assisted Project of National Agricultural Research project (NARP) executed by University of Port Harcourt; Baseline studies for: TSKJ Bonny Island; Park Drilling Rig 75 Opukushi well 9ST, Tunu well II, Kanbo(Dory2)6, Benisede Well 02ST, Benisede well 16ST executed on behalf of SPDC west; EIA of Lagos Lagoon (Egbin to Atlas Cove ) executed by Laser Engineering on behalf of SPDC.

He has presented several papers at many conferences from studies centred on Trichomoniasis, Schistosomiasis, Fasciolasis, Toxoplasmosis, Intestinal parasitic infections and Malaria and has over 50 Journal articles in peer review journals both locally and internationally. He mapped intestinal parasitic infection in Rivers state using geographical information system.
Dr. Austin Abah is a member of many professional associations among which are: Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (FNISLT), Associate member Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria; Member, Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria; Member, Nigeria Biological Safety Association. Member, Society for Conservation of GIS.

Area of Interest:

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Infectious Diseases
Tropical Medicine

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Onosakponome, E.O., A.E. Abah and M. Wogu, 2020. Toxoplasmosis among HIV patients and healthy volunteers in port harcourt, rivers state, Nigeria. Int. J. Infect., 10.5812/iji.102929.
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  2. Abah, A.E. and I.N. Udoidang, 2019. Co-infection of malaria and hepatitis B virus in port Harcourt, rivers state, Nigeria. Int. J. Infect., 10.5812/iji.97033.
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  3. Abah A.E. and G.D.B. Awi-Waadu, 2019. Gastro-intestinal helminthiasis among school children in gokana and khana local government areas of rivers state, Nigeria. Prim. Health Care, 10.4172/2167-1079.1000311.
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  4. Moro, K.K. and A.E. Abah, 2018. Epizootiology of zoonotic parasites of dogs in abua area of rivers state, Nigeria. Vet. Anim. Sci., 10.1016/j.vas.2018.100045.
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  5. Abah, A.E., G.D.B. Awi-Waadu, F.O. Nduka and A. Richard, 2017. Malaria parasitaemia and socioeconomic status of selected residents of emohua community, rivers State, Nigeria. J. Pharm. Biol. Sci., 12: 12-17.
  6. Abah, A.E. and N.E. Ebong, 2017. Survey of gastrointestinal parasite of cattle and goat slaughtered at trans amadi abattoir, port harcourt-rivers State. J. Pharm. Biol. Sci., 12: 21-24.
  7. Abah A.E and L.C. Daniel, 2017. Comparison of microscopy and rapid diagnostic test methods for detection of malaria parasite infection among blood donors in port harcourt, rivers state, Nigeria. J. Pharm. Biol. Sci., 12: 57-60.
  8. Wokem, G.N., A.E. Abah and P.A. Iwuaba, 2016. Hookworm infection and abo blood group among children in aba metropolis, abia state, Nigeria. World Appl. Sci. J., 34: 1216-1221.
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  9. Abah, A.E., A. Grey and H. Onoja, 2016. Plasmodium malaria and ABO blood group among blood donors in Yenegoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Primary Health Care, 10.4172/2167-1079.1000251.
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  10. Abah, A.E. and O. JOE-Cliff, 2016. Current status of malaria parasite among blood donors in port harcourt, rivers state, Nigeria. J. Appl. Sci. Environ. Manage., 20: 187-191.
  11. Abah, A.E. and F.O.I. Arene, 2016. Intestinal parasitic infections in three geographical zones of rivers state, Nigeria. Nigerian J. Parasitol., 37: 83-86.
  12. Abah, A.E and G.N. Wokem, 2016. Evaluation of hookworm infections and some haematological parameters amongst primary and secondary schools children in aba metropolis, Abia State, Nigeria. J. Appl. Sci. Environ. Manage., 20: 935-941.
  13. Abah, A. and B. Temple, 2016. Prevalence of malaria parasite among asymptomatic primary school children in Angiama Community, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Trop. Med. Surg., Vol. 4. 10.4172/2329-9088.1000203.
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  14. Abah A.E., H. Onoja, F.O. Nduka and F.O.I. Arene, 2016. Current status of urinary schistosomiasis and some pre-disposing factors in emelego community, rivers state, Nigeria. Acta Parasitol. Globalis 7: 74-80.
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  15. Abah, A.E.and F.O.I. Arene, 2015. Status of intestinal parasitic infections among primary school children in rivers state, Nigeria. J. Parasitol. Res., 10.1155/2015/937096.
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  16. Abah, A.E. and L. Moses, 2015. Plasmodium parasitaemia among pregnant women attending ante-natal clinic at military hospital port harcourt, rivers state, Nigeria. Sci. Afr., 14: 157-162.
  17. Abah, A.E. and , F.O.I. Arene, 2015. Comparative studies of intestinal parasitic infections between riverine and upland communities in rivers state, Nigeria. Sci. Afr., 14: 134-142.
  18. Abah A.E., F.O.I. Arene and S.N. Okiwelu, 2015. Assessment, mapping and prediction of the spatial distribution of intestinal parasitic infections in rivers state, Nigeria. J. Trop. Dis., 10.4172/2329-891X.1000177.
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  19. Odokuma, L.O. and A.E. Abah, 2003. Heavy metal biosorption by three bacteria isolated from a tropical river. Global J. Environ. Sci., 2: 98-101.