Ms. Awosan Elizabeth Adetutu
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Ms. Awosan Elizabeth Adetutu

Senior Research Scientist
Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. Student in Crop Science from University Putra, Malaysia

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Silvicultural Techniques
Agro-forestry Practises
Fruit Tree Improvement
Forest Genetics

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Awosan, E.A., O.A. Agbo-Adediran, J.M. Ajekigbe and K.K. Adeniyi, 2018. Comparative evaluation of the effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on the growth of the seedlings of Deinbolia pinnata Schum. & Thonn: An underutilised multipurpose species. Asian J. Res. Agric. For., 1: 1-9.
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  2. Oni, P.I., V.I. Attah, E.A. Awosan and O.O. Sobola, 2016. Phenological charts: A tool-kit in germplasm conservation and domestication of Adansonia digitata Lin in Nigeria. Direct Res. J. Agric. Food Sci., 4: 308-313.
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  3. Awosan, E.A., P.I. Oni and A.O. Akinyele, 2014. Effect of cutting positions and growth regulators on rooting ability of Griffonia simplicifolia (Vahl ex DC.) Baill. Elixir J. Environ. For., 75: 27588-27591.
  4. Awosan, E.A., I.O. Lawal, J.M. Ajekigbe and T.I. Borokini, 2014. Antimicrobial potential of Rothmannia longiflora Salisb and Canna indica Linn extracts against selected strains of fungi and bacteria. Afr. J. Microbiol. Res., 8: 2376-2380.
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  5. Lawal, I.O., P.O. Ige, E.A. Awosan, T.I. Borokini and O.A. Amao, 2013. Growth assessment of endangered Aframomum sceptrum (Braun) under different planting regime for sustainable utilization. Afr. J. Agric. Res., 8: 4184-4188.
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  6. Asinwa, I.O., A.R. Ojo, J.M. Ezekiel, E.A. Awosan and A.O. Olaitan, 2012. Pre-treatment effects on the germination of the seeds of Calophyllum inophyllum [Linn] (Indian Laurel). J. Agric. For. Social Sci., 10: 165-171.
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  7. Lawal, I.O., N.E. Uzokwe, A.B.I. Igboanugo, A.F. Adio and E.A. Awosan et al., 2010. Ethno medicinal information on collation and identification of some medicinal plants in Research Institutes of South-West Nigeria. Afr. J. Pharm. Pharmacol., 4: 1-7.
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  8. Lawal, I.O., N.E. Uzokwe, A. Fadio, T.I. Borokinni, E.A. Awosan, B. Faloye and A.A. Adesoga, 2009. Collection collation and identification of some medicinal plants as a means of sustaining biodiversity conservation in Nigeria. J. Sustain. Environ. Manage., 2: 68-71.