Dr. Agbonkpolornosa  Betty

Dr. Agbonkpolornosa Betty

Chief Research Officer
Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria, Nigera

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Business Management and Accounting
Agricultural Economics
Market Efficiency

Selected Publications

  1. Umar, H.Y., F.G. Otene, B.N. Agbonkpolor and P. Imarhiage, 2016. Capacity building of industrial students on rubber- based integrated farming system by rubber research institute of Nigeria. Direct Res. J., 4: 132-136.
  2. Agbonkpolor, N.B., G.O. Alufohai and H.Y. Umar, 2016. Structure and conduct of natural rubber lump marketing in South-South, Nigeria. Rep. Opin., 8: 9-14.
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  3. Agbonkpolor, B.N., H.Y. Umar and A.G. Adindum, 2016. Economies of rubber-based farming system: A case of indigenous African pear marketring in Edo State, Nigeria. Direct Res. J., 4: 334-338.
  4. Abolagba, E.O., O.O Abolagba, B.N. Agbonkpolor, S.O. Idoko, K. Ijie and P. Imarhiagbe, 2016. Impact of the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP) on beneficiaries: A case study of adopted villages and secondary schools in Edo state, Nigeria. Direct Res. J., 4: 265-270.
  5. Imarhiage, P., H.Y. Umar and B.N. Agbonkpolor, 2015. Factors associated with discontinuance in adoption of rubber production technologies among small scale farmers in Edo state. Sky J. Agric. Res., 4: 158-160.
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  6. Umar, H.Y., E.O Abolagba, B.N. Agbonkpolor and B.C. Lalabe, 2011. Comparative analysis of gum arabic and some selected tree crops (Date Palm, Orange, Mango and guava ) production in Nigeria: An implication for poverty alleviation. J. Sci. Technol. Res., 10: 67-73.
  7. Umar, H.Y., D.Y. Giroh, B.N. Agbonkpolor and C.S. Mesike, 2011. An overview of world production and consumption of natural rubber: An implication for economic empowerment and poverty alleviation in Nigeria. J. Hum. Ecol., 33: 53-59.
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  8. Abolagba, E.O., N.C. Onyekwere, B.N. Agbonkpolor, H.Y. Umar and O.O. Abolagba, 2011. The effects of the structural adjustment programme and the presidential initiatives on production, export and credit facility for rubber and cocoa. ChenTech J., 7: 244-252.
  9. Abolagba, E.O., N.C. Onyekwere, B.N. Agbonkpolor and H.Y. Umar, 2010. Determinants of agricultural exports. The case of Cocoa and Rubber in Nigeria. J. Hum. Ecol., 29: 181-184.
  10. Umar, H.Y., C.S. Mesike, B.N. Agbonkpolor and C.O.A. Ugwumba, 2009. Market structure of Acacia species (Gum Arabic) in Borno state, Nigeria. J. Agric. Soc. Sci., 5: 43-45.
  11. Agbonkpolor, N.B., 2009. Trend analysis of Nigeria's natural rubber domestic consumption. J. Res. Agric., 6: 22-24.
  12. Agbonkpolor, B.N., S.I. Orewa and E.O. Abolagba, 2009. The trend and growth rate of rubber production in Nigeria. J. Res. Agric., 6: 40-43.
  13. Mesike, C.S., S. Okumadewa and B.N. Agbonkpolor, 2007. Determinate of rubber export supply in Nigeria. Bowen J. Agric., 4: 47-53.
  14. Mesike, C.S., B.N, Agbonkpolor, H.Y. Umar and D.Y. Giroh, 2007. Economic Analysis of rubber export supply in Nigeria. J. Res. Policies, 2: 66-69.