Dr. Itopa  E. Ajayi
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Dr. Itopa E. Ajayi

University of Abuja, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Neurosciences from University of Queensland, Australia

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Production
Animal Physiology
Animal Health

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Ajayi, I.E., A.E. McGovern, A.K. Driessen, N.F. Kerr, P.C. Mills and S.B. Mazzone, 2018. Hippocampal modulation of cardiorespiratory function. Resp. Physiol. Neurobiol., 252-253: 18-27.
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  2. McGovern, A.E., I.E. Ajayi, M.J. Farrell and S.B.Mazzone, 2017. A neuroanatomical framework for the central modulation of respiratory sensory processing and cough by the periaqueductal grey. J. Thorac Dis., 9: 4098-4107.
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  3. Ajayi, I.E., 2017. Neuroanatomical and physiological considerations for the role of the periaqueductal gray in expressing emotions. MOJ Anat. Physiol., Vol. 3. .
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  4. Ajayi, I.E. and P.C. Mills, 2017. Effects of the hippocampus on the motor expression of augmented breaths. PloS One, Vol. 12. 10.1371/journal.pone.0183619.
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  5. Ajayi, I.E., M.C. Bellingham, P.C. Mills, S.B. Mazzone and H.H. Subramanian, 2016. Hippocampal influence on respiratory and cardiovascular function. J. Neurochem., 134: 378-378.
  6. Ibe, C.S., S.O. Salami and I.E. Ajayi, 2014. Trunk and paw pad skin morphology of the African giant pouched rat (Cricetomys gambianus, Waterhouse-1840). Eur. J. Anat., 18: 175-182.
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  7. Omeiza, G.K., I.E. Ajayi and J.O. Ode, 2012. Assessment of antimicrobial drug residues in beef in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. Vet. Ital., 48: 283-289.
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  8. Ode, J.O., G.K. Omeiza and I.E. Ajayi, 2012. In vitro relaxant effects of the crude and fractions of the methanol extract of Cassia singueana leaves on histamine-induced pre- contracted rabbit jejenum. Asian J. Pharm. Biol. Res., 2: 143-146.
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  9. Nafarnda, W.D., I.E. Ajayi, J.C. Shawulu, M.S. Kawe and G.K. Omeiza,at el., 2012. Bacteriological quality of abattoir effluents discharged into water bodies in Abuja, Nigeria. Vet. Sci., 10.5402/2012/515689.
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  10. Ajayi, I.E., J.C. Shawulu and W.D. Nafarnda, 2012. Organ-body weight relationship of some in the male African grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus). J. Adv. Vet. Res. 2: 86-90.
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  11. Adah, B.M.J., H.O.K. Olabode and I.E. Ajayi, 2012. A Case of Contagious Pustular Dermatitis in Kano Brown Goats. Sahel J. Vet. Sci., 11: 23-27.
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  12. Shawulu, J.C. and I.E. Ajayi, 2011. The Effect of Sexual Dimophism on Some Cranio- Morphometrical Indices in the New Zaeland White Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus). J. Agric. Vet. Sci., 3: 73-80.
  13. Salami, S.O., C.S. Ibe, A.D. Umosen, I.E. Ajayi and S.M. Maidawa, 2011. Comparative Osteomorphometric study of long bones in Yankasa sheep and red Sokoto goats. Int. J.Morphol. 29: 100-104.
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  14. Ode, O.J., I.U. Asuzu and I.E.Ajayi, 2011. Bioassay-guided fractionation of the crude methanol extract of cassia singueana leaves. J. Adv. Sci. Res., 2: 81-86.
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  15. Ajayi, I.E., S.A. Ojo, B.I. Onyeanusi, B.D.J. George, J.O. Ayo, S.O. Salami and C.S. Ibe, 2011. Gross observations and morphometry of the medulla oblongata of the African grasscutter (Thryonomys Swinderianus). Vet. Res., 4: 5-8.
  16. Ajayi, I.E., J.C. Shawulu, A. Ghaji, G.K. Omeiza and O.J. Ode, 2011. The use of formalin and modified gravity-feed embalming technique in veterinary anatomy dissection and practicals. J. Vet. Med. Anim. Health, 3: 79-81.
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  17. Ajayi, I.E. and S. Mailafia, 2011. Occurrence of Polymelia in a 9-week-old male broiler: Anatomical and Radiological aspects. J. Vet. Anat., 4: 69-77.
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  18. Ibe, C.S., B.I. Onyeanusi, S.O. Salami, I.E. Ajayi and J.O. Nzalak, 2010. On the structure of the spleen in the African giant pouched rat (Crycetomys gambianus Waterhouse 1840). Vet. Res. 3: 70-74.
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  19. Ibe, C. S., B.I. Onyeanusi, S.O. Salami and I.E. Ajayi, 2010. Adaptive morphology of the mystacial vibrissae in the African giant pouched rat (Cricetomys gambianus, Waterhouse- 1840) J. Vet. Anat., 3: 35-46.
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  20. Ajayi, I.E., S.A. Ojo, J.O. Ayo and C.S.Ibe, 2010. Histomorphometric studies of the urinary tubules of the African grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus). J. Vet. Anat., 3: 17-23.
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  21. Ajayi, I.E., M. Bisalla and O.C. Jegede, 2009. Temperature and weight changes in Yankassa sheep experimentally infected Trypanosoma congolense. Anim. Prod. Res. Adv., 5: 270-273.