Prof. Dr. Akinyele Bamidele Juliet

Prof. Dr. Akinyele Bamidele Juliet

Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Microbiology from Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Food Science Technology
Food Microbiology
Food Preservation
Food Safety

Selected Publications

  1. Ogidi, O.C., V.O. Oyetayo and B.J. Akinyele, 2016. Molecular identity and cytotoxicity of macrofungus Lenzites quericina extracts against cancer cell lines. Bio Technol. Int. J. Microbiol., 60: 115-120.
  2. Ogidi, O.C., V.O. Oyetayo and B.J. Akinyele, 2016. Microbial quality and antibiotic sensitivity pattern of isolated microorganisms from street foods sold in Akure Metropolis, Nigeria. Jordan J. Biol. Sci., 9: 227-234.
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  3. Ogidi, O.C., M.D. Nunes, V.O. Oyetayo, B.J. Akinyele and M.C.M. Kasuya, 2016. Mycelial growth, biomass production and iron uptake by mushrooms of Pleurotus species cultivated on Urochloa decumbens (Stapf) R. D. Webster. J. Food Res., 5: 13-19.
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  4. Ekundayo, F.O., B.B. Ayodele and B.J. Akinyele, 2016. Biosafety assessment of Pleurotus ostreatus and P. pulmonarius cultivated on soils contaminated with bonnylight crude oil. Int. Res. J. Biol. Sci., 3: 18-23.
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  5. Ogidi, O.C., V.O. Oyetayo and B.J. Akinyele, 2015. In vitro evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of extracts obtained from raw and fermented wild macrofungus, Lenzites quercina. Int. J. Microbiol. 10.1155/2015/106308.
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  6. Ekundayo, E.A., K. Adebisi, B.E. Boboye, B.J. Akinyele and F.C. Adetuyi, 2015. Optimizing culture conditions for the antagonistic activities of Trichoderma viride against Sclerotium rolfii causative agent of southern blight disease of toamato. Malaysian J. Microbiol., 11: 240-245.
  7. Arotupin, D.J., O.O. Olaniyi and B.J. Akinyele, 2015. Screening of bacteria strains of agricultural waste origin for beta-mannanase production and optimisation of process parameters. Br. Microbiol. Res. J., 4: 1154-1167.
  8. Arotupin, D.J., B.J. Akinyele and O.O. Olaniyi, 2015. Influence of UV mutagenesis on β-mannanase production potential of Aspergillus glaucaus and Rhizopus japonicas. Br. Microbiol. Res. J., 5: 466-473.
  9. Akinyele, J.B., O.O. Olaniyi and C.O. Adetunji, 2013. Screening and optimization of nutritional conditions for mannanase production by Penicillium italicum LAD-A5 in solid state cultivation. E3 J. Biotechnol. Pharm. Res., 4: 35-41.
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  10. Akinyele, J.B., A.O. Fabunmi and O.O. Olaniyi, 2013. Effect of variations in growth parameters on cellulase activity of Trichoderma viride NSPR006 cultured on different wood-dusts. Malaysian J. Microbiol., 9: 193-200.
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  11. Akinyele, B.J., B.O. Oladejo, E.O. Bankefa and S.A. Ayanyemi, 2013. Microbiological analysis and antimicrobial sensitivity pattern of microorganisms isolated from vegetables sold in Akure, Nigeria. Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. Applied Sci., 2: 306-313.
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  12. Akinyele, B.J. and O.S. Oloruntoba, 2013. Comparative studies on Citrulus vulgaris, Colcoynthis citrullus and Cucumeropsis mannii for Ogiri production. Br. Microbiol. Res. J., 3: 1-18.
  13. Akinyele, B.J. and O.O. Olaniyi, 2013. Investigation of the cellulases production by Aspergillus niger NSPR002 in different cultivation conditions. Innov. Romanian Food Biotechnol., 13: 71-79.
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  14. Jeff-Agboola, Y.A., B.J. Akinyele, A.K. Onifade and I.B. Osho, 2012. Survey mycobiota of poultry feeds retailed in Ogun State, Nigeria. Int. J. Applied Res. Technol., 6: 178-185.
  15. Jeff-Agboola, Y.A., A.K. Onifade, B.J. Akinyele and I.B. Osho, 2012. In vitro antifungal activities of essential oil from Nigerian medicinal plants against toxigenic Aspergillus flavus. J. Med. Plants Res., 6: 4048-4056.
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  16. Gabriel-Ajobiewe, R.A.O., B.J. Akinyele and E.B. Mirilla, 2012. Basal media formulation using Canavalia ensiformis as carbon and nitrogen source for the growth of some fungi species. J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Food Sci., 1: 1136-1151.
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  17. Akinyele, J.B., S. Fakoya and C.F. Adetuyi, 2012. Anti-growth factors associated with Pleurotus ostreatus in a submerged liquid fermentation. Malaysian J. Microbiol., 8: 135-140.
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  18. Akinyele, B.J., O.C. Akinkunmi and K.D. Adedayo, 2012. Effect of electromagnetic field wave on spoilage fungi of some selected edible fruits South-Western, Nigeria. J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Food Sci., 2: 701-712.
  19. Akinyele, B.J., O.B. Adaramola and S. Fakoya, 2012. Effect of some mutagenic agents on the vegetative growth of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. ex. Fr.). FUTA J. Res. Sci., 2012: 62-66.
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  20. Akinyele, B.J. and S. Fakoya, 2012. Toxicological assessment of mushroom and soyabean composed diets on albino rats. J. Res. Sci. Manage., 8: 14-22.
  21. Akinyele, B.J. and O.C. Akinkunmi, 2012. Fungi associated with the spoilage of berry and their reaction to electromagnetic field. J. Yeasts Res., 3: 49-57.
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  22. Akinyele, B.J. and J.O. Obameso, 2012. Effect of Garnoderma resinaceum extracts on the haematological and histological properties of swiss albino rats infected with Bacillus cereus and Escherichia coli. Niger. J. Mycol., 4: 39-44.
  23. Obameso, J.O., B.J. Akinyele, M.K. Oladunmoye and I.B. Osho, 2011. Immunomodulatory and toxicological properties of some selected Ganoderma mushrooms species. Afr. J. Microbiol. Res., 5: 4622-4626.
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  24. Jeff-Agboola, Y.A., A.K. Onifade, B.J. Akinyele and I.B. Osho, 2011. Stability of aflatoxin to boiling process in egg collected from birds fed with toxigenic Aspergillus flavus. Ann. Sci. Biotechnol., 2: 6-13.
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