Dr. Brilliant O. Agaviezor

Dr. Brilliant O. Agaviezor

Senior Lecturer
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Breeding and Genetics from University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Breeding
Molecular Biology

Selected Publications

  1. Agaviezor, B.O., O.V. Onayeraye and E.E. Umoh, 2018. Haematological and biochemical indices of three breeds of goats at Trans-Amadi slaughter, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Afr. J. Agric. Technol. Environ., 7: 119-125.
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  2. Agaviezor, B.O., F.O. Ajayi, O.A.I. Akintola and J.C. Okonkwo, 2018. Haematology and biochemical profile of shika brown and sasso chickens raised in the South-South region of Nigeria. Afr. J. Agric. Technol. Environ., 7: 14-23.
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  3. Agaviezor, B.O., F.O. Ajayi and U.P. Ebede, 2018. Breed and egg weight influence on hatchability and fertility in Sasso, Shika brown and their crosses. Niger. J. Anim. Prod., 45: 8-13.
  4. Agaviezor, B.O., F.O. Ajayi and C.C. Nwachukwu, 2018. Association between chicken growth hormone gene and growth performance of chickens raised in South-South Nigeria. Afr. J. Agric. Technol. Environ., 7: 188-194.
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  5. Ologbose, F.I., F.O. Ajayi and B. Agaviezor, 2017. Effect of breeds, sex and age on interrelationship between body weight and linear body measurement in rabbits. J. Fish. Livest. Prod., Vol. 5. 10.4172/2332-2608.1000250.
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  6. Agaviezor, B.O., F.O. Ajayi and T.W. Omoyibo, 2017. Bone morphogenetic protein 3 (BMP3) Gene variation in some livestock animals. Nig. J. Biotechnol., 32: 28-32.
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  7. Agaviezor, B.O., E.U. David and H.N. Benneth, 2017. Awareness and attitude of some secondary school students in ikwerre local government area of Rivers State towards Animal Science. Afr. J. Agric. Technol. Environ., 5: 10-14.
  8. Agaviezor, B.O., 2017. Awareness and Utilization of Genetically Modified Foods in the Nigeria. In: Genetically Engineered Foods, Grumezescu, A. and A.M. Holban (Eds.). 1st Edn., Chapter 8, Academic Press, USA., ISBN-13: 9780128115190, pp: 203-220.
  9. Adegoke, E.O., N.S. Machebe, A.G. Ezekwe and O.B. Agaviezor, 2017. Effect of parity on changes in udder traits, milk yield and composition of West African dwarf sheep during lactation. Anim. Prod. Sci., 57: 1047-1057.
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  10. Ajayi, F.O., B.O. Agaviezor and G. Vilawa, 2016. Genetic diversity in three nigerian indigenous goats (Capra hircus) using thyroid hormone responsive spot 14 Alpha Gene (THRSP╬▒). Int. J. Sci. Eng. Res., 7: 717-728.
  11. Ajayi, F.O., B.O. Agaviezor and E. Nnah, 2016. Genetic variability among cattle breeds of nigeria using thyroid hormone responsive spot 14 alpha gene (THRSP╬▒) through polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Biotechnol. Anim. Husbandry, 32: 123-131.
  12. Ajayi, F.O. and B.O. Agaviezor, 2016. Fertility and hatchability performance of pure and crossbred indigenous chicken strains in the high rainforest zone of Nigeria. Int. J. Livestock Prod., 7: 144-144...
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  13. Agaviezor, B.O., F.O. Ajayi, V. Dumoye and O.A.I. Akintola, 2016. Effects of preservation time and method on semen quality of local and exotic cocks. Afr. J. Agric. Technol. Environ., 5 : 10-14.
  14. Adegoke, E.O., A.G. Ezekwe and B.O. Agaviezor, 2015. Effect of parity and birth type on udder characteristics and milk yield of West African dwarf sheep. Int. J. Sci. Technol. Res., 4: 27-32.
  15. Ayo-Ajasa, O.Y., A.B.J. Aina, B.O. Agaviezor, M.O. Ozoje and O.S. Sowande, 2014. Variation in growth and linear body measurements of rabbits due to generation differences, housing systems, sex and season. Am. J. Exp. Agric., 4: 1339-1347.
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  16. Ayo-Ajasa, O.Y., A.B.J. Aina, B.O. Agaviezor, M.O. Ozoje and O.S. Sowande, 2014. Effect of generational differences, housing systems, sex and their interactions on the carcass and organ. Global J. Bio-sci. Biotechnol., 3: 153-160.
  17. Ajayi, F.O., B.O. Agaviezor and D. Ebogomo, 2014. Comparative studies of semen and haematology quality of Nigerian indigenous and exotic chicken breeds in the humid tropical zone of Nigeria. Global J. Sci. Biotechnol., 3 : 164-168.
  18. Agaviezor, B.O., 2014. DNA concentration and quality among Nigerian sheep breeds. Int. J. Adv. Biol. Res., 4: 1-3.
  19. Yakubu, A., A.E. Salako, M. De Donato, M.I. Takeet and S.O. Peters et al., 2013. Genetic diversity in exon 2 of the major histocompatibility complex class II DQB1 locus in Nigerian goats. Biochem. Genet., 51: 954-966.
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  20. Ajayi, O.O., M.A. Adefenwa, B.O. Agaviezor, C.O.N. Ikeobi and M. Wheto et al., 2013. A novel Taqi polymorphism in the coding region of the ovine TNXB gene in the MHC Class III region: Morphostructural and physiological influences. Biochem. Genet., 52: 1-14.
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  21. Ajayi, F.O., B.O. Agaviezor and S.N. Wihioka, 2013. Haemoglobin genotypes in the Nigerian indigenous chicken in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Int. J. Adv. Biol. Res., 3: 13-16.
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  22. Agaviezor, B.O., H.H. Gunn, S. Amusan and I.G. Imumorin, 2013. Gene flow between Nigerian sheep breeds as revealed by microsatellite DNA markers. J. Anim. Prod. Adv., 3: 35-39.
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  23. Agaviezor, B.O., F.O. Ajayi and T. Adugba, 2013. Mutation in the D-Loop region of the mitochondrial DNA among Nigerian and some exotic sheep breeds. Int. J. Res. Dev., 1: 23-30.
  24. Agaviezor, B.O., F.O. Ajayi and H.N. Benneth, 2013. Haemoglobin polymorphism in nigerian indigenous goats in the niger delta region, Nigeria. Int. J. Sci. Nat., 4: 415-419.
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  25. Adefenwa, M.A., S.O. Peters, B.O. Agaviezor, M. Wheto and K.O. Adekoya et al., 2013. Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the agouti signaling protein (ASIP) gene in some goat breeds in tropical and temperate climates. Mol. Biol. Rep., 40: 4447-4457.
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  26. Adefenwa, M.A., B.O. Agaviezor, S.O. Peters, M. Wheto and O.J. Ekundayo et al., 2013. Novel intron 2 polymorphism in the melanophilin gene is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and is not associated with coat color in goats. Open J. Genet., 3: 195-200.
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  27. Amusan, S.A. and B.O. Agaviezor, 2012. Knowledge and awareness of molecular genetics techniques among agricultural science students, southern Nigeria. Internet Afrrev Int. Online Multi Disciplinary J., 1: 1-6.
  28. Ajayi, F.O. and B.O. Agaviezor, 2012. Flock size, productivity and management of backyard chicken reared by women in yenagoa local government area of bayelsa state. Afr. J. Agri, Technol. Environ., 1: 47-53.
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  35. Okpeku, M., S.O. Peters, M.O. Ozoje, O.A. Adebambo, B.O. Agaviezor, M.J. O'Neill and I.G. Imumorin, 2011. Preliminary analysis of microsatellite-based genetic diversity of goats in Southern Nigeria. Anim. Genet. Resour., 49: 33-41.
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  36. Ajayi, F.O., B.O. Agaviezor and P.K. Ajuogu, 2011. Semen characteristics of three strains of local cocks in the humid tropical environment of Nigeria. Int. J. Anim. Vet. Adv, 3: 125-127.
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  37. Agaviezor, B.O., F.O. Ajayi, O.A. Adebambo and H.H. Gunn, 2011. Nigerian indigenous vs exotic hens: The correlation factor in body weight and laying performance. Afr. Res. Rev., 5: 405-413.
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