Dr. Ajaegbu  Chigozirim

Dr. Ajaegbu Chigozirim

Babcock University, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Computer Science from Babcock University, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Computer Sciences
Wireless Technologies

Selected Publications

  1. Nwokike, O. and C. Ajaegbu, 2016. Information systems and abuse by employees of Nigeria banks. J. Curr. Issues Media Telecommun., 8: 89-95.
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  2. Uwom-Ajaegbu, O.O., E.O. Ajike, L. Fadolapo and C. Ajaegbu, 2015. An empirical study on the causes and effects of communication breakdown in marriages. J. Philosophy Cult. Religion., 11: 1-9.
  3. Sodeinde, O.A., O.O. Ajaegbu and C. Ajaegbu, 2015. Nigeria: Many programmes, many media, many poor. Int. J. Applied Res., 1: 793-798.
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  4. Amarachi, A.A., C. Ajaegbu, S.A. Idowu and O.O. Ajaegbu, 2015. A reformed information security management system (R-ISMS). Int. J. Afr. Asian Stud., 14: 69-80.
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  5. Ajaegbu, O.O., C. Eloke-Young, C. Ajaegbu and B.J. Akintayo, 2015. Children's recall of musical elements in indomie television commercials. Int. J. Applied Res., 1: 441-446.
  6. Ajaegbu, O.O., C. Ajaegbu, J.B. Akintayo and G. Temple-Ubani, 2015. Journalists perception of their staff welfare package and effective journalism in Nigeria (A study of the Guardian and Nigerian television authority). Int. J. Recent Res. Social Sci. Hum., 2: 36-45.
  7. Ajaegbu, O.O., C. Ajaegbu and O.P. Atakele, 2015. Perception of youths on the use of indigenous languages in Nigerian home videos. Scholars J. Arts Hum. Social Sci., 3: 1208-1216.
  8. Ajaegbu, C., O.J. Omotosho, O. Awodele and A.C. Ogbonna, 2015. Proposed multi-mode home node-b air interface protocol stack architecture. Compusoft, 4: 1695-1702.
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  9. Ajaegbu, C., O.J. Omotosho, O. Awodele and A.C. Ogbonna, 2015. Femtocell congestion mitigation technique using poisson point process. Network Complex Syst., 5: 6-10.
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  10. Ajaegbu, C., O. Uwom-Ajaegbu, S.B. Abel and J.B. Akintayo, 2015. An adaptable business intelligence model for security organizations. Eur. J. Comput. Sci. Inform. Technol., 3: 58-65.
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  11. Ajaegbu, C., B. Johnson, A. Omotunde and O. Uwom-Ajaegbu, 2015. Overbusy schedule in family wholeness: A study of selected families. J. Philosophy Cult. Religion, 11: 15-21.
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  12. Ajaegbu, C. and O.O. Ajaegbu, 2015. Ethical guidelines for good practice in teaching and research. J. Multidiscipl. Eng. Sci. Technol., 2: 2877-2880.
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  13. Uwom, O.O., C. Ajaegbu, D.B. Oloyede and S. Sowemimo-Coker, 2014. Prospects of internet technology in news production: A study of voice of Nigeria and Nigeria television authority. Global J. Arts Hum. Social Sci., 2: 56-66.
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  14. Ajaegbu, C., S.A. Idowu, A.A. Omotunde and S.B. Abel, 2014. Concurrency control technique in RFID implementation. Compusoft, 3: 519-523.
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  15. Ajaegbu, C., S.A. Idowu and O.A. Adesegun, 2014. Effectiveness of complaint management in CRM system. J. Inform. Eng. Applic., 4: 49-53.
  16. Ajaegbu, C., O. Adesegun and Y.A. Adekunle, 2014. The impact of radio frequency identification detection in cellular networks. Int. J. Network Commun. Res., 1: 9-15.
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  17. Ajaegbu, C., M. Ehioghae and A.A. Oreoluwa, 2014. Awareness and utilization of ICT based library services: Case study of a Nigerian private university. Inform. Knowl. Manage., 4: 80-84.
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  18. Ajaegbu, C. and U.O. Onyeizu, 2014. Ethical roles in computer networks. Int. J. Ethics, 10: 375-380.
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  19. Omotunde, A.A., O. Awodele, S.O. Kuyoro and C. Ajaegbu, 2013. Survey of cloud computing issues at implementation level. J. Emerg. Trends Comput. Inform. Sci., 4: 91-96.
  20. Oluwabukola, O., A. Oludele, A.C. Ogbonna, A. Chigozirim and A. Amarachi, 2013. A Packet Sniffer (PSniffer) application for network security in Java. Issues Inform. Sci. Inform. Technol., 10: 389-400.
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  21. Amarachi, A.A., S.O. Okolie and C. Ajaegbu, 2013. Information security management system: Emerging issues and prospect. IOSR J. Comput. Eng., 12: 96-102.
  22. Ajaegbu, C., O. Awodele, A. Kuyoro and A.A. Omotunde, 2013. The prospect of solar power generation technology. Int. J. Comput. Technol., 4: 12-14.
  23. Ajaegbu, C., A.S. Shodiya and S.O. Kuyoro, 2013. Prospects of thermal management techniques in microprocessor architecture. Int. J. Comput. Sci. Bus. Inform., 5: 1-7.
  24. Ajaegbu, C. and O.A. Adesegun, 2013. Radio frequency identification detection collision mitigation technique. Int. J. Adv. Res. Comput. Sci., 4: 22-25.
  25. Ajaegbu, C. and A. Oreoluwa, 2013. The impact of a measurable antenna in radio wave transmission. Int. J. Applic. Innov. Eng. Manage., 2: 194-201.
  26. Kuyoro, S.O., C. Ajaegbu, A.A. Omotounde and F.A. Ibikunle, 2012. Towards building a secure cloud computing environment. Int. J. Adv. Res. Comput. Sci., 3: 166-171.
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  27. Ajaegbu, C., O. Awodele, E.E. Onuiri and E.C. Onyenweaku, 2012. Analysis of mobile telecommunication development and operational practices Vis-à-vis fourth generation wireless technology. IOSR J. Electron. Commun. Eng., 1: 1-6.