Dr. Adeshina Fadeyibi
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Dr. Adeshina Fadeyibi

Senior Lecturer
Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Kwara State University, Malete, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Agricultural and Bioresources from Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria

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Dr Adeshina Fadeyibi holds a PhD in Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, with special interest in Food Processing and Storage Engineering, from the Federal University of Technology, Minna. He currently works as a Senior Lecturer in the department of Food and Agricultural Engineering of the Kwara State University Malete. His research area includes: study of the interplay between storage structure and the environment, Application of nanotechnology in the development of food processing systems, Agricultural residue value addition, Emerging trend in food packaging, Study of the engineering properties of food, Design of food mixers, Design of food extrusion machine, and Processing and drying of food products.
Fadeyibi has authored numerous journal articles and book chapters. He is currently reviewer to many top international journal outlets.

Area of Interest:

Food Processing
Agricultural and Food Machine Development
Food Storage
Bio-process Engineering

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Yisa, M.G., A. Fadeyibi, O.I.O. Adisa and K.P. Alabi, 2018. Finite element simulation of temperature variation in grain metal silo. Res. Agric. Eng., 64: 107-114.
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  2. Yisa, M.G. and A. Fadeyibi, 2018. Modification and evaluation of an electric dryer for high moisture vegetables. Eng. Sci., 13: 70-84.
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  3. Fadeyibi, A., M.G. Yisa, F.A. Adeniji, K.K. Katibi, K.P. Alabi and K.R. Adebayo, 2018. Potentials of zinc and magnetite nanoparticles for contaminated water treatment. Agric. Res., 39: 175-180.
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  4. Yisa, M.G., A. Fadeyibi and K.K. Katibi, 2017. Performance evaluation and modification of an existing rice destoner. Int. J. Eng. Technol., 3: 169-175.
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  5. Fadeyibi, A., Z.D. Osunde, M.G. Yisa and E.C. Okunola, 2017. Investigation into properties of starch-based nanocomposite films for fruits and vegetables packaging. FUTA J. Eng. Eng. Technol., 11: 12-17.
  6. Fadeyibi, A., Z.D. Osunde, E.C. Egwim and P.A. Idah, 2017. Performance evaluation of cassava starch-zinc nanocomposite film for tomatoes packaging. J. Agric. Eng., 48: 137-146.
  7. Fadeyibi, A., Z.D. Osunde and M.G. Yisa, 2017. Effects of glycerol and diameter of holes in breaker plate on performance of screw mixer for nanocomposites. Agric. Eng., 21: 15-26.
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  8. Fadeyibi, A., M.G. Yisa and K.P. Alabi, 2017. Design of a dual operated cassava chipper. Eur. Mech. Sci., 1: 104-110.
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  9. Fadeyibi, A., Z.D. Osunde, G. Agidi, P.A. Idah and E.C. Egwim, 2016. Development and optimisation of cassava starch-zinc-nanocomposite film for potential application in food packaging. J. Food Process. Technol., Vol. 7. 10.4172/2157-7110.1000591.
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  10. Fadeyibi, A., Z.D. Osunde, G. Agidi and E.C. Egwim, 2016. Nano-Rheological Behaviour of Cassava Starch-Zinc-Nanocomposite Film under Dynamic Loading for High Speed Transportation of Packaged Food. In: Composite from Renewable and Sustainable Materials, Poletto, M. (Ed.). InTech Publication, Rijeka, Croatia, ISBN: 978-953-51-4956-9, pp: 241-254.
  11. Fadeyibi, A., Z.D. Osunde, G. Agidi and E.C. Egwim, 2016. Mixing Index of a Starch Composite Extruder for Food Packaging Application. In: Green Polymer Composites Technology: Properties and Applications, Inamuddin, S. (Ed.). CRC Press, USA., ISBN: 978-149-87-1546-1, pp: 331-342.
  12. Fadeyibi, A., Z.D. Osunde, G. Agidi and E.C. Egwim, 2016. Design of single screw extruder for homogenizing bulk solids. Agric. Eng. Int., 18: 222-231.
  13. Fadeyibi, A., Z.D. Osunde, G. Agidi and E.C. Evans, 2014. Flow and strength properties of cassava and yam starch-glycerol composites essential in the design of handling equipment for granular solids. J. Food Eng., 129: 38-46.
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  14. Fadeyibi, A., Z.D. Osunde, M.S. Ussaini, P.A. Idah and A.A. Balami, 2012. Evaluating monolayer moisture content of rubber seed using BET and GAB sorption equations. Int. J. Farm. Allied Sci., 1: 72-76.
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  15. Fadeyibi, A. and Z.D. Osunde, 2012. Thermo-physical properties of rubber seed useful in the design of storage structure. Int. J. Agric. Biol. Eng., 5: 62-66.
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  16. Fadeyibi, A. and Z.D. Osunde, 2012. Mechanical behaviour of rubber seed under compressive loading. Curr. Trends Technol. Sci., 1: 59-61.
  17. Fadeyibi, A., A. Halilu and Z.D. Osunde, 2011. Analysis of physicochemical properties of abattoir wastewater for irrigation in Minna, Niger State. Continental J. Water Air Soil Pollut., 2: 12-14.
  18. Fadeyibi, A. and Z.D. Osunde, 2011. Storage methods and some uses of cassava in Nigeria. Continental J. Agric. Sci., 5: 12-18.
  19. Fadeyibi, A. and A. Halilu, 2011. Salinity effects of irrigation water on maize crop grown at maizube farms, Minna, Nigeria. J. Biodiversity Environ. Sci., 1: 63-68.
  20. Adeshina, F., Z.D. Osunde and B. Kehinde, 2011. Measures against damage of some perishable products on transit. Adv. Agric. Sci. Eng., 1: 1-8.