Dr. Badejo  Joke Atinuke

Dr. Badejo Joke Atinuke

Covenant University, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Covenant University, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Computer Sciences
Data Mining
Image Analysis
Artificial Intelligence
Information Technology

Selected Publications

  1. Popoola, S.I., A.A. Atayero, N. Faruk and J.A. Badejo, 2018. Data on the key performance indicators for quality of service of GSM networks in Nigeria. Data Brief, 16: 914-928.
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  2. Popoola, S.I., A.A. Atayero, J.A. Badejo, T.M. John, J.A. Odukoya and D.O. Omole, 2018. Learning analytics for smart campus: Data on academic performances of engineering undergraduates in Nigerian private university. Data Brief, 17: 76-94.
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  3. Popoola, S.I., A.A. Atayero, J. A. Badejo, J.A. Odukoya, D.O. Omole and P. Ajayi, 2018. Datasets on demographic trends in enrollment into undergraduate engineering programs at Covenant University, Nigeria. Data Brief, 18: 47-59.
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  4. Popoola,. S.I., O.A. Popoola, A.I. Oluwaranti, A.A. Atayero, J.A. Badejo and S. Misra, 2018. “A Cloud-Based Intelligent Toll Collection System for Smart Cities” In: Smart and Innovative Trends in Next Generation Computing Technologies. Bhattacharyya, P., H. Sastry, V. Marriboyina and R. Sharma, (eds) Springer, Singapore,.
  5. Odukoya, J.A., S.I. Popoola, A.A. Atayero, D.O. Omole, J.A. Badejo, T.M. John and O.O. Olowo, 2018. Learning analytics: Dataset for empirical evaluation of entry requirements into engineering undergraduate programs in a Nigerian university. Data Brief, 17: 998-1014.
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  6. Odukoya, J.A., D.O. Omole, A.A. Atayero, J.A. Badejo, S.I. Popoola, T.M. John and E. Ucheaga, 2018. Learning attributes of summa cum laude students: Experience of a Nigerian university. Cogent Educ., Vol. 5. 10.1080/2331186X.2018.1426675.
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  7. Badejo, J.A., T.M. John, D.O. Omole, E.G. Ucheaga, S.I. Popoola, J.A. Odukoya and P. Ajayi, 2018. Data sets linking ethnic perceptions to undergraduate students learning outcomes in a Nigerian Tertiary Institution. Data Brief, 18: 760-764.
  8. Badejo, J.A., E.A. Adetiba, Akinrinmade and M.B. Akanle, 2018. Medical Image Classification With Hand-Designed Or Machine-Designed Texture Descriptors: A Performance Evaluation”. In: Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, Rojas, I. and F. Ortuno. (eds). Springer, Cham, ISBN 978-3-319-78758-9 pp: 266-275.
  9. Adetiba, E., O.O. Olugbara, T.B. Taiwo, M.O. Adebiyi, J.A. Badejo, M.B. Akanle and V.O. Matthew, 2018. Alignment-free Z-Curve Genomic Cepstral Coefficients and Machine Learning for Classification of Viruses.” In: Bioinformatics And Biomedical Engineering, Rojas, I. and F. Ortuno, (eds) Springer, Cham, ISBN 978-3-319-78722-0. pp: 290-301.
  10. Adetiba, E., J.A. Badejo, S. Thakur, V.O. Matthews, M.O. Adebiyi and E.F. Adebiyi, 2018. “Experimental Investigation of Frequency Chaos Game Representation for in Silico and Accurate Classification of Viral Pathogens from Genomic Sequences,” In: Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering. Rojas I. and F. Ortuno (eds). Springer, Singapore. pp 155-164.
  11. . John, T.M., J.A. Badejo, S.I. Popoola, D.O. Omole, J.A. Odukoya, P.O. Ajayi and A.A. Atayero, 2018. The role of gender on academic performance in STEM-related disciplines: Data from a tertiary institution. Data Brief, 18: 360-374.
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  12. Matthews, V.O., S.I. Popoola, A.A. Atayero, J.A. Badejo and E. Adetiba, 2017. Sustainable mannequin robotic telepresence for maternal mortality reduction in Sub-saharan Africa. Asian J. Inf. Technol., 16: 138-147.
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  13. Matthews, V.O., S.I. Popoola, A.A. Atayero, E. Adetiba and J.A. Badejo, 2017. Cost-effective medical robotic telepresence solution using plastic mannequin. Int. J. Electr. Computer Eng., 7: 1212-1218.
  14. Onaolapo, J.O., F.E. Idachaba, J. Badejo, T. Odu and O.I. Adu, 2014. A simplified overview of text-to-speech synthesis,” Proc. World Congr. Eng., I: 5-7.
  15. Adewale, A.A., A.S. Ibidunni, J.A. Badejo, T. Odu and A.U. Adoghe, 2014. Biometric enabled e-banking in nigeria: Management and customers’ perspectives. Inform. Knowl. Manage., 4: 23-28.
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  16. Badejo, J. and T. Ibiyemi, 2013. Automatic Speaker and Speech Recognition: For embedded systems Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, pages, 172.
  17. Daramola, S.A., E. Adetiba, A.U. Adoghe, J.A. Badejo, I.A. Samuel and T. Fagorusi, 2011. Automaticvehicle identification system using license plate. Int. J. Eng. Sci. Technol., 3: 1712-1719.
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  18. Adetiba, E., V.O. Matthews, A.A. Awelewa, I.A. Samuel and J.A. Badejo, 2011. Automatic electrical appliances control panel based on infrared and wi-fi: A framework for electrical energy conservation. Int, J. Sci. Eng. Res., 2: 1-7.
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