Dr. Oshibanjo  Olusegun Debola

Dr. Oshibanjo Olusegun Debola

University of Jos, Nigeria

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Science from University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Nutrition
Nutritional Biotechnology
Animal Feeding
Animal Handling

Selected Publications

  1. Oshibanjo, O.D., P.M. Goholshak, O. Akinfolarin, M.A. Akwashik, O. Adediran, I. Adesope and L. Abegunde, 2018. Evaluation of reproductive performance of rabbits fed graded levels of moringa oleifera leaves and twigs meals. Int. J. Res. Innov. Appl. Sci., 3: 01-04.

  2. Ogunwole, A., A. Samireddypalle, T.B. Daramola, A.O. Mosuro and O.D. Oshibanjo, 2018. Effects of dietary inclusion of cassava peel meal on functional properties of chicken egg in duration of storage. J. Agroal. Proc. Technol., 24: 177-184.

  3. Oyinlola, O.O., O.S. Oyadeyi, O.O. Okunlola, S.S. Abiola and D.O. Oshibanjo et al., 2017. Proximate composition of pre and post rigor broiler chicken. Nigerian J. Anim Prod., 44: 128-132.
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  4. Ogunwole, O.A., A.I. Adesope, A.A. Raji and D.O. Oshibanjo, 2017. Effect of partial replacement of dietary maize with cassava peel meal on egg quality characteristics of chicken during storage. Nigeria J. Anim. Sci., 19: 140-152.
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  5. Asemoloye, M.D., O.M. Olumayowa, H. Zaffar, O. Olusegun and S.G. Jonathan, 2017. Organic compost as catalyst or mediator for speedy and cost effective bioremediation. SSRN, .
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