Dr. Tonna Onyekachukwu Mojekwu
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Dr. Tonna Onyekachukwu Mojekwu

Chief Research Officer
Department of Genetics, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Genetics from University of Pretoria, South Africa

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Molecular Biology and Genetics
Genome Annotation

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Mojekwu, T.O., M.J. Cunningham, R.I. Bills, P.C. Pretorius and T.B. Hoareau, 2021. Utility of DNA barcoding in native Oreochromis species. J. Fish Biol., 98: 498-506.
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  2. Olalusi, C.I.A., T. Mojekwu, T.A. Adeleke, B. Edah, M.O. Adejonwo and Y.B. Adeyemi, 2015. Digestive enzymes assay and haematological profile of Clarias gariepinus Juveniles fed with probiotics supplemented diets. Adv. Plants Agric. Res., 1: 158-162.
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  3. Mojekwu, T.O. and C.I. Anumudu, 2015. Advanced techniques for morphometric analysis in fish. J. Aquacul. Res. Dev., Vol. 6. 10.4172/2155-9546.1000354.
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  4. Megbowon, I., H.A. Fashina-Bombata, M.M.A. Akinwale, A.M. Hammed and T.O. Mojekwu, 2014. Growth performance of wild strains of Clarias gariepinus from Nigerian waters. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., 9: 252-256.
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  5. Megbowon, I., H.A. Fashina-Bombata, M.A.A. Akinwale, A.M. Hammed, O.A. Okunade and T.O. Mojekwu, 2014. Breeding performance of Clarias gariepinus obtained from Nigerian waters. IOSR J. Agric. Vet. Sci., 6: 06-09.
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  6. Megbowon, I. and T.O. Mojekwu, 2014. Tilapia sex reversal using methyl testosterone (MT) and its effect on fish, man and environment. Biotechnology, 13: 213-216.
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  7. Mojekwu, T.O. and C.I. Anumudu, 2013. Microsatellite markers in Aquaculture: Application in Fish population genetics IOSR J. Environ. Sci. Toxicol. Food Technol., 5: 43-48.
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  8. Mojekwu, T.O., O.E. Yama, S.A. Ojokuku and S.A. Oyebadejo, 2011. Hypoglyceamic effects of aqueous extract of Aframomum melegueta leaf on alloxan-induced diabetic male albino rats. Pac. J. Med. Sci., 8: 28-36.
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  9. Ikebuaso, A.D., O.E. Yama, C.I. Amah, A.A. Oremosu and F.I. O Duru, 2011. Palliative effect of Pausinystallia macroceras on testicular ischemic reperfusion injury in wistar rats: A histological study. Int. J. Morphol., 29: 1256-1262.
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