Dr. Moawia  Bushra Mohammed Gameraddin

Dr. Moawia Bushra Mohammed Gameraddin

Associate Professor
Taibah University, Saudia Arabia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound from Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan

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Area of Interest:

Medical Sciences
Computed Tomography
Diagnostic Radiology
Medical Imaging

Selected Publications

  1. Gameraddin, M., W. Musa, S. Abdelmaboud, S. Alshoabi, K.D. Alsultan and B.A. Abdelmalik, 2020. Sonographic assessment of kidneys in patients with hypertension co-existed with diabetes mellitus and ischemic heart disease. J. Family Med. Prim. Care, 9: 2411-2415.
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  2. Gameraddin, M., W. Hidirbi, S. Abdelmaboud, A. Qurashi and S. Alshoabi, 2020. Impact of diabetes mellitus and ischemic heart disease on the blood resistivity index of renal arteries in hypertensive patients. J. Clin. Diagn. Res., 10.7860/JCDR/2020/43095.13490.
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  3. Gameraddin, M., A. Gareeballa, S. Mokhtar, M.M. Abuzaid, F. Alhazmi and H.A. Hamad, 2020. Characterization of foot mycetoma using sonography and color doppler imaging. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 23: 968-972.
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  4. Alshoabi, S.A., N.N. Aljaber, S.A. Shanei, K.D. Alsultan, M.B. Gameraddin and K.M. Al-Sayaghi, 2020. Diagnosis and risk stratification of coronary artery disease in Yemeni patients using treadmill test. J. Family Med. Prim. Care, 9: 2375-2378.
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  5. Alshoabi, S.A., M.G. Atassi, M.A. Alhamadi, A.A. Tashkandi, K.M. Alatowi, F.S. Alnehmi, A.R.A. Binmodied, M.B. Gameraddin and T.S. Daqqaq, 2020. Descriptive study of knee lesions using magnetic resonance imaging and correlation between medical imaging diagnosis and suspected clinical diagnosis. J. Family Med. Prim. Care, 9: 1154-1159.
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  6. Al-Shoabi, S.A., D. Al-Hamodi, M.B. Gameraddin, M.S. Babiker, A.M. Omer and S.A. Al-Dubai 2020. Gender and side distribution of urinary calculi using ultrasound imaging. J. Family Med. Primary Care, 9: 1614-1616.
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  7. Alshoabi, S.A., A.A. Binnuhaid, M.B. Gameraddin and K.D. Alsultan, 2019. Histopathological analysis of sinonasal lesions associated with chronic rhinosinusitis and comparison with computed tomography diagnoses. Pak. J. Med. Sci., 10.12669/pjms.36.2.1453.
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  8. Tagelsir, S., M.B. Gameraddin, M.S. Babiker, A. Gareeballah, S. Abdelmaboud and S. Salih, 2017. Doppler sonographic assessment of carotid arteries in Sudanese stroke patients. Brain Circulation, 3: 114-120.
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  9. Gareeballah, A., M. Gameraddin, S. Salih and J. Tamboul, 2017. Sonographic assessment of kidneys and associated abdominal findings in patients with renal parenchymal diseases. Int. J. Res. Med. Sci., 5: 1048-1052.
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  10. Gameraddin, M., A. Gareeballah, B.A. Malik, M. Yousef, S. Siddig, M. Burai and S. Alshoabm, 2017. Renal transplantation: Sonography and doppler assessment of transplanted kidneys in adult sudanese patients. Australian Med. J., 10: 489-496.
  11. Burai, M., M. Gameraddin and R. Yahya, 2017. Miscarriage in first trimester: Risk factors and sonographic assessment in sudanese pregnant women. Int. J. Health Sci. Res., 7: 52-56.
  12. Omar, S., M. Gameraddin, F. Merghani and J. Tamboul, 2016. Evaluation of bone fractures in smokers using calcium ions and alkaline phosphatase enzymes and supported with radiography. J. Applied Med. Sci., 5: 1-10.
  13. Gameraddin, M.B. and A.A. Gabo, 2016. Umbilical artery velocity and adverse neonatal outcome in sudanese pregnant women with severe preeclampsia. Int. J. Reproduction Contraception Obstetrics Gynecol., 5: 4236-4241.
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  14. Gameraddin, M. and S. Alshoabi, 2016. Tuberculous granuloma of the brain. Austin J. Radiol., 3: 1-2.
  15. Alshoabi, S. and M. Gameriddin, 2016. Sonography of Liver in Normal Individuals and Patients with Malaria: Ultrasound Imaging of Liver for Ultrasonographers, Radiographers and Radiologists. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, ISBN: 9783659927553, USA., Pages: 76.
  16. Alhaj, M.A., M. Gameraddin, A. Ahmed and M.S. Babiker, 2016. The assessment of echocardiographic findings of diabetes in Sudanese. Sch. J. App. Med. Sci., 4: 2790-2794.
  17. Moawia, G., A. Suzan, A. Sultan, A. Fathelrehman, G. Tahani and Y. Mohamed, 2015. The role of color doppler ultrasound in evaluation of deep veins thrombosis of lower extremities. J. Am. Sci., 11: 124-128.
  18. Khalid, N., B. Ahmed, M. Gameraddin and M. Yousef, 2015. Sonographic measurement of fetal kidney length as parameter for fetal weight estimation for sudanese population. Int. J. Sci. Res., .
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  19. Gareeballah, A., M. Gameraddin, H. Mustafa, S. Alshabi, F.E. Alagab, J. Tamboul and S. Salih, 2015. Sonographic findings in renal parenchymal diseases at sudanese. Open J. Radiol., 5: 243-249.
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  20. Gameraddin, M., S. Abdelmaboud, S. Salih and A. Alsayed, 2015. Relationship between fetal heart rate and maternal blood pressure and diabetes mellitus, and fetal sex. Int. J. Curr. Res., 7: 13443-13447.
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  21. Gameraddin, M., A. Alsayed, A. Ali and M. Al-Raddadi, 2015. Morphometric analysis of the brain ventricles in normal subjects using computerized tomography. Open J. Radiol., 5: 13-19.
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  22. Gameraddin, M., A. Ali, M. Al-radaddi, M.Haleeb and S. Alshoabi, 2015. The sonographic dimensions of the liver at normal subjects compared to patients with malaria. Int. J. Med. Imaging, 3: 130-136.
  23. Alshoabi, S., M. Gameraddin and J. Tamboul, 2015. Radiological features of the brain and spinal cord gliomas on computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. OMICS J. Radiol., 10.4172/2167-7964.1000211.
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  24. Abdelmaboud, S.O., M.B. Gameraddin, T. Ibrahim and A. Alsayed, 2015. Sonographic evaluation of hydronephrosis and determination of the main causes among adults. Int. J. Med. Imaging, 3: 1-5.
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  25. Yousef, M., M. Gameraddin, J. Tamboul, S. abdebagi1,S. Salih and S. Alshoabi, 2014. Evaluation of acute pulmonary embolism using spiral CT scan. Ind. J. Applied Res., 4: 397-400.
  26. Yousef, M., A. Sulieman, H. Hassan, C. Ayad, L. Bushara, A. Saeed and B. Ahmed, 2014. Computed tomography evaluation of paranasal sinuses lesions. Sudan Med. Monitor, 9: 123-126.
  27. Yousef, M. J.Y. Tamboul, M. Gameraddin and R. Adam, 2014. Evaluation of urinary system diseases using intra-venous urography and ultrasound. Acad. J. Biolog. Sci., 6: 47-52.
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  28. Gameraddin, M., J. Tamboul, M. Ismeal, M. Yousef and S. Salih, 2014. The sonographic estimation of renal length and determination of the main causes of chronic renal failure. Life Sci. J., 11: 222-225.
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  29. Gamerddin, M., N.A.L. Hassan, A.A. Saeed and M. yousef, 2013. Transabdominal sonographic findings in the diagnosis of urinary bladder abnormalities. Sudan Med. Monit., 8: 179-182.
  30. Gameraddin, M.B. and M.S. Babiker, 2013. Renal cysts: Sonographic evaluation and classification in sudanese adults. J. Health Res. Rev., 3: 111-115.
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  31. Ayad, C.E., S. Abd-Elmagid, M. Gameraddin, M. Yousef and S.A. Kajoak, 2013. An evaluation of safety policies in Magnetic Resonance Imaging departments. Asian J. Med. Radiol. Res., 1: 76-78.
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