Dr. Alemayehu  M. Yirsaw

Dr. Alemayehu M. Yirsaw

Assistant Professor
Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

Highest Degree
PostDoc Fellow in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from University of Tromso, Norway

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Area of Interest:

Organic Chemistry
Medicinal Plants
Synthetic Process

Selected Publications

  1. Dagnaw W. and A. Mekonnen, 2017. Preliminary phytochemical screening, isolation and structural elucidation of chloroform leaf extracts of Maesa lanceolata. Chem. Int., 3: 251-257.
  2. Abebe, M., A. Abebe and A. Mekonnen, 2017. Assessment of antioxidant and antibacterial activities of crude extracts of verbena officinalis linn root or “Atuch” (Amharic). Chem. Int., 3: 172-184.
  3. Abera, A., A. Mekonnen and T. Tebeka, 2015. Studies on antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Plumbago zeylanica Linn. Traditionally used for the treatments of intestinal warms and skin diseases in Ethiopia. Res. J., Med. Plant, 9: 252-263.
  4. Carlson, R., A. Descomps, A. Mekonnen, A. Westerlund and M. Havelkova, 2011. Improved synthesis of 1-bromo-3-buten-2-one. Synth Commun., 41: 2939-2949.
  5. Mekonnen, A., A. Westerlund, M. Havelkova, A. Descomps, R. Carlson, 2009. Synthesis of 1-bromo-3-butyn-2-one and 1,3-dibromo-3-buten-2-one. Synth. Commun., 39: 2472-2480.
  6. Mekonnen, A. and R. Carlson, 2006. Phase Transfer Catalyzed Aziridination of α-Bromo-2-cycclopentenone. Tetrahedron, 62: 852-856.