Dr. Mesfin Kebede  Gessese

Dr. Mesfin Kebede Gessese

Assistant Professor
Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Agriculture from University of Sydney, Australia

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Growth
Plant Breeding
Plant Science
Plant Biotechnology

Selected Publications

  1. Simon Yohannes, Gobeze Loha, Mesfin Kebede Gessese 2020. Performance evaluation of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) genotypes for yield and related traits at Areka, Southern Ethiopia. Adv. Agric., 2020: 1-8.
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  2. Ayalew A.D., M.K. Gessese and G.L. Yada, 2020. Assessment of sources of adult plant resistance genes to stem rust in ethiopian durum wheat genotypes. Asian J. Appl. Sci., 13: 76-83.
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  3. Gessese, M.K., 2019. Description of wheat rusts and their virulence variations determined through annual pathotype surveys and controlled multi-pathotype tests. Adv. Agric., 2019: 1-7.
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  4. Gessese M.K., N. Muhder and Z. Sorsa, 2019. Assessment of genetic variability among agronomic traits and grain protein content of elite bread wheat (triticum aestivum l.) genotypes in the central highlands of ethiopia. Asian Journal of Agricultural Research 14: 1-12.
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  5. Qureshi, N., P. Kandiah, M.K. Gessese, V. Nsabiyera and V. Wells et al., 2018. Development of co-dominant KASP markers co-segregating with Ug99 effective stem rust resistance gene Sr26 in wheat. Mol. Breed., Vol. 38, No. 8. 10.1007/s11032-018-0854-6.
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  6. Gessese, M.K., H. Bariana, D. Wong, M.J. Hayden and U. Bansal, 2018. Molecular mapping of stripe rust resistance gene Yr81 in a common wheat landrace Aus27430. Plant Dis., 10.1094/PDIS-06-18-1055-RE.
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  7. Demissie, M., M. Kebede and G. Taye, 2011. Additive main effects and multiplicative interaction analysis of coffee germplasm from southern Ethiopia. SINET: Ethiopian J. Sci., 34: 63-70.
  8. Kebede, M. and B. Bellachew, 2008. Phenotypic diversity in the Hararge coffee (Coffea arabica L.) germplasm for quantitative traits. East Afr. J. Sci., 2: 13-18.
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