Mr. Bernard  Ochieng` Ogongo

Mr. Bernard Ochieng` Ogongo

Research Scientist
Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, Kenya

Highest Degree
M.Sc. in Fisheries Studies from Pwani University, Kenya

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Mr. Bernard Ochieng Ogongo is currently working as Natural Products & Fisheries Research Scientist at Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute, Mombasa, responsible for Fisheries Research, Culturing of Microalgae, and Microbiological Analyses. He has completed his M.Sc. in Fisheries from Pwani University, Kenya. He has published 8 research articles on Fisheries and Natural Products and Post-Harvest loss mitigation in different journals.

Area of Interest:

Environmental Sciences
Food Security
Water Quality
Environmental Management

Selected Publications

  1. Ogongo, O.B., O.P.M. Oduor and M.M. Nyale, 2015. Biochemical and nutritional quality of dried sardines using raised open solar rack dryers off Kenyan coast. J. Food Resour. Sci., 4: 33-42.
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  2. Ogongo, O.B., M.E. Chenje and F.B. Mulwa, 2015. Distribution and reproductive patterns of the Epinephelus genus groupers off Kenyan South coast marine waters. J. Fish. Aquatic Sci., 10: 159-170.
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  3. Ogongo, B.O., E.C. Mwachiro and B.M. Fulanda, 2015. Epinephelus genus groupers population structure and length-weight relationships off Kenyan south coast Indian Ocean marine waters. Int. J. Oceanogr. Mar. Ecol. Syst., .
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  4. Ochieng, O.B., S. Khuting and M.N. Mokaya, 2015. Appropriate stocking and feeding of lake shrimp (Caridina niloticus) diet to enhance Nile tilapia fry's growth in an intensive aquaculture system. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., 10: 286-293.
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  5. Ochieng, O.B., O.P.M. Oduor and M.M. Nyale, 2015. Effects of vacuum-packaging on the microbiological, chemical, textural and sensory changes of the solar rack dried sardines during chill storage. Bacteriol. J., 5: 25-39.
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  6. Ochieng, O.B., M.K. Khakasa and O.P. Sturcky, 2015. Harmful marine phytoplankton community in Shirazi creek, Kenya. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., 10: 266-275.
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  7. Ochieng, O.B., M.K. Khakasa and O.P. Oduor, 2015. Observation of the saxitoxin producing microalgae in the Kenyan kilindini port creek waters. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., 10: 181-190.
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  8. Hansen, G., J. Turquet, P.J. Quod, L. Ten-Hage and B. Ogongo et al., 2001. Potentially harmful microalgae of the Western Indian Ocean: A guide based on a preliminary survey. Inter governmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, Manuals and Guides No. 41, Paris, France..