Dr. Richard Kipserem Korir
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Dr. Richard Kipserem Korir

Research Officer
Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology from University of Nairobi, Kenya

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Pathogenic Bacteria
Anti-Microbial Properties
Medicinal Plant

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Timothy, C., M. Lizzy, K. Richard, M. Angela and B. Christine, 2018. Antimicrobial activity and safety of Maesa lanceolata for the treatment and management of selected bacterial pathogens. J. Adv. Microbiol., 8: 1-8.
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  2. Waithaka, J.K., P.N. Warutere, P. Makhonge and R. Korir, 2017. Frequency and risk factors for the occurrence of work related musculoskeletal disorders among slaughter house workers in Nairobi county. Civil Environ. Res. J., 9: 72-79.
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  3. Nyangacha, R.M., D. Odongo, F. Oyieke, M. Ochwoto and R. Korir et al., 2017. Secondary bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance among tungiasis patients in Western, Kenya. Plos Neglect. Trop. Dis., Vol. 11. 10.1371/journal.pntd.0005901.
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  4. Korir, R., O. Anzala, W. Jaoko, C. Bii1and L. Keter, 2017. Occurrence of Aflatoxins and fumonisins contamination in herbal medicinal products sold in Nairobi, Kenya. Food Sci. Qual. Manage., 63: 74-80.
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  5. Korir, R., O. Anzala, W. Jaoko, C. Bii and L. Keter, 2017. Multi-drug resistant bacteria isolates recovered from herbal medicinal products in Nairobi Kenya. East Afr. Health Res. J., 1: 41-46.
  6. Keter, L., R. Too, N. Mwikwabe, C. Mutai and J. Orwa et al., 2017. Risk of fungi associated with aflatoxin and fumonisin in medicinal herbal products in the Kenyan market. Scient. World J., Vol. 2017. 10.1155/2017/1892972.
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  7. Nicholas, K., C. Mutai, E.W. Njenga, P. Jeruto, L. Ng'eny and R. Korir, 2016. Phytochemical constituents of some medicinal plants found in Kaptumo division in Nandi county, Kenya. World J. Pharm. Pharm. Sci., 5: 88-96.
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  8. Keter, L., R. Too, C. Mutai, N. Mwikwabe and S. Ndwigah et al., 2016. Bacteria contaminants and their antibiotic sensitivity from selected herbal medicinal products from eldoret and Mombasa. Kenya Am. J. Microbiol., 7: 18-28.
  9. Kimutai, N., E.W. Njenga, P. Jeruto, J. Kosgey, J.N. Kipkorir, C. Mutai, L. Ng’eny and R. Korir, 2015. Antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity of selected medicinal plants found in Nandi County, Kenya. Afr. J. Pharmacol. Therap., 46: 86-91.
  10. Keter, L.K., S.K. Cherogony, R.K. Korir and C. Mutai, 2015. Factors contributing to drug resistant tuberculosis: A case study of tuberculosis patients attending Rift valley provincial general hospital Nakuru, Kenya. Sci. Res., 3: 45-52.
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  11. Otambo, P.C., E. Mburugu and R. Korir, 2013. Quality of life of women living with HIV and AIDS in Korogocho Slums Nairobi Kenya. Afr. J. Health Sci., 25: 149-157.
  12. Cheruiyot, K.J., N. Elizabrth, M. Charles, B. Christine, K. Richard and T. Emilya, 2013. Ethnobotanical survey and plant monographs of medicinal plants used among the Elgeyo community in Kenya. J. Ethnobiol. Trad. Med. Photon., 120: 633-649.
  13. Korir, R.K., C. Mutai, C. Kiiyukia and C. Bii, 2012. Antimicrobial activity and safety of two medicinal plants traditionally used in bomet district of Kenya. Res. J. Med. Plant, 6: 370-382.
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  14. Korir, R., C. Kimani, J. Gathirwa, M. Wambura and C. Bii, 2012. In-vitro antimicrobial properties of methanol extracts of three medicinal plants from Kilifi district-Kenya. Afr. J. Health Sci., 20: 4-10.
  15. Korir, K. and C.C. Bii, 2012. Mycological quality of maize flour from aflatoxins" Hot" zone Eastern province-Kenya. Afr. J. Health Sci., 21: 143-146.
  16. Korir, K., C. Mutai, J. Nandako and C. Bii, 2011. Antimicrobial properties of hugonia casteneifolia and its potential use for the control of opportunistic infections. East Afr. Med. J., 89: 212-213.
  17. Korir, K., C. Bii, C. Kiiyukia and C. Mutai, 2011. Antimicrobial activities of Clutia abyssinica and Erythrina abyssinica plants extracts used among the Kipsigis community of Bomet district in Kenya. Indian J. Natural Prod., 7: 247-252.
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  18. Bii, C., K.R. Korir, J. Rugutt and C. Mutai, 2010. The potential use of Prunus africana for the control, treatment and management of common fungal and bacterial infections. J. Med. Plants Res., 4: 995-998.
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  19. Chemutai, B.C., R.K. Korir, O.M. Mashedi, E. Gatumwa and M.C. Kangogo, 2008. Fluconazole susceptibility and genotypic analysis of Candida albicans from clinical sources in Nairobi, Kenya. Int. J. Infect. Dis., 12: e277-e278.
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  20. Bii, C., C. Mutai, J. Ondicho and G. Rukunga, 2008. Antimicrobial activity of some plants used in Kenya for management of infectious diseases. East Afr. J. Bot., 2: 164-173.