Dr. Sandra Maria Tavares da Costa Rebelo
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Dr. Sandra Maria Tavares da Costa Rebelo

Assistant Professor
University of Aveiro, Portugal

Highest Degree
Post Doctoral Fellow in Neurosciences from University of Aveiro, Portugal

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Dr. Sandra Maria Tavares da Costa Rebelo is currently working as Invited Assistant Professor at Health Sciences Department, University of Aveiro, Portugal. She has completed her PhD in Biochemistry and Post Doctorate in Neuroscience from same University. Previously she was appointed as Fellowship for Young Investigators, Research Assistant, and Teaching Assistant at University of Aveiro, Portugal. Dr. Sandra received honors includes AstraZeneca Foundation-Research Support Award, Bilateral prize for research cooperation and Brain awareness week grant. She successfully supervised 10 MSc, and 2 PhD students. She also worked on many research projects as principal investigator and assistant researcher and researcher. She has published 21 research articles in journals as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Molecular Sciences
Cell Biology
Nuclear Organization
Membrane Trafficking
Signal Transduction

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Santos, M., S. Rebelo, E.F. da Cruz e Silva, O.A.B. da Cruz e Silva, 2015. Effect of dystonia-associated torsinA mutant in cytoskeleton dynamics. Microsc. Microanal. .
  2. Santos, M., P. Costa, F. Martins, E.F. da Cruz e Silva, OA.B. Da cruz e Silva and S. Rebelo, 2015. A novel role of LAP1 in centrosome positioning near the nuclear envelope during the cell cycle. Mol. Cell. Biochem., 399: 143-153.
  3. Sacramento, S., S. Rebelo and O.A.B. da Cruz e Silva, 2015. Olfactory mucosa stem cells differentiate into neuron-like cells. Microsc. Microanal., .
  4. Santos, M., S.C. Domingues, P. Costa, T. Muller, S. Galozzi, K. Marcus and S. Rebelo, 2014. Identification of a novel human LAP1 isoform that is regulated by protein phosphorylation. PloS one, 9: 113732-113732.
  5. Fardilha, M., M. Espona-Fiedler, J. Felgueiras, L. Korrodi-Gregorio, S.L. Esteves, S. Rebelo and R. Perez-Tomas, 2014. Phosphoprotein phosphatase 1 isoforms alpha and gamma respond differently to prodigiosin treatment and present alternative kinase targets in melanoma cells. J. Biophys. Chem., 5: 67-77.
  6. Domingues, S.C., U. Konietzko, A.G. Henriques, S. Rebelo, M. Fardilha, H. Nishitani and E.S.O. da Cruz, 2014. RanBP9 modulates AICD localization and transcriptional activity via direct interaction with tip60. J. Alzheimer's dis., 42: 1415-1433.
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  7. Santos, M., S. Rebelo, P.J. Van Kleeff, C.E. Kim, W.T. Dauer, M. Fardilha and E.S.E. da Cruz, 2013. The nuclear envelope protein, LAP1B, is a novel protein phosphatase 1 substrate. PloS one, 8: 76788-76788.
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  8. Fardilha, M., M. Ferreira, S. Pelech, S.I. Vieira, S. Rebelo, M. Sousa, A. Barros, V. Silva, O.A.B. Cruz e Silva and E.F. da Cruz e Silva, 2013. Screening of protein phosphatases in human sperm: characterization of ser/thr phosphatase family. OMICS J. Integr. Biol., 17: 460-472.
  9. Santos, M., S. Rebelo, O.A.B. Silva and E.F. Silva, 2012. Immunolocalization of PPP1C Isoforms in SH-SY5Y cells during the cell cycle. Microsc. Microanal., 18: 41-42.
  10. Rebelo, S., S.C. Domingues, M. Santos, M. Fardilha, S.L. Esteves, S.I. Vieira and E.S.O. da Cruz, 2012. Identification of a novel complex AβPP: Fe65: PP1 that regulates AβPP Thr668 phosphorylation levels. J. Alzheimer's dis., 35: 761-775.
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  11. Fardilha, M., S.L. Esteves, L. Korrodi-Gregorio, A.P. Vintem, S.C. Domingues, S. Rebelo and E.F.D.C. e Silva, 2011. Identification of the human testis protein phosphatase 1 interactome. Biochem. Pharmcol., 82: 1403-1415.
  12. Vieira, S.I., S. Rebelo, H. Esselmann, J. Wiltfang, J. Lah, R. Lane, S. Gandy, E.F. da Cruz e Silva and O.A.B. da Cruz e Silva, 2010. Retromer-mediated retrieval of the Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein from the endosome to the TGN is S655 phosphorylation state-dependent. Mol. Neurodegener., .
  13. Vieira, S.I., S. Rebelo, S.C. Domingues, E.F.D.C. e Silva and O.A.D.C. e Silva, 2009. S655 phosphorylation enhances APP secretory traffic. Mol. Cell. Biochem., 328: 145-154.
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  14. Rebelo, S., S.I. Vieira, E.F.D.C. e Silva and O.A.D.C. e Silva, 2009. Monitoring de novo APP synthesis by taking advantage of the reversible effect of cycloheximide. Am. J. Alzheimer's dis. dementias, 23: 602-608.
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  15. Da Cruz E Silva, O.A., S. Rebelo, S.I. Vieira, S. Gandy, E.F. Da Cruz e Silva and P. Greengard, 2009. Enhanced generation of Alzheimer's amyloid-β following chronic exposure to phorbol ester correlates with differential effects on alpha and epsilon isozymes of protein kinase C. J. Neurochem., 108: 319-330.
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  16. Rebelo, S., S.I. Vieira, O.D.C. e Silva, H. Esselmann, J. Wiltfang and E.D.C. e Silva, 2007. Tyr687 dependent APP endocytosis and Abeta production. J. mol. Neurosci., 32: 1-8.
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  17. Rebelo S., S.I. Vieira, H. Esselmann, J. Wiltfang, E.F. da Cruz e Silva and O.A.B. da Cruz e Silva, 2007. TYR687 phosphorylated alzheimer`s amyloid precursor protein is retained intracellularly and exhibits a decreased turnover rate. Neurodegenerative Dis., 4: 78-87.
  18. Henriques A.G., S.I. Vieira, S. Rebelo, S.C.T.S. Domingues, E.F. da Cruz e Silva and O.A.B. da Cruz e Silva, 2007. Isoform specific amyloid β precursor protein metabolism. J. Alzheimer's Dis., 11: 85-95.
  19. da Cruz e Silva, O.A., S.I. Vieira, S. Rebelo and E.F. da Cruz e Silva, 2004. A model system to study intracellular trafficking and processing of the Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein. Neurodegenerative Dis., 1: 196-204.
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  20. da Cruz e Silva O.A.B., M. Fardilha, A.G. Henriques, S. Rebelo, S. Guerra e Paz and E.F. da Cruz e Silva, 2004. Signal transduction therapeutics: a novel approach in Alzheimer's Disease. J. Mol. Neurosci., 23: 123-142.
  21. Rebelo S., A.G. Henriques, E.F. da Cruz e Silva and O.A.B.da Cruz e Silva, 2004. Effect of cell density on the intracellular levels of the Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein. J. Neurosci. Res., 76: 406-414.