Dr. Donatella Verbanac
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Dr. Donatella Verbanac

Assistant Professor
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Pharmacy from University of Zagreb, Croatia

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Area of Interest:

Biomedical Sciences
Protein Biochemistry
Protein Purification

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Verbanac, D., S.C. Jain, N. Jain, M. Chand and H.C. Paljetak et al., 2012. An efficient and convenient microwave-assisted chemical synthesis of (thio)xanthones with additional in vitro and in silico characterization. Bioorganic Med. Chem., 20: 3180-3185.
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  2. Rubelj, I., V. Stepanic, D. Jelic, N.S. Vidacek and A.C. Kalajzic et al., 2012. Tebrophen-An old polyphenol drug with anticancer potential. Molecules, 17: 7864-7886.
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  3. Matijasic, M., V.M. Kos, K. Nujic, S. Cuzic and J. Padovan et al., 2012. Fluorescently labeled macrolides as a tool for monitoring cellular and tissue distribution of azithromycin. Pharmacol. Res., 66: 332-342.
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  4. Jelic, D., I. Tatic, M. Trzun, B. Hrvacic and K. Brajsa et al., 2012. Porphyrins as new endogenous anti-inflammatory agents. Eur. J. Pharmacol., 691: 251-260.
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  5. Fistoni, I., M. Situm, V. Bulat, M. Harapin, N. Fistoni and D. Verbanac, 2012. Olive oil biophenols and women's health. Med. Glas., 9: 1-9.
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  6. Bosnar, M., G. Kragol, S. Kostrun, I. Vujasinovic and B. Bosnjak et al., 2012. N'-Substituted-2'-O,3'-N-carbonimidoyl bridged macrolides: Novel anti-inflammatory macrolides without antimicrobial activity. J. Med. Chem., 55: 6111-6123.
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  7. Peri, M., H. Cipci Paljetak, M. Matijasi and D. Verbanac, 2011. Obesity, microbiota and immunomodulation. Croatian J. Infect., 31: 49-58.
  8. Parish, J., M. Peric, H.C. Paljetak, M. Matijasic and D. Verbana, 2011. Translating the Mediterranean diet: From chemistry to kitchen. Periodicum Biologorum, 113: 303-310.
  9. Jelic, D., K. Nujic, V. Stepanic, K. Kovacevic and D. Verbanac, 2011. 6-Imino-2-thioxo-pyrimidinones as a new class of dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors. Med. Chem. Res., 20: 339-345.
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  10. Verbanac, D., 2010. Predictive methods as a powerful tool in drug discovery. Biochemia Medica, 20: 314-318.
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  11. Verbanac, D., 2010. Mediterranean diet-does it work? does it exsist? Kidney Blood Pressure Res., 35: 436-446.
  12. Verbanac, D. and D. Vranesi-Bender, 2010. Histamine intolerance and the importance of diaminooxydase. Farmaceutski Glasnik, 66: 147-155.
  13. Jakopovi C., G. Kragol, A.K. Forrest, C.S.V. Frydrych and V. Stimac et al., 2010. Synthesis and properties of macrolones characterized by two ether bonds in the linker. Bioorg. Med. Chem., 18: 6578-6588.
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  14. Jeli, D., B. Mildner, S. Kostrun, K. Nuji and D. Verbanac et al., 2007. Homology modeling of human fyn kinase structure: Discovery of rosmarinic acid as a new fyn kinase inhibitor and in silico study of its possible binding modes. J. Med. Chem., 50: 1090-1100.
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  15. Brajsa, K., T. Gali, D. Jeli, D. Radosevi, D. Verbanac, Z. Kelneri and N. Marsi, 2007. High-throughput antifungal screening: Method optimalization. Pharma Chem., 5: 14-18.
  16. Verbanac, D., D. Jeli, V. Stepani, I. Tati, D. Ziher and S. Kostrun, 2005. Combined in silico and in vitro approach to drug screening. Croatica Chemica Acta, 78: 133-139.
  17. Cali, M., D. Jeli, R. Antolovi, K. Nuji and N. Marjanovi et al., 2005. Flavonoids as inhibitors of lck and fyn kinases. Croatica Chemica Acta 78: 367-374.
  18. Jeli, D., V. Mesar, I. Basic, D. Nadramija and D. Verbanac, 2003. Novel approach to drug discovery in PLIVA-Establishing of HTS unit and unique compounds library. Pharmachemical, 2: 64-67.
  19. Jeli, D., T. Toth and D. Verbanac, 2003. Macromolecular databases: A background of bioinformatics. Food Technol. Biotechnol., 41: 269-286.
  20. Detel Bisi, D., M. Simin, D. Verbanac and C. Milin, 1999. Dynamics of liver tissue zinc and copper during compensatory liver growth in mice. Acta Pharmaceutica, 49: 99-105.
  21. Verbanac, D., C. Milin, B. Radosevi-Stasi, Z. Trobonjaca and R. Domitrovi et al., 1998. Tissue zinc dynamics during the immune reaction in mice. Biol. Trace Element Res., 65: 97-108.
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  24. Mocchegiani, E., D. Verbanac, T. Lory, M. Alberto, B. Radosevi-Stasi and C. Milin, 1997. Zinc and metallothioneins on cellular immune effectiveness during liver regeneration in young and old mice. Life Sci., 61: 1125-1145.
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  27. Milin, C., B. Radosevi-Stasi, D. Verbanac, R. Domitrovi and M. Petkovi et al., 1995. Activation of zinc-dependent hepato-thymic axis during liver regeneration in hepatectomized mice. Croatica Chemica Acta, 68: 559-567.
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  29. Radosevi-Stasi, B., M. Petkovi, Z. Trobonjaca, C. Milin and D. Verbanac et al., 1994. Modification of liver regeneration and lymphatic homeostasis after in vivo depletion of CD4+ and/or CD8+ lymphocytes in partially hepatectomized mice. Regional Immunol., 6: 402-405.
  30. Verbanac, D., M. Zanetti and D. Romeo, 1993. Chemotactic and protease-inhibiting activities of antibiotic peptide precursors. FEBS Lett., 317: 255-258.
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