Dr. Diana  Adliene
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Dr. Diana Adliene

Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Physics from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

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Area of Interest:

Radiation Detectors
Radioactive Pollution
Medical Radiation Physics
Particles-Materials Interaction

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Igoris, P., T. Asta, G. Asta, A. Diana, P. Judita and A. Oleg, 2010. Formation of silver-PAMAM dendrimer nanocomposites using electromagnetic radiation. J. Mat. Sci., 16: 7-11.
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  2. Diana, A. and M. Skirmante, 2010. Discrepancy between absorbed dose estimated from phantom measurements and from estimates using data on individual head sizes in head CT examinations. Rad. Prot. Dosim., 139: 186-190.
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  3. Migle, S., L. Jurgita, A. Diana, A. Liudvikas, R. Zivile and J. Alvydas, 2009. Stress and strain in DLC films induced by electron bombardment. Vacuum., 83: S159-S161.
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  4. Gediminas, A. and A. Diana, 2008. From nuclear to nuclear - Lithuanian experience. J. Nuclear Power, 53: 86-91.
  5. Diana, A., L. Jurgita, K. Vitoldas, M. Sarunas and S. Valdas, 2008. Radiation induced changes in amorphous hydrogenated DLC films. Mat. Sci. Eng. B., 152: 91-95.
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  6. Diana, A., L. Jurgita, A. Mindaugas, G. Asta, M. Sarunas, C. Inga and T. Sigitas, 2008. Mechanical properties of the X-ray irradiated DLC films containing SiOx as a constructive element for radiation detectors. Nuclear Instruments Meth. Phy. Res. Sec. A., 591: 188-191.
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  7. Diana, A., L. Jurgita and T. Sigitas, 2008. Modification of amorphous DLC films induced by MeV photon irradiation. Nuclear Instruments Meth. Phy. Res. Sec. B., 266: 2788-2792.
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  8. Rimvydas, J., A.G. Antanas, A. Diana and V. Linas, 2007. Noble gas radionuclides in RBMK-1500-type reactor. Appl. Radiat Isot., 65: 836-842.
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  9. Inga, C. and A. Diana, 2007. Comparison of monte carlo-simulated scattering processes of low-energy photons in radiation detector materials. Nuclear Instruments Meth. Phy. Res. Sec. A., 580: 73-76.
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  10. Diana, A., S. Nerijus, M. Stasys and M. Charles, 2007. Modeling of carbon-14, iodine-129 and cesium-137 releases from near surface radioactive waste disposal and their impact on environment and humans. Kerntechnik, 72: 268-273.
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  11. Asa, M., S. Kristina, A. Diana, A.G. Antanas and C. Dias et al ., 2007. Carbon-14 levels in the vicinity of the Lithuanian nuclear power plant Ignalina. Nuclear Instruments Meth. Phy. Res. Sec. B., 259: 530-535.
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  12. Gediminas, A. and A. Diana, 2006. Modelling of the cumulative behaviour of Caesium and Strontium activities in nuclear fuel. Kerntechnik, 71: 310-315.
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  13. Diana, A., R. Christopher, M. Asa, B. Jon and M. Zakaria et al ., 2006. Assessment of the environmental contamination with long-lived radionuclides around an operating RBMK reactor station. J. Environ. Radioact., 90: 68-77.
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  14. Sniureviciute, M. and D. Adliene, 2005. Problems with film processing in medical x-ray imaging in lithuania. Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry, 114: 260-300.
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  15. Diana, A., A.G. Antanas, C.T. Reda, J. Egle and C. Inga, 2005. Optimisation of X-ray examinations in Lithuania: Start of implementation in mammography. J. Math. Phys. Sci., Med., 114: 399-402.
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  16. Asa, M., S. Kristina, S. Goran, A. Diana and A.G. Antanas et al ., 2004. Levels of 14C in the terrestrial environment in the vicinity of two European nuclear power plants. Radiocarbon, 46: 863-868.
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