Dr. Annamaria  Passantino

Dr. Annamaria Passantino

Associate Professor
University of Messina, Italy

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine from University of Messina, Italy

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Veterinary Medicine
Animal Behaviour
Animal Nutrition
Health Medicine

Selected Publications

  1. Voslarova, E., V. Vecerek, A. Passantino, P. Chloupek and I. Bedanova, 2017. Transport losses in finisher pigs: Impact of transport distance and season of the year. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci., 30: 119-124.
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  2. Simova, V., V. Vecerek, A. Passantino and E. Voslarova, 2016. Pre-transport factors affecting the welfare of cattle during road transport for slaughter: A review. Acta Vet. Brno, 85: 303-318.
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  3. Simova, V., E. Voslarova, A. Passantino, I. Bedanova and V. Vecerek, 2016. Mortality rates in different categories of cattle during transport for slaughter. Berliner Munchener Tierarztliche Wochenschrift, 129: 462-467.
  4. Previti, A., B. Guercio and A. Passantino, 2016. Protection of farmed camels (Camelus Dromedarius): Welfare problems and legislative perspective. Anim. Sci. J., 87: 183-189.
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  5. Casella, S., E. Giudice, A. Passantino, A. Zumbo, S. Di Pietro and G. Piccione, 2016. Shearing induces secondary biomarkers responses of thermal stress in sheep. Anim. Sci. Papers Rep., 34: 73-80.
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  6. Previti, A., G.M. Cubeddu, M.G. Lai and A. Passantino, 2015. The mediation in disputes of large animals' purchase: Case report. Large Anim. Rev., 21: 33-37.
  7. Passantino, A., C. Giannetto, L. Passantino and G. Piccione, 2015. Trotter welfare's protection: A legislative perspective. Vet. World, 8: 427-431.
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  8. Oxley, J.A., A. Previti, A. Alibrandi, E.F. Briefer and A. Passantino, 2015. A preliminary internet survey of pet rabbit owners' characteristics. World Rabbit Sci., 23: 289-293.
  9. Macri, F., A. Passantino, S. Di Pietro, D. Ruscica, A. Sfacteria, C. De Stefano and T. Bottari, 2015. Effects of formalin preservation on eye lens of bogue, Boops boops (Linnaeus, 1758): comparison of direct (post‐fixation) vs ultrasound (true) measurements. J. Applied Ichthyol., 31: 393-394.
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  10. Pugliese, M., G. Mazzullo, P.P. Niutta and A. Passantino, 2014. Bovine ocular squamous cellular carcinoma: A report of cases from the Caltagirone area, Italy. Vet. Arh., 84: 449-457.
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  11. Previti, A., M.G. Lai, M.L.P. Parpaglia, G.M. Cubeddu and A. Passantino, 2014. The importance of knowing how" communicating science" in court in large animal's practice: Case report in a flock. Large Anim. Rev., 20: 113-118.
  12. Previti, A., F. Conte, M.C. Pediliggieri and A. Passantino, 2014. Raw milk in camelids: Peculiarity and legislative considerations. Large Anim. Rev., 20: 221-227.
  13. Passantino, A., V. Quartarone, M.C. Pediliggeri, M. Rizzo and G. Piccione, 2014. Possible application of oxidative stress parameters for the evaluation of animal welfare in sheltered dogs subjected to different environmental and health conditions. J. Vet. Behav.: Clin. Applic. Res., 9: 29-294.
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  14. Conte, F., A. Passantino, S. Longo and E. Voslarova, 2014. Consumers' attitude towards fish meat. Italian J. Food Safety, 3: 178-181.
  15. Bedanova, I., E. Voslarova, J. Chloupek, V. Pistekova, P. Forejtek and A. Passantino, 2014. The influence of crate height on selected biochemical indices in captive‐reared mallards. Anim. Sci. J., 85: 318-322.
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  16. Previti, A., M.C. Pediliggieri and A. Passantino, 2013. Beekeeper registration and critical aspects of the legislation. Large Anim. Rev., 19: 230-235.
  17. Passantino, A., 2013. The current EU rules on bovine electronic identification systems: State of the art and its further development. Arch. Tierzucht, 56: 344-353.
  18. Passantino, A., 2013. The EU shark finning ban at the beginning of the new millennium: The legal framework. ICES J. Mar. Sci., 71: 429-434.
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  19. Minutoli, L., A. Bitto, F. Squadrito, H. Marini and N. Irrera et al., 2013. Serenoa repens, lycopene and selenium: A triple therapeutic approach to manage benign prostatic hyperplasia. Curr. Med. Chem., 20: 1306-1312.
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  20. Marino, F., G. Lanteri, A. Passantino, C. De Stefano, A. Costa, G. Gaglio and F. Macri, 2013. Experimental susceptibility of gilthead sea bream, Sparus aurata, via challenge with Anisakis pegreffii larvae. BioMed Res. Int., 10.1155/2013/701828.
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  29. Giacopello, C., M. Foti, A. Passantino, V. Fisichella, A. Aleo and C. Mammina, 2012. Serotypes and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of Salmonella spp. isolates from spur-thighed tortoise, Testudo graeca illegally introduced in Italy. Hum. Vet. Med., 4: 76-81.
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