Dr. Davide  Bonalumi

Dr. Davide Bonalumi

Assistant Professor
Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Energy from Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

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Dr. Davide Bonalumi is currently working as Post-Doc Research fellow at Energy Department, and Teaching Assistant at Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. He has completed his Ph.D. in Energy from same University. He also involved in many national and international projects. He is also serving as reviewer for several journals and conferences. He has published 10 research articles in journals contributed as author/co-author.

Area of Interest:

Fuel Cells
Energy Systems

Selected Publications

  1. Rajabloo, T., D. Bonalumi and P. Iora, 2017. Effect of a partial thermal decomposition of the working fluid on the performances of ORC power plants. Energy, 133: 1013-1026.
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  2. Petrescu, L., D. Bonalumi, G. Valenti, A.M. Cormos and C.C. Cormos, 2017. Life Cycle Assessment for supercritical pulverized coal power plants with post-combustion carbon capture and storage. J. Cleaner Prod., 157: 10-21.
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  3. Lillia, S., D. Bonalumi and G. Valenti, 2016. Rate-based approaches for the carbon capture with aqueous ammonia without salt precipitation. Energy Procedia, 101: 400-407.
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  4. Invernizzi, C.M., P. Iora, D. Bonalumi, E. Macchi, R. Roberto and M. Caldera, 2016. Titanium tetrachloride as novel working fluid for high temperature Rankine Cycles: Thermodynamic analysis and experimental assessment of the thermal stability. Appl. Therm. Eng., 107: 21-27.
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  5. Invernizzi, C.M. and D. Bonalumi, 2016. Thermal stability of organic fluids for Organic Rankine Cycle systems. Org. Rankine Cycle Power Syst., 107: 121-151.
  6. Bonalumi, D., A. Ciavatta and A. Giuffrida, 2016. Thermodynamic Assessment of Cooled and Chilled Ammonia-Based CO2 Capture in Air-Blown IGCC Plants. Energy Procedia, 86: 272-281.
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  7. Bonalumi, D., 2016. Preliminary study of pyrolysis and gasification of biomass and thermosetting resins for energy production. Energy Procedia, 101: 432-439.
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  8. Bonalumi, D. and A. Giuffrida, 2016. Investigations of an air-blown integrated gasification combined cycle fired with high-sulphur coal with post-combustion carbon capture by aqueous ammonia. Energy, 117: 439-449.
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  9. Bonalumi, D., G. Valenti, S. Lillia, P.L. Fosbol and K. Thomsen, 2016. A layout for the carbon capture with aqueous ammonia without salt precipitation. Energy Procedia, 86: 134-143.
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  10. Van der Ham, L.V., M.C. Romano, H.M. Kvamsdal, D. Bonalumi, P. van Os and E.L.V. Goetheer, 2014. Concentrated aqueous piperazine as CO2 capture solvent: Detailed evaluation of the integration with a power plan. Energy Procedia, 63: 1218-1222.
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  11. Kvamsdal, H.M., M.C. Romano, L.V. van der Ham, D. Bonalumi, P. van Os and E.L.V. Goetheer, 2014. Energetic evaluation of a power plant integrated with a piperazine-based CO2 capture process. Int. J. Greenh. Gas Control, 28: 343-355.
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  12. Bonalumi, D., A. Giuffrida and G. Lozza, 2014. A study of CO2 capture in advanced igcc systems by ammonia scrubbing. Energy Procedia, 45: 663-670.
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  13. Valenti, G., D. Bonalumi, P. Fosbol, E. Macchi, K. Thomsen and D. Gatti, 2013. Alternative layouts for the carbon capture with the chilled ammonia process. Energy Procedia, 37: 2076-2083.
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  14. Giuffrida, A., D. Bonalumi and G. Lozza, 2013. Amine-based post-combustion CO2 capture in air-blown IGCC systems with cold and hot gas clean-up. Applied Energy, 110: 44-54.
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  15. Valenti, G., D. Bonalumi and E. Macchi, 2012. A parametric investigation of the chilled ammonia process from energy and economic perspectives. Fuel, 101: 74-83.
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  16. Darde, V., K. Thomsen, W.J.M. van Well, D. Bonalumi, G. Valenti and E. Macchi, 2012. Comparison of two electrolyte models for the carbon capture with aqueous ammonia. Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, 8: 61-72.
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  17. Valenti, G., D. Bonalumi and E. Macchi, 2011. Modeling of ultra super critical power plants integrated with the chilled ammonia process. Energy Procedia, 4: 1721-1728.
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