Dr. Ezequiel  Viveros Valdez

Dr. Ezequiel Viveros Valdez

Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Highest Degree
PostDoc. in Bioactive Natural Products from University of Talca, Talca, Chile

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Area of Interest:

Food Science Technology
Natural Product Chemistry
Biomedical Sciences
Herbal Medicine

Selected Publications

  1. Villarreal, J.J., B.N.D. Martínez, C.P. Rosales, V.E. Valdez And G.N.E. Delgado,et Al 2017. Formaldehyde induces dna strand breaks on spermatozoa and lymphocytes of wistar rats. Cytol Genet., 51: 65-73.
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  2. Pena, M.D.P., C.P. Perez, L.C. Rivas, L. Bucio, V.E. Valdez, et al 2017. Evaluation of hypocholesterolemic activity of extracts of bidens odorata and brickellia eupatorioides. Pak. J. Pharm. Sci., 30: 613-617.
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  3. Viveros-Valdez, E., C. Jaramillo-Mora, A. Oranday-Cardenas, J. Moran-Martinez and P. Carranza-Rosales, 2016. Antioxidant, cytotoxic and α-glucosidase inhibition activities from the Mexican berry “Anacahuita” (Cordia boissieri). Arch. Latinoam. Nutr., 66: 211-218.
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  4. Hirschmann, S.G., V.E. Valdez, R. Montenegro, C. Quispe And M. Simirgiotis, 2016. Chilean White Strawberry: Phenolic Profiling of its Different Parts. In: Strawberry; Growth, development and diseases. Husaini, A.M. and D. Neri, CABI International USA Pages:348 ISBN 9781780646633.

  5. Calderon, L.E., L.S. Cortina, C.P. Rosales, V.E. Valdez, H.E. Fernandez And F.M. Zertuche, 2016. Synthesis and characterization of six nonsymmetric A3B porphyrins with p-chlorophenyl as meso-substituent A or B and determination of their photodynamic activity. Med. Chem. Res., 25: 1657-1665.
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  6. Viveros-Valdez, E., O.A. Oranday-Cardenas, C. Rivas-Morales, M.J. Verde-Star and P. Carranza-Rosales, 2015. Biological activities of Morus celtidifolia leaf extracts. Pak. J. Pharmaceut. Sci., 28: 1177-1180.
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  7. Torres, G.I.E., G.N.E. Delgado, C.C. Martínez, B.J.I. García, V.E. Valdez, J. Moran And C.P. Rosales, 2015. Organotypic culture of breast tumor explants as a multicellular system for the screening of natural compounds with antineoplastic potential. Biomed. Res. Int., 10.1155/2015/618021.
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  8. Martínez, B.N.D., J.J. Villarreal, C.P. Rosales, G.N.E. Delgado, L.C. Orasma, V.E. Valdez And M.J. Martínez, 2015. Sperm chromatin dispersion by formaldehyde in Wistar rats. Genet. Mol. Res., 14: 10816-10826.
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  9. Jimenez, D.L.C.L., G.M. Lucio And V.E. Valdez, 2014. Traditional medicinal plants used for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in chiapas, mexico. World Appl. Sci. J., 31: 508-515.
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  10. Belmares, S.Y., R.C. Morales, V.E. Valdez, M.G.D.l.C. Galicia And C.P. Rosales, 2014. Antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of Jatropha dioica roots. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 17: 748-750.

  11. Quispe, C., V.E. Valdez, J.A. Yarleque, M.R. Arones, J.C. Paniagua And G.S. Hirschmann, 2013. High speed centrifugal countercurrent chromatography (HSCCC) isolation and identification byLC-MSn analysis of the polar phenolics from vasconcellea quercifolia. J. Chil. Chem. Soc., 58: 1651-1656.
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  12. Rosales, C.P., M.G.S. Mauricio, N.E.G. Delgado, V.J. Villarreal And L.G. Garza,et al 2012. Entamoeba histolytica: Virulence factors, apoptosis and cytokines induction in precision-cut hamster liver slices. Exp Parasitol., 132: 424-433.

  13. Quispe, C., V.E. Valdez And S.G.Hirschmann, 2012. Phenolic constituents of the chilean herbal tea Fabiana imbricate R. et P. Plant Foods Hum Nutr., 67: 242-246.
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  14. Márquez, P.B., V.E. Valdez, O.A. Cárdenas And C.P. Rosales, 2012. Antifungal activity of Psidium guajava organic extracts against dermatophytic fungi. J. Med. Plant Res., 6: 5435-5438.
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  15. Valdez, V.E., R.C. Morales, O.A. Cardenas, M.J.V. Star And C.P. Rosales, 2011. Antimicrobial activity of Hedeoma drummondii against opportunistic pathogens. Pak J Biol Sci., 14: 305-307.
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  16. Valdez, V.E., R.C. Morales, O.A. Cárdenas, C..J. Garza And C.P. Rosales, 2010. Antiproliferative effect from the mexican poleo (Hedeoma drummondii). J. Med. Food., 13: 740-742.
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  17. Rubio,M.E., J.F.T. Neavez And V.E. Valdez, 2010. Free radical scavenging activities of lophocereus schottii (Engelmann). IJNES 4: 65-68.
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  18. Viveros-Valdez, E., R. Rivas-Morales, P. Carranza-Rosales, S. Mendoza and G. Schmeda-Hirschmann, 2008. Free radical scavengers from the Mexican herbal tea “poleo” (Hedeoma drummondii) Zeitschrift Naturforschung C, 63: 341-346.
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