Dr. Adriana  Mohd. Rizal
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Dr. Adriana Mohd. Rizal

Senior Lecturer
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Highest Degree
Doctorate in Business Administration from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

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Area of Interest:

Business Management and Accounting
Business Strategy
Interdisciplinary Research

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Pramila, P.R., M.R. Adriana, K. Suzilawati and M.H. Maizaitulaidawati, 2016. Motivating factors contributing to young social entrepreneurs' intention to start social activities. Adv. Sci. Lett., .
  2. Norshamsiah, I., M.R. Adriana, M.H. Maizaitulaidawati and K. Suzilawati, 2016. Family firm behavior and resources, exploration and exploitation strategies toward innovation in family business. Adv. Sci. Lett., .
  3. Musli, S., M.R. Adriana, M.H. Maizaitulaidawati and K. Suzilawati, 2016. The role of management capabilities on entrepreneurial orientation and firm growth relationship. Adv. Sci. Lett., .
  4. Maizaitulaidawati, M.H., A.R. Asmak, M.R. Adriana, K. Suzilawati and H. Nazimah, 2016. The perception of muslim on family takaful scheme participation in Malaysia: A qualitative study. Adv. Sci. Lett., .
  5. Badreena, E.M.Z.E., M.R. Adriana, K. Suzilawati, M.H. Maizaitulaidawati and S. Musli, 2016. Effective sales training in a direct selling organization. Adv. Sci. Lett., .
  6. Amalina, S.N., M.H. Maizaitulaidawati, K. Suzilawati and M.R. Adriana, 2016. Employee engagement and turnover intention: An empirical investigation in the plantation industry. Adv. Sci. Lett., .
  7. Quoquab, F., J. Mohammad, A.M. Rizal and R. Basiruddin, 2015. Compulsive buying: What is behind the curtain? Int. J. Innovation Bus. Strategy, Vol. 3. .
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  8. Mohamad, A., A.M. Rizal, M. Sahimi and R. Basiruddin, 2015. Business discontinuity among small and medium enterprises. Adv. Sci. Lett., 21: 1763-1766.
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  9. Mohamad, A., A.M. Rizal, F. Quoquab, N.H. Juhdi and M. Sahimi, 2015. Restarting after business discontinuity among bumiputra small and medium enterprises. Int. Advisory Board, 2: 259-270.
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  10. Hussien, N.M., A.M. Rizal, S. Kamarudin, N. Ibrahim and M. Sahimi, 2015. Phyto biznet expansion dilemma. Int. J. Innovation Bus. Strategy, 4: 14-19.
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  11. Hasni, J.N., A.H. Roshayati, M.R. Adriana and J. Nurita, 2015. Psychological capital and entrepreneurial success: A multiple-mediated relationship. Eur. J. Interdisciplinary Stud., 2: 110-133.
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  12. Bakar, B.A., S.Z.A. Rasid and A.M. Rizal, 2015. Performance Measures Use, Government Regulation, Risk Management and Accountability. In: Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Sciences. Gaol, F.L. (Ed.). CRC Press, Indonesia., ISBN: 978-1-138-02735-0, pp: 109-115..
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  13. Quoquab, F., J. Mohammad, S.Z. Abdul Rasid, F.S. Ahmad, A.M. Rizal and R. Basiruddin, 2013. Environment Dominant Logic: The New Marketing Era. Adv. Social Sci. Lett., 3: 215-217.
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  14. Rizal, A.M., K.A. Adham and M.F. Said, 2010. Holista CollTech: Directions for focused growth. Asian Case Res. J., 14: 187-232.
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