Dr. Nazmul  Haque

Dr. Nazmul Haque

Senior Lecturer
International Islamic University, Malaysia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Biochemistry from International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

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Area of Interest:

Molecular Sciences
Molecular Biology

Selected Publications

  1. Rahman, K.M.H., S.M. Hossain, N. Haque, T.B. Abdul Razak and H. Ahmad, 2019. Apolipoprotein E gene polymorphism influenced glycemic status among Malaysians. Biomed. Res. Ther., 6: 3307-3314.
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  2. Haque, N., I.M. Khan and N.H. Abu Kasim, 2019. Survival and immunomodulation of stem cells from human extracted deciduous teeth expanded in pooled human and foetal bovine sera. Cytokine, 120: 144-154.
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  3. Bindal, P., N. Gnanasegaran, U. Bindal, N. Haque, T.S. Ramasamy, W.L. Chai and N.H.A. Kasim, 2019. Angiogenic effect of platelet-rich concentrates on dental pulp stem cells in inflamed microenvironment. Clin. Oral Invest., 10.1007/s00784-019-02811-5.
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  4. Haque, N., D. Widera and N.H. Abu Kasim, 2018. Stem cells from human extracted deciduous teeth expanded in foetal bovine and human sera express different paracrine factors after exposure to freshly prepared human serum. Adv. Exp. Med. Biol., 1084: 175-186.
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  5. Haque, N., B.J.J. Abdullah and N.H. Abu Kasim, 2018. Secretome: Pharmaceuticals for Cell Free Regenerative Therapy. In: Stem Cell Drugs: The Next Generation of Biopharmaceutical. Stem Cells in Clinical Applications, Pham, P. (Ed.)., Springer, Germany, pp: 17-35.

  6. Haque, N. and N.H. Abu Kasim, 2018. Pooled Human Serum Increases Regenerative Potential of In Vitro Expanded Stem Cells from Human Extracted Deciduous Teeth. In: Stem Cells: Biology and Engineering, Phuc Van Pham (Ed.)., Springer International Publishing, Germany, pp: 29-44.

  7. Rahman, M.T., N. Haque, N.H.A. Kasim and M. De Ley, 2017. Origin, function and fate of metallothionein in human blood. Rev. Physiol. Biochem. Pharmacol., 173: 41-62.
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  8. Rahman, M.T., J. MacRegenstein, N.L.A. Kassim and N. Haque, 2017. The need to quantify authors' relative intellectual contributions in a multi-author paper. J. Infor., 11: 275-281.
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  9. Haque, N., N.H.A. Kasim, N.L.A. Kassim and M.T. Rahman, 2017. Autologous serum supplement favours in vitro regenerative paracrine factors synthesis. Cell Proliferat., Vol. 50. 10.1111/cpr.12354.
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  10. Rahman, M.T., N. Haque, N.B. Abdurrazaq and J. Aziz, 2016. Current knowledge of dengue pathogenesis and potential role of Carica papaya and vitamins in dengue fever. Trop. Biomed., 33: 512-518.

  11. Haque, N., N.H.A. Kasim and M.T. Rahman, 2015. Optimization of pre-transplantation conditions to enhance the efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells. Int. J. Biol. Sci., 11: 324-334.
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  12. Aziz, J., N.L.A. Kassim, N.H.A. Kasim, N. Haque and M.T. Rahman, 2015. Carica papaya induces in vitro thrombopoietic cytokines secretion by mesenchymal stem cells and haematopoietic cells. BMC Complement. Alternat. Med., Vol. 15. 10.1186/s12906-015-0749-6.
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  13. Haque, N., M.T. Rahman, N.H.A. Kasim and A.M. Alabsi, 2013. Hypoxic culture conditions as a solution for mesenchymal stem cell based regenerative therapy. Sci. World J. 10.1155/2013/632972.
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  14. Sobhani, M.E., N. Haque, A.T.M.K. Islam, A. Ahmed, U. Salma, A.K.M.F. Haque and I.J. Mukti, 2011. Effects of acute time-limited stressors on immune modulation. Khulna Univ. Stud., (In Press) .

  15. Mahbub-E-Sobhani, N. Haque, U. Salma and A. Ahmed, 2011. Immune modulation in response to stress and relaxation. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 14: 363-374.
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  16. Haque, N., U. Salma, T.R. Nurunnabi, M.J. Uddin, M.F.K. Jahangir, S.M.Z. Islam and M. Kamruzzaman, 2011. Management of type 2 diabetes mellitus by lifestyle, diet and medicinal plants. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 14: 13-24.
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  17. Haque, N., U. Salma, A.K.M.F. Haque, I.J. Mukti, M. Rahman, J. Jesmin and S.H. Mazumdar, 2011. The impact of stress on cardiovascular disease in pre- and post- menopausal women. Trends Med. Res., 6: 246-257.
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  18. Haque, N., M.E. Sobhani and A. Ahmed, 2011. Neuro-Endocrine Basis of Immune Modulation in Response to Stress and Relaxation. VDM Publishers, Saarbrucken, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-639-37878-8, Pages: 144.

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  21. Fazliah, S.N., S. Jaafar, S. Shamsuddin, Z. Zainuddin, A.B. Hilmi, A.R. Razila and S.F. Abdullah, 2010. Ex-vivo differentiation of stem cells from human extracted deciduous teeth into bone forming cells. ASM Sci. J., 4: 1-14.
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  22. Salma, U., M.S.M. Rahman, S. Islam, N. Haque, T.A. Jubair, A.K.M.F. Haque and I.J. Mukti, 2008. The influence of different hormone concentration and combination on callus induction and regeneration of Rauwolfia serpentina L. Benth. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 11: 1638-1641.
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  23. Salma, U., M.S.M. Rahman, S. Islam, N. Haque, M. Khatun, T.A. Jubair and B.C. Paul, 2008. Mass propagation of Rauwolfia serpentina L. Benth. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 11: 1273-1277.
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  24. Mahbub-E-Sobhani, N. Haque, A.T.M.K. Islam, U. Salma, A. Ahmed, I.J. Mukti and A.K.M.F. Haque, 2008. Brief naturalistic stressors cause shift of TH1 to TH2 cytokine response and increase disease susceptibility. Biotechnology, 7: 623-629.
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  25. Jubair, T.A., U. Salma, N. Haque, F. Aktar, I.J. Mukti, A.K.M.F. Haque and M.R. Ali, 2008. Callus induction and regeneration of local rice (Oryza sativa L.) variety topa. Asian J. Plant Sci., 7: 514-517.
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