Prof. Dr. H. Gusti R. Sadimantara
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Prof. Dr. H. Gusti R. Sadimantara

Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Halu Oleo, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Bioprocess Engineering from Iwate University, Japan

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Physiology
Plant Breeding
Plant Genetics

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Suaib, S., N. Arief, G.R. Sadimantara, N.W.S. Suliartini, T.C. Rakian and Ardhi, 2018. In vitro seeds germination and plantlets growth of hot pepper (Capsicum frutescens L.) on non-autoclaved murashige and skoog basal medium. Asian J. Plant Sci., 17: 173-181.
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  2. Yamamoto, Y., K. Omori, Y. Nitta, K. Kakuda and Y.B. Pasolon et al., 2016. Dry matter production and distribution after trunk formation in sago palm (Metoxylon sasu Rottb.). Trop. Agric. Dev., 60: 71-80.
  3. Wijayanto, T., G.R. Sadimantara, Suaib, N. Arif and D. Boer et al., 2016. Immature embryo culture accelerates soybean reproductive phase: A potential biotechnology approach for shortening breeding cycle. Int. J. Biosci., 9: 37-48.
  4. Sadimantara, G.R., S. Ginting and N.W.S. Suliartini, 2016. The potential yield of some superior breeding lines of upland rice of Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia. Biosci. Biotechnol. Res. Asia, 13: 1867-1870.
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  5. Sadimantara, G.R., Muhidin and S. Leomo, 2014. Tolerance test of some progenies of local upland rice (Oryza sativa L.) crosses against aluminium stress. Aust. J. Basic Applied Sci., 8: 1-6.
  6. Sadimantara, G.R., Muhidin and E. Cahyono, 2014. Genetic analysis on some agro-morphological characters of hybrid progenies from cultivated paddy rice and local upland rice. Adv. Stud. Biol., 6: 7-18.
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  7. Wijayanto, T., G.R. Sadimantara and Nurdin, 2013. Effect of position of immature seeds in the pods against the in vitro growth of soybean plantlet. Agriplus, 23: 214-218.
  8. Sutariati, G.A.K., K. Jusoff, G.R. Sadimantara, A. Khaeruni, Muhidin and Meisanti, 2013. Effectiveness of bio-invigoration technologies on seed viability and vigor of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.). J. World Applied Sci., 26: 31-36.
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  9. Sadimantara, G.R., A. Widarsih and Muhidin, 2013. Selection of some crossing derived upland rice (Oryza Sativa L) progenies based on the plant growth character. Agroteknos, 3: 48-52.
  10. Muhidin, K. Jusoff, S. Elkawakib, Y. Musa and Kaimuddin et al., 2013. The development of upland red rice under shade trees. World Applied Sci. J., 24: 23-30.
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  11. Wijayanto, T., G.R. Sadimantara and D. Boer, 2012. Progress of immature embryo culture technique development of soybean crop (Glycine max L.). Agriplus, 22: 102-110.
  12. Suliartini, W.S. and G.R. Sadimantara, 2012. Test of anthocyanin content of upland red rice from germplasm of Southeast Sulawesi. Crop Agro, 4: 43-48.
  13. Santy, T. Wijayanto and G.R. Sadimantara, 2012. Growth of dendrobium orchids candy stripe lasionthera on in vitro weaning media vaccine and went with the addition of banana extract and fish emulsion. Berkala Penelitian Agronomi, 1: 57-62.
  14. Richael, S., G.R. Sadimantara and Muzuni, 2012. Analysis of genetic variation of chestnuts from Southeast Sulawesi using AFLP (Amplified Fragment Lengh Polimorfism) molecular marker. Berkala Penelitian Agronomi, 1: 164-173.
  15. Rachmi, H.H., Sarawa and G.R. Sadimantara, 2012. Response of orchids plant of dendrobium sp on the application of paclobutrazol and liquid organic fertilizer. Berkala Penelitian Agronomi, 1: 71-78.
  16. Fajriani, N., D. Boer, N.S. Suliartini and G.R. Sadimantara, 2012. Heritability of major agronomic characters of some local sweet potatoes clone cultivated in the suburban village of Kendari city. Berkala Penelitian Agronomi, 1: 156-163.
  17. Miyazak, A., Y. Yamamoto, K. Omori, H. Pranamuda, R.S. Gusti, Y.B. Pasolon and J. Limbongan, 2007. Leaf photosynthetic rate in sago palms (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) grown under field conditions in Indonesia. Jpn. J. Trop. Agric., 51: 54-58.
  18. Sadimantara, G.R., T. Abe, H. Hirano and T. Sasahara, 1997. Identification and microsequence analysis of high molecular weight proteins in endosperm of the rice seed. J. Plant Physiol., 154: 571-575.
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  19. Sadimantara, G.R., T. Abe and T. Sasahara, 1997. Genetic analysis of high molecular weight proteins in rice (Oryza sativa L.) endosperm. Crop Sci., 37: 1177-1180.
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  20. Sadimantara, G.R., T. Abe, J. Suzuki, H. Hirano and T. Sasahara, 1996. Characterization and partial amino acid sequence of a high molecular weight protein from rice seed endosperm: Homology to pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase. J. Plant Physiol., 149: 285-289.
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  21. Abe, T., R.S. Gusti, M. Ono and T. Sasahara, 1996. Variations in glutelin and high molecular weight endosperm proteins among subspecies of rice (Oryza sativa L.) detected by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. Genes Genet. Syst., 71: 63-68.
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