Dr. Irma  Isnafia Arief

Dr. Irma Isnafia Arief

Associate Professor
Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Food Sciences from Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, Indonesia

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Area of Interest:

Food Science Technology
Food and Nutrition
Food Hydrocolloids
Food Toxicology

Selected Publications

  1. Sihombing, D.E., I.I. Arief and S. Budiarti, 2015. Application of antimicrobial agents produced by Lactobacillus plantarum IIA-1A5 as natural preservative on beef during room temperature storage. Adv. J. Food Sci. Technol., 8: 251-255.
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  2. Arief, I.I., C. Budiman, B.S. Jenie, E. Andreas and A. Yuneni, 2015. Plantaricin iia-1a5 from lactobacillus plantarum iia-1a5 displays bactericidal activity against staphylococcus aureus. Benef. Microbes, 6: 603-613.
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  3. Arief, I.I., B.S.L. Jenie, M. Astawan, K. Fujiyama and A.B. Witarto, 2015. Identification and probiotic characteristics of lactic acid bacteria isolated from indonesian local beef. Asian J. Anim. Sci., 9: 25-36.
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  4. Afiyah, D.N., I.I. Arief and C. Budiman, 2015. Proteolytic characterization of trimmed beef fermented sausages inoculated by Indonesian probiotics: Lactobacillus plantarum IIA-2C12 and Lactobacillus acidophilus IIA-2B4. Adv. J. Food Sci. Technol., 8: 27-35.
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  5. Arief, I.I., Z. Wulandari, E.L. Aditia, M. Baihaqi, Noraimah and Hendrawan, 2014. Physicochemical and microbiological properties of fermented lamb sausages using probiotic lactobacillus plantarum iia-2c12 as starter culture. Procidia Environ. Sci., 20: 352-356.
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  6. Arief, I.I., T. Suryati, D.N. Afiyah and D.P. Wardhani, 2014. Physicochemical and organoleptic of beef sausages with teak leaf extract (Tectona grandis) addition as preservative and natural dye. Int. Food Res. J., 21: 2033-2042.
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  7. Wresdiyati, T., Y. Setiorini, S.R. Laila, I.I. Arief and M. Astawan, 2013. Indigenous probiotic increased iga in intestine of epec infected rats: an immunohistochemical study. J. Vet., 7: 109-115.

  8. Febrisiantosa, A., B.P. Purwanto, I.I. Arief And Y. Widyastuti, 2013. karakteristik fisik, kimia, mikrobiologi whey kefir dan aktivitasnya terhadap penghambatan angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) [Physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of whey kefir and its angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) Inhibitory act. J. Teknol. Industri Pangan, 24: 147-153.
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  9. Arief, I.I., J.T. Suryati, Z. Wulandari and E. Andreas, 2013. Isolation and characterization of plantaricin produced by Lactobacillus plantarum strains (IIA-1A5, IIA-1B1, IIA-2B2). Media Peternakan: J. Anim. Sci. Technol., 36: 91-100.
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  10. Astawan, M., T. Wresdiyati, Suliantri, I.I. Arief and R. Septiawan, 2012. Production of synbiotic yogurt-like using indigenous lactic acid bacteria as functional food. Media Peternakan, 35: 9-14.
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  11. Arief, I.I., B.S.L. Jenie, T. Suryati, G. Ayuningtyas and A. Fuziawan, 2012. Antimicrobial activity of bacteriocin from indigenous Lactobacillus plantarum 2c12 and its application on beef meatball as biopreservative. J. Indonesian Trop. Anim. Agric., 37: 90-96.
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  12. Astawan, M., T. Wresdiyati, I.I. Arief and E. Suhesti, 2011. Hematology profile of rattus norvegicus infected by enteropathogenic escherichia coli and fed probiotics. Media Peternakan: J. Anim. Sci. Technol., 34: 7-13.
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  13. Astawan, M., T. Wresdiyati, I.I. Arief and D. Febiyanti, 2011. [Potency of indigenous probiotic lactic acid bacteria as antidiarrheal agent and immunomodulator]. Jurnal Teknologi Dan Industri Pangan, 22: 11-16, (In Indonesian).
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  14. Isnafia, A.I., B.S.L. Jenie And M.A.A.B. Witarto, 2010. Antidiarrhea effectivities of probiotic lactobacillus plantarum 2c12 and lactobacillus acidophilus 2b4 on rats. Media Peternakan, 33: 137-143.

  15. Arief I.I., R.R.A. Maheswari, T. Suryati, Komariah and S.Rahayu, 2008. MIcrobiological quality of traditional fermented sausage by indigenous Lactobacillus plantarum. Media Peternakan, 31: 36-43.

  16. Arief, I.I., T. Suryati and R.R.A. maheswari, 2006. Physical quality of dark firm dry (DFD) beef fermented by Lactobacillus plantarum. Media Peternakan, 29: 76-82.

  17. Komariah, A.I. Isnafia, 2003. Effect of different meat display on beef quality in traditional market in bogor, west java. J. peternakan Lingkungan, 09: 61-64.

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  21. Arief, I.I., J.J. Hermanianto And R.R.A. Maheswari, 2002. Physicochemical qualtiy of beef fermented sausage using microbial combinations as starter culture. Buletin Peternakan, 26: 39-40.

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