Prof. Dr. Shahabuddin  Saleh
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Prof. Dr. Shahabuddin Saleh

University of Tadulako, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Doctorate in Agricultural Entomology from Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

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Area of Interest:

Plant and Soil Sciences
Plant Biology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Motzke, I., A.M. Klein, S. Saleh, T.C. Wanger and T. Tscharntke, 2016. Habitat management on multiple spatial scales can enhance bee pollination and crop yield in tropical homegardens. Agric. Ecosyst. Environ., 223: 144-151.
  2. Shahabuddin, M. Yunus, Hasriyanty and Y. Tambing, 2015. The role of trap crops for conserving of natural enemies of leafminer on onion in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Scholars J. Agric. Vet. Sci., 2: 366-370.
  3. Maas, B., T. Tscharntke, S. Saleh, D.D. Putra and Y. Clough, 2015. Avian species identity drives predation success in tropical cacao agroforestry. J. Applied Ecol., 52: 735-743.
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  4. Wielgoss, A., T. Tscharntke, A. Rumede, B. Fiala, H. Seidel, S. Shahabuddin and Y. Clough, 2014. Interaction complexity matters: Disentangling services and disservices of ant communities driving yield in tropical agroecosystems. Proc. R. Soc. London B: Biol. Sci., Vol. 281. .
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  5. Shahabuddin, U. Hasanah and Elijonnhadi, 2014. Effectiveness of dung beetles as bioindicators of environmental changes of tropical land-use in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Biotropia, 21: 53-63.
  6. Shahabuddin, 2013. Contribution of alpha and beta diversity across land-use type to the regional diversity of dung beetles in Central Sulawesi. Hayati J. Biosci., 20: 72-79.
  7. Kessler, M., D. Hertel, H.F. Jungkunst, J. Kluge and S. Abrahamczyk et al., 2012. Can joint carbon and biodiversity management in tropical agroforestry landscapes be optimized? PloS One, Vol. 7. 10.1371/journal.pone.0047192.
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  8. Shahabuddin, S., 2011. Effect of land use change on ecosystem function of dung beetles: Experimental evidence from Wallacea Region in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Biodiversitas J. Biol. Diversity, 12: 177-181.
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  9. Kessler, M., S. Abrahamczyk, M. Bos, D. Buchori and D.D. Putra et al., 2011. Cost‐effectiveness of plant and animal biodiversity indicators in tropical forest and agroforest habitats. J. Applied Ecol., 48: 330-339.
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  10. Shahabuddin, P. Hidayat, S. Manuwoto, W.A. Noerdjito, T. Tscharntke and C.H. Schulze, 2010. Diversity and body size of dung beetles attracted to different dung types along a tropical land-use gradient in Sulawesi, Indonesia. J. Trop. Ecol., 26: 53-65.
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  11. Bos, M.M., P. Hohn, S. Shahabudin, D. Bukhori, I. Steffan-Dewenter and T. Tscharntke, 2007. Insect Responses to Forest Conversion and Agroforestry Management. In: The Stability of Tropical Rainforest Margins: Linking Ecological, Economic and Social Constraints of Land-use and Conservation, Tscharntke, T., C. Leuschner, E. Guhardja and M. Zeller, (Eds.). Springer, Berlin, ISBN: 978-3-540-30289-6, pp: 279-296.
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  12. Schulze, C.H., M. Waltert, P.J. Kessler, R. Pitopang and D. Veddeler et al., 2004. Biodiversity indicator groups of tropical land‐use systems: Comparing plants, birds and insects. Ecol. Applic., 14: 1321-1333.
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