Dr. Salam  Aritonang
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Dr. Salam Aritonang

Andalas University, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Production from Padjadjaran Univerisity, Indonesia

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Production
Animal Husbandry
Animal Nutrition
Animal Biology

Research Publications in Numbers


Selected Publications

  1. Rossi, E., E. Roza, Y. Sofyan, S.N. Aritonang and E. Purwati, 2018. Characterization of probiotics properties of lactobacillus from solid waste of soy milk production. Asian J. Microbiol. Biotech. Env. Sci., 20: 718-724.
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  2. Juliyarsi, I., P. Hartini, Yuherman, A. Djamaan and Arief et al., 2018. Characterization of lactic acid bacteria and determination of antimicrobial activity in Tempoyak from Padang Pariaman District, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Pak. J. Nutr., 17: 506-511.
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  3. Elymaizar, Z., Arnim, S.N. Aritonang, M. Zein and E. Roza, 2018. Effects of the Supplementation of Euphorbia hirta L. in Feed on the in vitro rumen fermentation and digestibility. Scholar. Agric. Vet. Sci., 5: 244-250.
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  4. Melia, S., E. Purwati, Yuherman, Jaswandi, S.N. Aritonang and M. Silaen, 2017. Characterization of the antimicrobial activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from buffalo milk in West Sumatera (Indonesia) against Listeria monocytogenes. Pak. J. Nutr., 16: 645-650.
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  5. Husmaini , Sabrina , F. Arlina, E. Purwati, S.N. Aritonang, H. Abbas 2017. Impact of Administration Age of Probiotic Lactococcus plantarum on the Intestinal Microflora and Performance of Broilers Pak. J. Nutr., 16: 359-363.
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  6. Aritonang, S.N., E. Roza, E. Rossi, E. Purwati and Husmaini, 2017. Isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria from okara and evaluation of their potential as candidate probiotics. Pak. J. Nutr., 16: 618-628.
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  7. Salam N. Aritonang, Elly Roza 2015. Potency of Fresh Cassava Leaves (Manihot esculenta crantz) as Natural Anthelminthic on Goat Performances Pak. J. Nutr., 14: 358-361.
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  8. Roza, E., S.N. Aritonang and A. Sandra, 2015. The hematology of lactating buffalo fed local foliage as feed supplement. J. Agric. Sci. Technol., 5: 838-844.
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  9. Salam N. Aritonang, Sri Melia 2014. Utilization of Milk Processing by Product (Whey) as Based of Edible Film Making with Glycerol Adding as Plasticizer Pak. J. Nutr., 13: 327-330.
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  10. Roza, E., M.S. Suardi, E. Nurdin and S.N. Aritonang, 2013. Digestibility test of cassava leaves in feed supplement on buffaloes by in-vitro. Pak. J. Nutr., 12: 505-509.
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  11. Aritonang, N.F., E. Roza and S. Novalina, 2012. The Effect of Adding “Tape Singkong” (Fermented Cassava) Juice on The characteristics of fermented milk. Pak. J. Nutr., 10.3923/pjn.2012.350.352.
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  12. Aritonang, S.N., M. Elsa and E. Risanti, 2009. Aritonang, S.N., M. Elsa and E. Risanti,2009 The Effect of the submersion length`s in virgin coconut oil on the shelf life of chicken meat under room temperature storage. Pak. J. Nutr., 8: 100-102.
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  13. Aritonang, S.N., 2009. The effect of forage energy level on production and reproduction performances of Kosta female goat. Pak. J. Nutr., 8: 251-255.
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