Dr. I. Made  Mudita

Dr. I. Made Mudita

Udayana University, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Animal Science from Udayana University, Indonesia

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Area of Interest:

Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Animal Biotechnology
Ruminant Nutrition
Animal Feeding

Selected Publications

  1. Partama, I.B.G., I.M. Mudita, I.G.L.O. Cakra, A.A.P.P. Wibawa and T.I. Putri, 2017. Blood chemistry profile of Bali cattle fed silage rice straw and biosupplement of selected rumen and termites lignocellulolytic bacteria consortium. J. Chem. Biol. Phys. Sci. Sect. B: Biol. Sci., 7: 1280-1288.
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  2. Sutama, I.N.S., I.M. Mudita, I.W. Suberata and N.W. Siti, 2016. Effect of dietary biosupplement fermented earthworm microbes consortium inoculant on the carcass production and cholesterol blood profile of Baliness duck. J. Res. Agric. Anim. Sci., 3: 1-6.
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  3. Mudita, I.M., I.G.N. Kayana and I.W. Wirawan, 2016. Rumen fermentation of Bali cattle fed basal diet with biosupplement of cattle colon and organic waste bacteria consortium. Int. J. Agric. Environ. Res., 2: 1899-1908.
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  4. Mudita, I.M., I.W. Wirawan, A.A.P.P. Wibawa, I.G.L.O. Cakra and I.B.G. Partama, 2015. Degradation of lignocellulosic substrates by bacteria consortium of Bali cattle colon and organic waste. Int. J. Contemp. Applied Sci., 2: 84-92.
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  5. Mudita, I.M., I.G. Mahardika, I.N. Sujaya and I.B.G. Partama, 2015. Potency of bacteria isolated from Bali colon waste as lignocellulose substrates degrader. Int. J. Agric. Environ. Res., 1: 12-23.
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  6. Partama, I.B.G., I.M. Mudita, N.W. Siti, I.W. Suberata and A.A.A.S. Trisnadewi, 2014. Potency lignocellulose degrading bacteria isolated from Bali cattle rumen content waste and termites as nonconventional waste degrader. J. Biol. Chem. Res., 31: 1143-1149.
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  7. Mudita, I.M., I.W. Wirawan, I.G.L.O. Cakra and I.B.G. Partama, 2014. Optimising rumen function of Bali cattle fed ration based on agriculture by-products with supplementation of multivitamins-mineral. Int. J. Pure Applied Biosci., 2: 36-45.
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  8. Mudita, I.M., I.W. Wirawan, A.A.P.P. Wibawa and I.B.G. Partama, 2014. Degradation of lignocellulosic substrates by bacteria isolated from waste landfill. Int. J. Agric. Innov. Res., 3: 555-558.
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  9. Mudita, I.M., I.G.N. Kayana N.W. Siti, I.W. Wirawan and I.B.G. Partama, 2014. Desiminasi teknologi pemanfaatan limbah untuk pengembangan usaha peternakan kompetitif dan berkelanjutan di desa Banjarangkan. Udayana Mengabdi, 13: 76-80.
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  10. Trisnadewi, A.A.A.S., I.G.L.O. Cakra, I.M. Mudita, I.W. Wirawan, E. Puspany and I.K.M. Budiasa, 2013. Aplikasi formulasi ransum dengan menggunakan hijauan leguminosa sebagai pakan dasar penyusunan ransum sapi di desa jungutan kabupaten Karangasem. Udayana Mengabdi, 12: 35-37.
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  11. Siti, N.W., N.M. Witariadi, N.K. Mardewi, K.N.N. Candrasth and I.M. Mudita et al., 2013. [Nitrogen utilization and body composition of Etawah crosbred fed forage grass field with rice bran supplementation]. Majalah Ilmiah Peternakan, 16: 18-22, (In Indonesian).
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  12. Mudita, I.M., N.W. Siti, I.K.M. Budiasa, I.W. Wirawan and A.A.P.P. Wibawa, 2013. Diseminasi teknologi Bali-bio serta pemanfaatannya dalam pengembangan peternakan sapi Bali di Desa Abiantuwung. Majalah Aplikasi Ipteks Ngayah, 4: 26-36.
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  13. Mudita, I.M., A.A.P.P. Wibawa, I.W. Wirawan, N.W. Siti and I.G.L.O. Cakra, 2011. Improving the nutritive value of total mixed ration based on by-products fermented by rumen liquor and enzyme. Indonesian J. Nutr. Feed Sci., 2: 20-25.
  14. Mastika, I.M., A.W. Puger, I.K.M. Budiasa and I.M. Mudita, 2011. The role and performance of Bali cattle fed agriculture waste product in integrated farming system. Indonesian J. Nutr. Feed Sci., 2: 60-66.
  15. Cakra, I.G.L.O., I.M. Mudita, T.I. Putri, T.G.B. Yadnya and T.P.B. Rahayu, 2011. Rumen fermentation of Bali cattle fed agriculture waste product fermented by rumen liquor. Indonesian J. Nutr. Feed Sci., 2: 67-96.
  16. Nuriyasa, I.M., E. Puspani, I.G.N. Sumatra, P.P. Wibawa and I.M. Mudita, 2010. [Increasing of production efficiency of laying hens through increase comfort cage in Bolngan village]. Jurnal Udayana Mengabdi, 9: 55-58, (In Indonesian).
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  17. Wirawan, I.W., I.M. Mudita, I.G.L.O. Cakra, N.M. Witariadi and N.W. Siti, 2009. [Nutrient digestibility of Ettawah crossbreed goats fed field grass basal diet supplemented with rice bran]. Majalah Ilmiah Peternakan, Vol. 12, No. 3, (In Indonesian). .
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  18. Siti, N.W. and I.M. Mudita, 2009. [The supplementation of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in the ration to increase carcass weight and decrease duck meat cholesterol]. Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Hasil Ternak, 4: 36-42, (In Indonesian).
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