Dr. Martha  Irene Kartasurya

Dr. Martha Irene Kartasurya

Vice Dean
Diponegoro University, Indoensia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Nutrition from University of Queensland, Australia

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Area of Interest:

Food Science Technology
Community Nutrition
Health and Nutrition
Food Agriculture

Selected Publications

  1. Kartini, A., H.W. Subagio, S. Hadisaputro, M.I. Kartasurya, Suhartono and Budiyono, 2019. Pesticide exposure and stunting among children in agricultural areas. Int. J. Occup. Environ. Med., 10: 17-29.
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  2. Thamrin, J.L., M.I. Kartasurya, M. Sakundarno, M. Mexitalia and S. Suhartono, 2018. Risk factors of growth faltering on infants aged 6-12 months in Tongkuno, Southeast Sulawesi. Health Notions, 2: 343-348.
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  3. Pertiwi, J., M.I. Kartasurya, D.T.H. Lukmono, H. Setyawan and Martini, 2018. A calculating actual stature of elderly through arm span and knee height measurements. Health Notions, 2: 265-270.
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  4. Nugraheni, S.A., Martini, M.I. Kartasurya, I.J. Prihatini and E. Sulistyowati, 2018. Knowledge and attitudes about reproductive health and pregnancy preparedness: Preliminary study of brides and grooms in Brebes District, Central Java, Indonesia. Int. J. Community Med. Public Health, 5: 2170-2176.
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  5. Azam, M., S.R. Rahayu, A.I. Fibriana, H. Susanto, M.I. Kartasurya and U. Bahrudin, 2018. Anthropometric-parameters and total-cholesterol to HDL-cholesterol ratio are better in long-distance cyclists (Indonesia North Coast and Tour de Borobudur 2017 study). Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat, 14: 186-194.
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  6. Nur, L.A., K. Djamiatun and M.I. Kartasurya, 2017. [Effects of Cherry (Muntingia calabura L) leaf extract on blood cholesterol, soluble ICAM-1 and foam cells formation in high fat and cholesterol fed wistar rats]. Jurnal Kedokteran Brawijaya, 29: 202-208.
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  7. Kartasurya, M.I., B. Widjanarko and Y. Dharmawan, 2017. The prediction model for low birth weight in Batang district, Central Java, Indonesia. Adv. Sci. Lett., 23: 3442-3444.
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  8. Anugrah, R.M., K. Tjahjono and M.I. Kartasurya, 2017. [Red guava juices (Psidium guajava L.) reduced atherogenic index of plasma score]. J. Gizi Pangan, 12: 17-22.

  9. Nissa, C., M.I. Kartasurya and B. Rahmawati, 2016. Effects of chlorophyll in papaya leaves on superoxide dismutation and blood glucose level of diabetic rats. Makara J. Health Res., 19: 75-80.
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  10. Masrikhiyah, R., Suhartono and M.I. Kartasurya, 2016. Low vitamin C intake increases risk of pre-eclampsia in high pesticide exposure area. Universa Medicina, 35: 128-134.
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  11. Hijra, S. Fatimah-Muis and M.I. Kartasurya, 2016. Inappropriate complementary feeding practice increases risk of stunting in children aged 12-24 months. Universa Medicina, 35: 146-155.
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  12. Kartasurya, M.I., 2015. Preeclampsia risk factors among pregnant women in Semarang city. Int. J. Sci.: Basic Applied Res., 22: 31-37.

  13. Sinta, A.P. and M.I. Kartasurya, 2014. [Differences in LDL cholesterol levels alteration after bay leaf (Eugenia polyntha) extract and infused water supplementation to Sprague dawley rats given high fat diet]. J. Nutr. Coll., 3: 90-97.

  14. Semedi, P., M.I. Kartasurya and M.Z. Rahfiludin, 2014. The association between hospital foodservice satisfaction and food intake and patients’ nutritional status change (A case study in Sunan Kalijaga Hospital, Demak District). Jurnal Gizi Indonesia, 1: 32-36.

  15. Rukmana, S.C. and M.I. Kartasurya, 2014. The asssociation between food intake and nutritional status of pregnant mothers in the third trimester with birthweight in Suruh Primary Healthcare Centers working area, Semarang Regency. Online J.: J. Nutr. Coll., 3: 192-199.

  16. Setianingsih, A. and M.I. Kartasurya, 2013. The association between vegetarian status and degree of premenstrual syndrome among adolescents. J. Nutr. Coll., 2: 281-293.

  17. Purwandini, K. and M.I. Kartasurya, 2013. The effect of micronutrient sprinkle on motoric development of stunting children aged 12-36 months. J. Nutr. Coll., 2: 147-163.

  18. Oktarina, N.H. and M.I. Kartasurya, 2013. The effect of micronutrient sprinkle on WAZ, HAZ and WHZ anthropometric status of stunting children aged 12-36 months. J. Nutr. Coll., 2: 164-177.

  19. Kartasurya, M.I., L. Widajanti, A. Kartini, S.A. Nugraheni and M.Z. Rahfiludin, 2013. The effect of nutrition education to the mothers on iodine family intake. Jurnal GAKI Indonesia, 2: 86-96.

  20. Meirina, W., L. Widajanti and K.M. Irene, 2012. [Energy, protein, saccharine, cyclamate content and the consumption frequency of snacks by MTs Syarif Hidayah students in Doro Sub District, Pekalongan]. Media Kesehatan Indonesia, 11: 51-58.
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  21. Kartasurya, M.I., F. Ahmed, H.W. Subagio, M.Z. Rahfiludin and G.C. Marks, 2012. Zinc combined with vitamin A reduces upper respiratory tract infection morbidity in a randomised trial in preschool children in Indonesia. Br. J. Nutr., 108: 2251-2260.
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  24. Aeny, N., A. Kartini and M.I. Kartasurya, 2011. Correlation between iodine levels of salt and water consumed by household members with goitre’s incidence on schoolchildren in Kersana Subdistrict, Brebes District. Iodine Deficiency Disord. J., 1: 59-67.

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  30. Eisenkolbl, J., M. Kartasurya and K. Widhalm, 2001. Underestimation of percentage fat mass measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis compared to dual energy X-ray absorptiometry method in obese children. Eur. J. Clin. Nutr., 55: 423-429.
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  31. Widajanti, L. and M.I. Kartasurya, 2000. Food consumption and nutritional status of underfive children of fishermen’s families during monetary crisis period: June 1998- August 1999 in Semarang municipality. J. Coastal Dev., 7: 102-107.

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