Dr. Sri Supadmi Padmi

Dr. Sri Supadmi Padmi

Health Research and Development Center, Magelang, Indonesia

Highest Degree
Ph.D. in Theology from University of Malaya, Malaysia

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Area of Interest:

Food Science Technology
Public Health
Maternal Nutrition
Health and Nutrition

Selected Publications

  1. Supadmi, A. Murdiati and E.S. Rahayu, 2017. Iodine retention of potassium iodate fortified modified cassava flour (Mocaf) in various types of package during storage. Int. J. Sci. Technol., 5: 60-64.
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  2. Supadmi, S., A. Murdiati and E.S. Rahayu, 2016. Nutrition composition, whiteness index and starch granule profile of iodine fortified modified cassava flour (Mocaf). Indones. J. Micronutr., 8: 65-78.
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  3. Sukandar, P.B., A. Susbiantonny and S. Supadmi, 2014. [Iodine and selenium effect on spermatogonia cell numbers and histologist structure of seminiferous tubules testis hypothyroid Wistar rats]. Indones. J. Micronutr., 6: 1-10, (In Indonesian).
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  4. Samsudin, M., S. Kumorowulan and S. Supadmi, 2014. [Diagnostic value using physical indicators compare with gold standard to diagnose suspected cretinism among children under three years]. Indones. J. Micronutr., 5: 111-124, (In Indonesian).
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  5. Kartono, D., M. Samsudin and S. Supadmi, 2014. [Estimation of iodine and sodium intakes using 24 hours urine collection among children and adults]. Indones. J. Micronutr., 5: 71-84, (In Indonesian).
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  6. Kartono, D. and S. Supadmi, 2013. [Chronic excess of iodine intake among lactating mothers and their infant]. J. Nutr. Food Res., 36: 103-112, (In Indonesian).
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  7. Nurcahyani, Y.D., A. Setyani and S. Supadmi, 2012. [Relation between knowledge and attitudes of mother with content iodized salt and their effect on urinary iodine excretion in Ponorogo]. Indones. J. Micronutr., 4: 1-14, (In Indonesian).
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  8. Supadmi, S., Y.D. Nurcahyani and A. Setyani, 2011. [Breasfeeding mothers nutritional status and iodine in breast milk the region with high value urinary iodine excretion]. Indones. J. Micronutr., 3: 9-16, (In Indonesian).
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